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Mae govannen!  I am a small girl with a big imagination looking for 
interesting people to correspond with. I love nature above all else and 
believe that the world would be a better place if everyone hugged a tree 
at least once a day. When I meet a stranger I inform them that I am an 
elf, often to their great surprise and a confused reference to the 
pointy-eared Santa kind. I am, in fact, just a little 15 year old who 
loves to feel the sun on her face and adores dancing under the stars... 
I love standing out in a crowd and drawing strange looks from innocent 
passersby, because I feel that modern society is something I am not 
proud to be a part of and I try to separate myself from it. I don't 
believe in drugs; I think that there are other less dangerous ways to 
amuse oneself. I have a rather lackluster homepage called Lothlorien  but it does 
tell a lot about myself. If you feel so inclined, please email me, I 
shall be most happy. 
love and blessed be, 
Quiggles . . . 

Just wanted to voice my love for weed! :) e-mail me if you want! Im at 


Hi everyone, 

My name is Michael and i'm almost 19 years old, I live in a really tiny 
village in the north east of england and i'm lonely, there doesn't seem to 
be anyone like me around these parts. I consider myself a hippy at heart 
and i'm a vegetarian, I read and write poetry, I LOVE music and it's my 
main interest, my favourite band is Blind Melon, but I like tons others, 
such, as beatles, zeppelin, floyd, doors, dylan, tons of music, I also ( 
try and ) play drums. anyways, I've probably bored you all allready but 
please feel free to email me, I'd love to hear from anyone, especially 
anyone that lives in england. 
My email address is:     however this is 
sometimes unreliable and sometimes i don't get mail that is sent to me, so 
please try my other address which is: 
thats all, thankyou for taking teh time to read my message. 
Peace y'all 

Hey ya'll im having a party on May first week-end up in southern ontario(Canada).All hippies,heads,and kind folk welcome.It will be all week-end long bash,they'll be bands and possibly a late night rave.Tickets must be bought in advance so for more info please call Bear at 519-579-9160  Thanks friends Peace in chaos 

Hello fellow hippians 
I am doing my first travel and need to know what general items to bring 
around. Care to give advice to me the rookie?E-mail me at 

    I'm looking for a hippie pen pal I can e-mail and talk about hippies with. 
I stay away from the chat rooms because too many crazy people hang out there. 
I enjoy e-mailing other people and would love to have a hippie pen pal. I 
prefer a hippie pen pal who is in his or her late twenties. If you would like 
to be my hippie pen pal, please feel free to write me. 


My name is jeff .  I have been on the road 17years and i love the lifestyle 
more than anything i have ever tryed       It gives you freedom that most 
people have never expierenced.   I first started out by joining a carnival but 
got tired of it real fast, so i left and went to boulder CO. from then it has 
been anything but boring . 
  I have lived in backpacks ,cars,vans moterhomes and now i live in motels and 
when i feel like camping i do that.   You may ask how do i support my self? 
   Well i sell jewelery to stores mostly silver and pewter, i sell mostly to 
headshops,bead shops,music stores and tourist shops from L.A. to BOSTON 
and ARIZONA to MONTANA .    I am very blessed because my customers are 
my friends and i make more than enough to live out here. 
    Whom am i you say?   Well i;m 37 years old and i am a mellow ,down to 
earth guy who lets his spirit rule his life and not his ego, no i,m far from perfect 
but always trying to become the best person i can be . 
   I have lived most of my life alone i would of rather not ,but what i want 
out of a  traveling compaion is not easy to find .  What i want is a friend first and 
if more happens that is great.  So if you want to just get away for a while or 
you want to live on the road that's cool with me.  I am willing to talk to any 
body ,but the add is for woman 18+ in age.  So if your under that age please 
don;t ask. 
So now to the point. what i am looking for.  I am looking for a girl who is adventurous who would like to meet new friends all over the country , a girl who will go out and do her own thing when she wants to 
    A girl who wants to be treated with respect and honor  and will treat me 
the same.  a lady who can tailk about her thoughts honestly.   A lady who 
wants to be the best person she can be.  i am a spiritual person who believes 
in karma and respect for all people.   I  also have a good sense of humuor 
which i think is important in if you don't want to lose your mind in such a 
crazy world. 
   MY personality his a mix of hawkeye pierce from the show M.A.S.H. and 
carlin.  IT has also been said that i am a good cook, and love animals too. 
which brings me to that i have two shetland sheepdogs ( small collies ) 
  Their names are yenta the girl and nikki the boy they are road dogs thru and 
thru they are free and get to have a life most dogs let alone people get to 
   So thats all i can say if you want to know more e-mail me 

