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Time to Nationalize American Oil Companies!

With gasoline prices now well over $3 a gallon, and no relief in sight. I believe it’s time for the US government to nationalize the biggest American oil companies. They are making record profits at the expense of every American.

Did you know that in Venezuela gasoline is only 13 cents a gallon? Chavez has kept the price low because that is what is best for the people of his country.

In the US we have no such relief, and no such leader. Bush favors the oil companies and is quite happy about the price and profits they’re getting. His attempt to investigate them will just be a cover up.

Did you know that 69% of Americans now report moderate to severe hardship as a result of gas and heating oil prices rising to current levels?

Did you know that Citgo oil company is offering home heating oil at 40% discount to Americans who can’t afford to pay the full price? Did you know that Citgo is NOT an American company but in fact is owned by the Venezuelan government?

What does it say about our own government who offers ZERO relief to consumers who can’t pay these outrageous prices? A foreign owned oil company can do what American oil companies & the US government can’t even do for it’s own people!

Chavez is currently considering nationalizing the oil in Venezuela, and I see no reason why the US shouldn’t do the same.

All this time that oil prices have been rising, the US gov’t has been actively keeping the prices high by continuing to fill it’s reserves with this overpriced oil. Just now Bush is having to finally taken action, due no doubt to republicans facing re-election pressuring him to do something.

But with oilmen in control of not just American oil, but America itself, it seems the only effective action would be to nationalize the oil companies.

America would benefit in so many ways! First the huge profits that have been accumulating could be used to offset the expense of the Iraq war, which was nothing more than an attempt to sieze oil for American oil companies. Why should we have to pay while the oil companies reap record profits?

Once completely nationalized, oil prices could be set at a much more reasonable price, and fixed there. That would tend to stablize world oil prices as potential profits get recycled into discounts to consumers.

The time is now to take control of our oil companies. The Russians realized this just before their oil assets got sold off. They re-nationalized their oil. Chavez will be next. How long before America wakes up and realizes that unless we do this, one day we will be the ones who can’t afford to pay the price, as oil goes to those countries that can.

Posted by: skip
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