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Hippyland’s 10 Year Anniversary!

It’s hard to believe that 10 years have gone by since we started

Hippyland back in 1996. Things have changed dramatically since then.

We were still in the Internet boom, and it seemed like the Internet was

going to change the world almost overnight.

It was this enormous potential of the Internet to democratize the flow

of information and empower anyone with a computer that made me decide

to sell my computer business and invest the proceeds into an Internet


I created my first website as a personal statement about my decision to

reject the prevailing business mindset and a rediscovery of those

values that I cherished during my younger days.

Back in the 70s I was a peaceful pot-smoking vegan, working in hippie

cooperatives in the Pacific Northwest. We might not have been able to

change the whole world, but we could certainly remodel our day-to-day

lives to reflect our priorities.

In that spirit I felt I could once again reorder my life to conform

with my own rebirth and freedom from the stressful business world. To

create my new website, I first listed those things I felt a renewed

spark to write about. Things I really felt strongly about, including

peace, love, spirituality, the environment, cannabis, what really went

down in the 1960s, psychedelics, vegetarianism, etc.

Reviewing that list, I had a sudden realization that I was STILL a

hippie after all these years, and so I decided to create Hippy.com as a

place to store my thoughts on these subjects. I never expected it to

succeed as it has. In fact I thought only a few old hippies would find

it and enjoy discussing the good ol’ freak daze.

It quickly became apparent that not only were LOTS of people searching

for this information, but most of them were young people who weren’t

alive during the 60s. Students, long-haired teenagers and even preteen

wannabe hippies were flooding the site with questions about the

original Hippie Movement. Like me, many wanted to rekindle the spirit

and get it going again.

To answer all those questions, and to set the record straight, I felt

compelled to write a book on the subject. I noticed the media had

rewritten the history of the 1960s to blame everything wrong with

society on hippies and liberals – and they still do! So Hippies from A

to Z was published and sold out (it’s available online here for free!).

Now, after 10 years we can look back and see that we have INDEED

succeeded in restoring the hippie mindset to our consumer driven

society, even to the point of freeing the word hippie from it’s media

imposed derogatory definition. We even helped put the words hip and cool back into the public vernacular as those words were very uncool in the business obsessed 90s.

And more importantly we have succeeded in uniting hippies from around

the world and activating their lives with the hope that we hippies can

change the world together!

With the planet facing its most difficult challenges, severe crises

that affect everyone, we all must spread our love and enlightenment to

the masses. We have a virtual movement online and a real movement

happening again in the world’s streets. As we come together this

summer, let’s send peaceful waves of love to the universe. We CAN

still make a difference!

Peace & Love to ALL!
Skip Stone
July 1, 2006

P.S. Coming Soon! The 40th Anniversary of the Summer of Love, San Francisco, 2007! Be there or be square!

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