                                            LONG LIFE AND GOOD HEALTH 

Wow, this site is amazing! I just want to say that i am a 15/f looking for any other teen hippies that would like to talk about different beliefs and just about any and everything that has to do with anything! I'm from CANADA so all you Canadian hippies, drop me a line! I believe in free love for all and hope that everyone is enjoying themselves as much as they can in today's world.Oh yeah, and if anyone knows of any hip happenings around the Ottawa area, please email me <>  Love, Peace, Understanding  PS  Don't forget to love Mother Nature, the longer we ignore her, the more trouble we'll be in!! 

i'm   trying   to  find   someone       (almost anyone)  who can tell me 
whatever happened to  "norton,vt 
                              P. R, 

Peace to all my brothers and sisters 

I`m sick of Babylon. THEY are trying to get me but i swear they never will. 
That big ugly system called capitalism-corporationism is considered 
"normal" by so many people that if you don`t agree with them, they don`t 
let you live your life. I am not ready yet to build my cabin and garden way 
back in the bush, so I decided to travel. It is the only way i found that 
nobody will be able to control me (exept myself) I am from the Gaspésie 
(east end of Québec, Canada) and this summer i plan to go to British 
Columbia. After that i think about Mexico,  Then maybe Jamaica, Costa Rica, 
Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, Brazil etc. If you think you might be somewhere 
on my Way, let me know. Since I have no idea what my Way is gonna be, maybe 
some of you will help me to trace it. I will have to pass through United 
States, and I must say that it scares me . If you are somewhere on the west 
coast and are peacefull and love nature and are in a place where trees grow 
more than buildings, let me know also. I know why it scares me so much: the 
only way i`ve seen USA is on T.V. and i don`t think they show the truth and 
I don`t know what to expect. I look afraid but in reality, i know that 
everything is gonna be allright because I trust the life and if something 
is going wrong, i will learn as much as I can from it and it will change it 
in a positive experience. I send a lot of energy to all of you who read 
this and hope we will meet some rainy day (i love the rain!) 

There is only ONE Way, YOUR Way! 

I love you all 


Hey all. I really love this site, I'm glad there is a place on the net 
where I fit in. My name is Rob. I'm a 22 year old college student, 
guitarist, photographer, poet, hippie type from Ohio. I am really into 
camping, hiking and traveling. I love rainbow gatherings, drumming, and 
being with other like minded people. I love Colorado and the mountains. I 
love a good book. I love going barefoot every where. I would really like to 
hear from some hippie chics.For pictures of me and more interests, visit my 
homepage at 
then write me at  

I am an old hippy from the 60's.  Although I have matured, 
I really dont like to use the word "old", since I refuse 
to ever get old in mind.  But, the body is showing some 
wear and tear....  The good news, I have not gone bald, 
and have not gotten a haircut since sometime in the 60's. 
It's not that the length of my hair really matters, I just 
like it long....  What does matter, is that I see most of 
the former hippys from the 60's have sold out... 
They are all into the Yuppie thing now, just like most 
of the "baby boomers" (I hate that term).  Their only goal 
is riches, excess, and greed.  I find it real hard to see 
what has come of these people, the same ones that used to 
speak in favor of peace, and against materialism.  Now, 
don't get me wrong, I have material things, and possibly 
a few too many, but I do not live for wealth, and in fact 
I am rather poor, by choice. 

What has happened though, is that while watching the rest of 
the people of my age group become "sophisticated", I have 
remained the free spirit I was in my youth, and throughout the 
60's.  I have survived several bad relationships, and continue 
to attempt to retain my own identity, and freedom.  And, 
doing this in the 90's is not easy.  In fact, to say it like it 
is.... THE 90's SUCK !!!!!  I really miss the ideals of the 
60's, and the good times, and togetherness, not to mention the 
music.  I do not miss the drugs though, and I went clean many 
years ago, after really hitting bottom with drugs and booze. 
I am happy to be clean of that stuff, and the strongest drugs 
I take now, is prescribed by a doctor, except for my caffein and 
nicotine that I still do.  But hey, at least I have not become 
a health freak, who is against anything and everything that may 
be a little enjoyable. 

It is a lonely world now, and I have few friends, since most are 
too busy trying to "win" or raise famlies to spend time having 
some fun.  Being single adds to the loneliness, but after 
the lousy relationships I have had, i prefer the single life. 
Actually, I am not totally single, since several years ago, I 
decided to fulfill a life long dream.  I bought a horse. 
Several years later, I now own 6 horses, 3 which I rescued from 
being slaughtered.  Those horses are my family, and are my best 
friends.  I always loved horses, but never realized how lovable 
they really are.  They have become the center of my entire life, 
and I will admit they make it all worth while.... 

