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Happy Holidaze!

Skip’s Corner
by Skip Stone

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Happy Holidaze!
Wow, I can hardly believe it’s been a whole
year since I last updated my own page! I’ve been so busy working
on the sites and of course I like to post on our Hip Forums site
where in the past 10 months it’s grown to over 10,000 members!

But I haven’t completely forgotten Hippyland!
As you may have noticed, Hippyland has just been upgraded to a new dynamic
site which allows us to provide so much more interactivity, search capability
and many more features which we couldn’t do on the old site.

In fact all our websites have gone interactive
this year, and in the last month they’ve all been moved to a new server
with much more capacity and speed (I hope you noticed!). We now do
over 40 gigabytes of traffic a month, which is a hell of a lot considering
most of it is just text!

Anyway, you can look forward next year to many
new, interesting features on Hippyland including my book, Hippies
From A to Z
, which will appear online for all to see! We’re starting
to run out of copies (better order soon!), so I figure rather than reprint
it, I could just let everyone read it online and save a bunch of trees
and lots of money for everyone! But if enough people ask for it,
I may reprint it anyway!

The New Hippyland

As you can see the new site presents information
a bit differently than the old one. If you can’t find what you’re
seeking, please check out the search function first. It’ll search
the whole site to find what you need. But realize that we haven’t
got all of the old Hippyland into the new format yet. That will take
months! So I’m leaving the old stuff up for you via the purple pull-down
menu system.

Some of the great new features to come include
an interactive Hippy Calendar, an archive of articles and information on
the 60s (this project will be ongoing), an interactive review system that
will allow our members to post music, book and movie reviews, featured
interviews with famous personalities, original works by published authors,
and much, much more!

And best of all we are still keeping all this
content FREE! (which is a hell of a lot of work to produce and post online).
The past year has seen so many Internet businesses fail or come close to
failing. We too have seen our small revenues sink further and have
had to develop new sources and take on outside work to keep these sites

Fortunately, thanks to the support of many
Hippylanders, we are sliding by, but our overhead has increased dramatically
thanks to the new servers and our continuing hunger for high bandwidth
to keep all our visitors (old and new) happy. So all we ask is that
you support the site by shopping in our stores. That’s all!
We get a tiny percentage of those sales, and that keeps these sites goin’.
So if the store where you make a purchase says Hip something (or links
to Amazon.com), you are supporting this site.

May Peace come to all & soon!

Skip Stone

December, 2001

Posted by: skip
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