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Unionize The Workers of the World!

Workers of the world, unite!

The corporate masters intend that eventually Americans need only be paid what a worker in a sweatshop in China is paid.  

To them there is no difference where it is made, only what is paid.  Profit is primary.

But what if instead of destroying the American way of life, reducing pay and benefits to workers, America insists that all workers, no matter where, are paid equivalent wages and benefits as Americans, including the right to unionize.

To enforce this, no products can be sold in America if the wages and benefits of the workers are less than those in America.  All such imports refused.

In addition to enforce equal wages globally, dozens of world-wide unions fight for equal wages for equal work, or they take over the factories/businesses and turn them into collectives.

The recent uprisings in the Middle East are political and economic in origin.  Unions are the ONLY THING that can provide the protections the workers require in this predatory capitalist world.

And if the unions are so big, they would have ultimate political clout on a global scale.  They could amass resources to counter any government, corporation or economic entity.

Then truly, power would be in the hands of the people.

But the unions themselves must be 100% democratic, not mafia money pots.

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