Sometimes I get the feeling that I was meant to have them. 
After years of struggles with humans, i have found that the 
true meaning of love is really from another species.... 
Interesting concept, hey !!!!! 

Well, i just wanted to say a few things, and move on. 
and HAPPINESS.  Dont let others tell you how to live, they 
are only trying to drag you down with them, and when you do 
find a REAL friend, be it a human, or an animal, give them 
all the love they need, and deserve!!!! 

Back to other things... I cant spend alot of time on the net, 
but do find it fun.  In fact, it is probably the only connection 
I have to the 90's.  The music of the 90's is horrid, and the TV 
programs are just as bad..... 

To say hi, email 

i am the yippie pie thrower ( who was 
involved w/the yippies and the griffith park love-ins inder the tutelage 
of green power ( which i helped focalize).... 
i have been to rainbow gatherings, smoke-ins, etc. 
i am seeking sister energy (ala unreconstructed flowerchild) to relate 
i will respond to all 
Aron Kay 

I'm looking for a fellow soul mate. A bit about me, I'm interested in 
saving the planet and am a member a various environmental groups love 
reading and writing poetry, I play the drums. I'm from norfolk England 
and am fourteen,( fithteen in april). I'm a very open minded person and 
the way the world is today makes me very sad. 
One more thing, please use the chat room here it would be great if we 
could all meet up and chat and the chat room is perfect for it. How 
about we meet up every sunday at 6:00pm english time? (so that would be 
about 1:00pm in new york) 

I'm looking for a soul mate, and I really need one I'm feeling very 
lonely. A little about me? well, I'm 14 (15 in april),I live in norfolk 
England. I write poetry and read a lot. I am a member of lots of groups 
(CND,BUAV,WWSPA,PEACH and Dr Hardins trust.) I love music, my 
faveourites are cranberries, skunk annasie, reef, Bob Dylan and many 
more.I play the drums and am very open minded. If you want to get in 
touch my e-mail address is

I'm a Swedish girl soon turning 16 but I don't believe in ages. What I 
do believe in is Green Cosmic Community and Love to God, other people, 
animals and plants. I think the meaning of life once was only to love 
these things, but now it has changed. The most important thing now is to 
fight for something, to change the world, to reconstuct the things we 
have destroyed.  I'd like a friend with a peaceful mind to discuss 
important questions with, anyone is welcome. I'm a vegetarian and a 
feminist, I love nature, music, animals, trees, friends and theatre. My 
love is endless. 
Peace, Sara. 

I'm a hippy in NC and looking for stores that sell hippy clothes- preferbally 
around Charlotte. E-mail me my name is snootysnoo. Plus if any hippie wants to 
talk then alright. 

Hey everyone out there! I figured this was the places to meet some 
new people! If there are any chics or dudes out there willing to talk 
to me please E-Mail me 
I'm Samantha. A 14 YO country girl from Arkansas. Come on & write me. 
Age, race, location, & religion don't matter at all! 
Hope to talk to you soon! Samantha 
(P.S. I want to say hello to all my friends in Washington) 

hello everyone and peace this sight is groovie! does anyone here know anyone who was at woodstock(perhaps the greatest event there ever was and cannot be recreated) or has anything from woodstock? if you do mail me at   or at 
well i hope to hear from lots peace out until the time being though. 

                       Hello. Anyone in CT? This place is just about 
hippyless.......none least around here. Im in the 
woodbridge/bethany/new haven sux....ummm...if anyone is out me or email is      Peace 
out :-) 

Moe this is Ryan if you by some strange chance look at this HI.  We all 
wonder where you are and would like to hear from you soon.  If you get 
this you are on a computer so e-mail me. ok. my e-mail is 
See ya 

I am a 17year old little hippie that wants to get the hell out of Indiana 
and find more of my kind!!!!!!!!!! I am using my grandpa's e-mail mine is (
Write please!!!! 

Hey there! 

A fellow hippie pointed me here and it's way cool.  My name is Paul and I'm a 
30 year-old hippie in Mountain View, CA (near San Jose), which is close to the 
beautiful Santa Cruz mountains.  I hike there frequently to commune with 
Nature.  I enjoy photography, humor, good food, massage, kind and loving 
people; I love going barefoot everywhere. 

I would love to connect with all other like-minded hippie brothers and sisters 
the area, but especially other gay hippies like myself.  I'd like to hang out, 
hike, sip some java, and share meals.  I'm thinking of going to next Rainbow 
gathering; would like friends to share the trip. 

For more details about me, you can goove on over to my home page at: or drop me a line at: 

Peace and many cyber-hugs to you 
-- Paul 

Hey, groovers! A special thanks to hippy land for bringing hippies on 
the web together. Well first a little about myself. I live in Nj, I 
became a hippy ever since I learned I could draw Scooby Doo. I really 
got into Scooby Doo, then I really got into the 60's, then I Really got 
into the 60's. Then I found I was always meant to be a hippy. It's just 
so psychedelic. Oh yeah, I'm against drugs. The hippies go beyond drugs. 
They're about peace, love, free expression, and really far out music. I 
like the same music the hippies did. Byrds, Simon and Garfunkle, 
Beatles, Monkees etc. Okay, Okay, the original hippies weren't to crazy 
about the Monkees. But they really have a groovieness all their own. I 
have a black light, lava lamp, and all the other hippy trimmings! I'm a 
guy. Woops, that should have gone at the beginning shouldn't it. 
Violence is uncalledfor, wanna-be-hippies make me sick, keep groovy 
In and Way Out, 
John or Scoobluver, whichever. I'd like to get as many hippies friends 
online as I can, so please send lots of replies. Or, lots of replies 
from different people. TeeHeeHeee:) My email address (or my dad's boring 
e-mail address) is :) Oh yeah! I'm 14:) 

The kind astonishing rainbow light 
that cascaded like a waterfall 
down the mountains of the 60s 

that nourished 
the sheep-meadows 
of the 70s 

and retreated 
beneath the desert grounds 
of the 80s 

still exerts an influence 
over the remnant rainbow tribes 
who wander the drought-blasted badlands 
of the 90s 

Yea, we who scavenge 
the dried-up streambeds 
lift our heads at the fleeting scent 
of vapor on the dusty wind 

It strengthens us to dream of 
and to seek 
green oases and secret springs 

And it makes us cry O Goddess! 
will the waters ever flow again 
rushing over the rocks 
in boundles torrents 

down to the star-spawned unity 
of the sea 

Dale R. Gowin 

I would like to send our homepage as a lightmessage. 
love and light hildegard 

Hi everybody :) I'm a teen hippie living in Central Florida, thought I'd 
drop everybody a line :) I'm vegetarian, don't smoke anything, and when 
I have the money for my ideal vehicle it'll be a VW bus. :) If you're 
gonna be in Orlando, check out Herne's Hollow, somewhere on Hillcrest 
Street. . It's very cool. They sell incense, herbs, various Wiccan items 
& books. 

Peace, Love, Let your hair grow (mine's over three feet :)) 

Lady Chaos (please e-mail me at

hey i am looking phor other hippies in the houston area, i moved here 4 
months ago from philly, and i have met almost no other heads here, 
please emai me at 
peace and happines 

Hi, Im a 60's gal and am still into rock music as I am a professional 
musician. I have been in a few rock bands, I play keyboard and am a 
singer. Now I love to rock and roll with out senior citizen 
population. I do this on a daily basis. I travel from place to place, 
with my keyboard and fender amp and sing songs of Bob Dylan, Peter 
Paul and Mary, 50's rock 60's rock Elton John, James Taylor, etc. Im 
in my early 40's , was told I resemble either Linda Hamilton of the 
terminator or a young Ali McGraw. I really groove on watching how 
music really does bring the best out in everyone where I go. I guess 
you could say Its a part of my soul., as I have no note knowledge, 
play all by ear as my father did. I used to go to Kingsboro College 
in Brooklyn and want to know if any of my hippie buddies are out 
there, Gail, Peter, Nancy, Marla, its your old friend Joyce, the 
piano girl. Was in kingsboro in the early 70's. if anyone is out 
there reading this, would love to hear from to get e mail, 
and meet new people. .you can e mail me at by 
the way, must tel you I have the original woodstock ticket I 
purchased for $7.50. was not able to get down the road because of 
that rainstorm. Reading the back of the music ticket gives me a laugh. 
 It says as follows " No alcoholic beverages or dgus of any kind 
allowed on the premises"!!!!!!!! hope to hear from a new friend soon.. 

I am a long haired holdout from the 60's I'm now into a new exploration. 
Flying .I have a web site that I am setting up to help people get info 
on ultralight and experimental aviation. I found it is a better high 
than I've found so far , has less legal hassles and in the long run 
costs less. 
People have supported the false idea that flying is too expensive or too 
hard for the average person .That's not true .Us average people are the 
reason planes are flying today. The dreamers made it come true in there 
backyards and barns. And the tradition is continuing today. 
    Check out my site and if you think it has merit please drop me a 
note. I want to share my idea of what I think is the ultimate high. 
Flying out of my backyard looking down on the earth , dropping in to 
visit friends and island hopping on Lake Eire. All for 8 to 10 $'s of 
gas in a $1500.00 airplane And the planes as well as the pilots don't 
need a license or registration. Talk about freedom! My site is at 
Thanks and let me know what you think of my site. Bruce Leonard 

Hello everyone: 

We are in Naples in Southwest FL and looking for a Gathering not too far from 
Home.  If anyone has dates and places please e-mail us at Bertnanita
Luv and hugs. 

Bert and Anita 

P.S.  We also love mail from like-minded brothers and sisters 

Is there anyone out there who could walk me through making a dress out of 
corduroy.  Or is there anyone who sells hippie dresses? If so please e-mail me 

Hi, How are you?: 
   I'm from mexico and 14 years old, I wnat to know a lot of people from 
this place. Please write me 

                             With Love, Lorena López Arias. 


hi...i was just sittin here and got 2 thinkin of woodstock. who here was 
there? could you pleez e-mail me and tell me what it was * really * like? i 
don't believe 
what the media tells me. 

I have decided, that ,in keeping with the Hippie tradition, I needed to 
do what I could to make this world a little better place.  I am involved 
with Amnesty International, the ACLU, the Washington Coalition to 
Abolish the Death Penalty, and efforts to legalize marijuana. 
I still have a great love for music,live and otherwise, and the posters, 
incense, and trippy items that made us say, "Oh wow."    Grow your 
hair!!  Love and Peace! 
My e-mail address is :    .   Write me , friends. 

visit danny and carol at the champa shop in garden city beach  south carolina 
thats about 8 miles below myrtle beach were hard at work making our own line 
of hand bags and long dresses  and tammi is wrapping hair and making hemp 
jewelry just like little elves! seriously/we  love to see all our brothers and 
sisters you will love it we do 

Hi, I am a 35 year old guy living in the Washington, DC area. I am looking for 
friends to meet in the area. I like to play some keyboards, smoke and have 
good times. I have not been feeling well all these years, been depressed for 
most of the time. One of my new year resolutions is to completely change my 
life and "liberalize" myself. Please get in touch with me, I'm willing to 
travel to the northeastern states in order to meet the right friends. Thanks 
and hope to hear from you. 


i love the page.  im 16 yrs old and i always wish that i lived back in the 
day..... i feel that i was a hippie in another life and im trying my best 
now... peace, and keep on smokin' carefull with the bad trips.... 

Hey - what can I say. I never really thought of myself as a hippy way back 
when - but, then, that's what most "straight" people used to categorize me - 
so maybe that's what I was.  Frankly, I always thought that those who openly 
called themselves "hippies" back then probably were anything but "hippies". 
Don't think any real "hippie" called her/himself anything in particular - they 
just lived as they wished to live, and tried not to negatively affect others 
by their preferred lifestyle. 

Nowadays it seems that most everyone else my age has moved onwar...., no - 
that word should be "backward" - retrogressed back to a much more "up-tight" 
form of existance. Me and Nancy? Well - I guess we just we rambled on 
somewhere in our own direction. But we hung onto most of our beliefs, I think. 

Nowadays we dress a lot "straighter" ourselves, because that's what has become 
necessary and pragmatic if we are to earn a living. I don't think that cutting 
one's hair and wearing pants without patches is what truely constitutes 
"selling out".  We love sailing our boat throughout the Pacific Northwest and 
frequently sweating our way to sit atop it's many mountain peaks, and (yes) 
maybe sneaking in a good smoke now and again, providing we can find it. 

But ours has become a rather lonely lot. Sometimes it seems we're the last of 
our kind in existance.  So I guess it's kind of nice to find a web site like 
this.  It would be even nicer to discover that we are not entirely alone in 
our beliefs/lifestyle amongst our age-grouping (late 40s, early 50s).  I mean 
- are there any other couples out there who still have similarly strong 
emotional and sociological connections to what we think was a better, much 
"looser" time? We'd love to hear from you.  Fair Winds!  - Earl (a.k.a. Puget 

Help!I am really into Country Joe & The Fish,The Grateful Dead,Jethro 
Tull,Arlo Gunthrie,Phish,Pink Floyd,Jimi Hendrix and The Mamas And The 
Papas.I have all of the views and the morals of a hippie.But im having 
some problems with the style.I went to a Phish show last night,and I 
felt so out of place,yet I loved how everyone dressed.PLEASE HELP!!! 

     My name is Paul. I just moved to Champagin IL from Fayettville AR. There 
I lived about 30 miles outside of town. We had gatherings such as the Electric 
Moo, Bogger County Boggie..and other events...I am now looking for people in 
the Champagin area to continue the gathering tradition with....please email me 
at    if interested. thanx all...and never lose sight of one...together 

Hi-My name is Amanda. I'm looking for another dead lovin', pot smokin', teen 
to talk to. EMail me if you want. Im 14. 
Peace,Love and Happiness,- 

Hi my name is Alia...I'm 13 years old. I bet I'm like the youngest one 
here. Anyways, I am a hippie, freak, weirdo, or whatever you call some 
one like me. I'm in 7th grade in Arizona. I go to Ingleside Middle 
School. I'm known in school as someone who laughs to much and never 
cusses. I want to be a writer when I grow up. I know you can't make alot 
of money doing that, but sometimes writers get lucky and become singers 
(even if they can't sing good- Bob Dylan and Janis Joplin). Well, e-mail 
me if you want........ 

E-mail Address- 

Dear Brothers and Sisters- My name is Jon. I'm a college student in 
Springfield, MA. I play lead guitar in a reggae band. I have many 
interests; and I'm looking for hippie friends, of any age, particularly 
in the New England area.  I wiil answer all replies, so drop a note to: 



I am a withdrawn flower chid and Im scared to express it in fear of 
sounding like a wannabe hippy who goes to spencers gifts and spends their 
money on "hippy stuff" you all know the kinna stuff im talkin about lava 
lamp,assorted grateful dead stuff,a black light,incence 
burners,candles,blacklight posters and plastic beads. 

I dont care if you hate me,I love everyone anyway 
I dont care that Im ugly,Ill look into anyones eyes anyway 
I dont care if you dont want to talk to me,Ill talk to ya anyway 

Peace to All Brothers and Sisters in the Faith, 

I'd like to share a story with you all. Back in the summer of '76, I made the 
most amazing voyage of discovery. A cross country trip that changed my view of 
the world and people forever. 
As a child growing up in the late ''60's and early '70's with an older hippie 
sister, I was exposed very young to the Hippie way of life. Back then, perhaps 
it was a little more radical than now just because of the social climate that 
prevailed with Vietnam and the political scene. By my early teens, I had been 
exposed to sex, drugs and rock n' roll in a very real way. Intertwined with 
that however, was a tremendous sense of spirituality and a bonding with people 
who were in tune to Hippie philosophy. I wanted to know more and my sense of 
adventure took over. 
I took my '69 VW pop-top camper and began a serpentine adventure cross- 
country. I had done my homework and visited monastic hideaways, hippie 
communes, Indian spiritual leaders and natural healers to name a few. 
Sporadically, I hooked up with hippie brothers and sisters along the way and 
spent many a starlit nights in deserts, woods and mountains contemplating the 
universe and my own life. I learned much from everyone I came in contact with 
and they shaped me into what I think is a more humane person, a real SoulMan. 
This experience, coupled with other early influences including my grandfather 
in Greece who was a true healer and Naturopathic doctor, represent my deepest 
being. All in all, I am thankful and true to the Hippie way. By the way, I 
spent many summers traveling outside the US over the next few years, and found 
that brothers and sisters exist in every corner of the world. It is a 
worldwide phenomenon. Wherever I could, I shared my soul with others so that 
they too may experience the happiness. I still do today. Its a great way of 
So what has happened since then? E-mail me and let's share. 

hay.. i have a question pulling at me..  Has anyone ever heard of a group 
called, Peace and Love.. they're (are/were?) a mexican band from the 
seventies.. they sang "The Marijuana Song" , "until" "Can you tell" good ass 
songs that are so wonderful.  No one has heard of this band but me and a 
friend, i have a demo tape, and that is all.. Peace and Love played at 
Mexico's "woodstock-like event" in 1971.. any info please email me at 

thanks, hasta manana, 
jamie leigh 


I need a friend in this dark,dismal world!  I am 11 f and I want to find 
a hippie BFF from 2- 222 yrs.  Also, all of you know that drugs might be 
the international sign of the hippie, but it's so bad!  Please don't do 
them...... I dont want a fellow hippie dead! 

Shoshona Flower (

Hey there! 

A fellow hippie pointed me here and it's way cool.  My name is Paul and I'm a 
30 year-old hippie in Mountain View, CA (near San Jose), which is close to the 
beautiful Santa Cruz mountains.  I hike there frequently to commune with 
Nature.  I enjoy photography, humor, good food, massage, kind and loving 
people; I love going barefoot everywhere. 

I would love to connect with all other like-minded hippie brothers and sisters 
the area, but especially other gay hippies like myself.  I'd like to hang out, 
hike, sip some java, and share meals.  I'm thinking of going to next Rainbow 
gathering; would like friends to share the trip. 

For more details about me, you can goove on over to my home page at: or drop me a line at: 

Peace and many cyber-hugs to you 
-- Paul 

Hello everyone my name is chinacat and I am getting so stressed about 
not being around people that share the same beliefs as me.  I guess you 
could say I have hippy beliefs.  I feel like an outcast here in my NJ 
town.  So if anyone wants to chat email me at

a Little pagan here or somewhere. Lost in snow. Where is my shamandrum? 
Almost too cold to breathe... when comes the lack of oxygene? 
Well my wiccagroovyhippie-sisters and brothers... 


Hey Hippies! 
 I am looking for contacts in the Caribbean.  I am Graduating from LSU 
right now--Dec 97. I want desperately to move to the islands. Please email me 
soon if you know anyone, any places to stay, or anywhere to work.  Or drop me 
a line if you don't!  Peace & Happiness! 


Dear Brothers and Sisters- My name is Jon. I'm a college student in 
Springfield, MA. I play lead guitar in a reggae band. I have many 
interests; and I'm looking for hippie friends, of any age, particularly 
in the New England area.  I wiil answer all replies, so drop a note to: 



Peace to everybody! 
I am actually in OTTAWA for two month and i was wondering if there is any 
hippies around except me. Anyway, if you just hang aroud and hear a flute, 
come and say hi! If it is not me who play flute, say hi anyway, you will 
meet somebody else! Follow your way and I will follow mine.If it lead us to 
each other, it is because we are on each others path.Have a good karma and 
love your Mother earth. Give as much energy as you can to everything, it is 
the only way to receive without stealing it to others.Paix a vous tous mes 
freres et soeurs. 

Love and joy and happiness and peace of mind and balance and all that kind 
of things to all of you 


The standardised ugliness of this insane world 

It is everywhere 
where you haven't yet been 
it follows you 
no matter where you go 
you, people of Babylon 
Destruction in the name of evolution 
unfeeling systemisation 
follow you like a shadow 
a grim shadow 
a nightmare shadow 
and it will grow with you 
so much that it will cover the sun 
so much that you will forget what the moon is 
among the lamps 
it will grow so much that it will rot your heart 
it will scare you to the point of forcing you to sell what you hold most 
your values 
and when you are lost in the darkness 
when the shadow has grown so much 
that it has devoured everything 
the light will be reborn 
it will radiate from a rainbow 
and all those who will be hand in hand 
will be dazzled by its purity 

Bilbo Cyr 
16 Septembre 1997 

Hey hippies.. 
  Check out my pages..some really cool stuff on them. I have three.. 
 Have fun and enjoy.. 

check out Guitarist Corner at or try my 
other pages Believers in Peace (brand new) or Blackpetal's Groovy Pad! at 

Hey.  I may be only 14, but I think I know alot for my age.  I am very 
grown up and can talk about almost anything. 
   Okay out of the boring stuff.  After high school, I plan to go on a 
road trip with three of my friends in my soon to be van(to bad it's not 
a VW).   If you know some places to go, then could you write?? 
   I'm really into animals too.  I'm going to be a zoologist when I grow 
up, hopefully.  I have always had a passion to help our fellow beings. 
I think in a way, animals are on the same level as us. 
     Well, if you're interested, please write. 
After the seasons turn from cold and hard to hot and beautiful I shall 
be setting off on an adventure which I hope will change my life forever. 

I live in England and now that my life has come to another 
decision-making fork I have made my choice and I am coming to America. I 
have an eccentric uncle in Tampa who I hope will let me start my journey 
with him. From there I want to make my way west to New Orleans, maybe 
travel up the Mississipi for a while into the heartlands, and then 
eventually north and east until I've seen all I can and met all the 
people who need to be met. So many stories need to be told and so many 
reefers must be shared. 

If you think you may be feeling hospitable next summer, please do 
contact me at We'll talk awhile and 
if fate drives us together, next year we will meet. 

I can't wait to hear from you. 

Peace in purple. 

I'd like to send happiness and love to all of the beautiful people reading 
this.  My name is Judi, I'm 16, and I live in Akron, Ohio.  I want to say 
that I am very impressed with all of the sincerity that goes into these 
messages, and it's wonderful to know that there are lots of people of all 
ages who share the same ideals as me.  I especially want to say hello to 
all NFTYites, and say that you are amazing, caring people. Thank you for changing my life.  I'm always interested in making new friends, so if you'd 
like to get in touch with me, my e-mail address is My undying love to all. 

i just wanted to say i miss my friend.  she's a flower child hippy girl with 
the biggest heart i've ever known and i miss her.  a lot of you remind me of 
her.  she's about 1200 miles away now and in the hospital having a flower 
baby, (she's pregnant), and i'm sorry i'm telling your whole life story, 
sunny, but i wish i could see you and be with you and know you're ok.  i just 
wanted to say hi.  its me, tito. 

i don't know, for anyone else, i guess i'll tell a little about me.  i think 
i'm a hippy at heart.  i've got so much love to give and i just think we all 
have something in us that unifies us, and makes us one, and i just wish 
everyone could see that.   i'm totally against all fighting, as adam of the 
counting crows put it- "i will not be an enemy of anything, i'll only stand 
here", yeah, that's me. i love blind melon.  i don't know, i like what all of 
you are saying and i think i'd feel a lot better in this world if there were 
more people as open minded as everyone here.  peace love and billies - Pip 

i love e-mail, anyone feel free---> 

Hello to all my hippie brothers and sisters.First of all, I love and 
respect everyone of you and I want to hear from anyone, that cares for me 
as a person. Since I live in a small town and there are few who I can 
relate to, I turn to the library and internet to seek further knowledge 
about my beliefs, and ways of life. There is so much more that I want to 
learn but these things can only be taught from experience. That is why I am 
asking that anyone who has been to a rainbow gathering e-mail me. I've 
heard  some about them but I want to actually experience the supposed 
free-spirited, family atmosphere. For now, I can only imagine the beauty. 

Together with love, peace, happiness, spiritualness, and harmony, we can 
accomplish great things and I feel that someday we might turn this 
hell-riden world into the natural, spirited earth for which we stand. 


Hi there my friends...My name is Daniel...I'm ninteen and I live in a 
town called's in the north of sweden... 
I'm planning to go to the U.S in 99 for to go to the rainbow gathering 
and the Woodstock Reunion!....I'd really like to make some friends "over 
there"... It would feel great to know that you know some people and not 
just go there and maybe end up all by my self... ( that's usually how it 
gets...'couse I'm so shy!....) But anyway... Please mail me on or/and look at my page to find out more about me 

With Peace from Daniel...Sweden! 

Hello fellow hippies! 
My name is JT and I'm writing to inforn you about an amazing band....They are 
called HUMBLE SACRIFICE....They are the next big jam band....They opened for 
the Allman Brothers in Pittsburgh this summer and blew me away......I've now 
become friends with them and are trying to get them heard....They are a 
guaranteed great live show...I was grooving for 3 hours last time I saw 
them...Anyway, for more info about them, e-mail me at 
can get boots, tapes, demos and even give you booking information.....Peace 
to all of you!!!! 
Hi there, I'm a 15 year old German-American girl living in Germany. I consider 
myself as a mixture of hippy, anarchist and communist. My parents were hippies too, and I grew up this way. 
I'm lucky to have some hippy friends, but I would really like to have a penpal 
somewhere out there in the world who is a hippy, too. I'm interested in music 
(music is my life) like the Doors, Beatles, grunge groups like Nirvana or Pearl 
Jam, The Cure, Aimless, The Animals etc., but I also like classic or Russian 
music, or self-played guitar-songs. My other hobbies are Internet surfing, 
reading (books and poems from modern German writers), painting, getting to 
know other people, singing and being together with my real friends. I don't see 
myself as a part of a special religion (although I'm Catholic), but I'm interested 
in Hinduism and in other countries and cultures. 
My biggest wish is that one day this whole society is changed and we can live 
together in peace and harmony without loosing our life as an individual person. 
Mail me at or

Hi there brothers and sisters.. 
  I have said before how much I loved this sight and  I have told all 
about myself but now I think it's time for something a little more 
important. I know you are all out there...but it doesn't seem like all 
the hippies are very active. I know you are all out there loving mother 
earth and loving everyone else but isn't it time to start teaching it 
all to other people? I am very happy that you all have found peace 
within yourselves and with the world but now lets start teaching all 
about it..some of the stuff I see these days..the murders..the 
pollution..discrimination..the greed..the all just upsets me so 
bad. I think it's time the hippies start trying a little harder. Not 
saying we're not doing anything but it seems like maybe some of us are 
giving up. Keep trying. We are the ones that feel love inside us..we are 
the ones that must teach that love..if we don't no one will. So let's 
get just makes me want to cry sometimes..people can be so just a little encouragement that I hope you will all take 
seriously. Thanks..feel peace love and light..and teach it too. 


okay, I am a fourteen year old girl that lives in Alaska. I think 
hippies are way Groovy and I'm looking for an hippy e-mail buddy.  My 
e-mail address is

peace, love, and happiness, 

Jackie Fisher 

Peace to all hippies out there. I'm 16/f  from Malaysia. I just checked 
out this site and i think it's really great. I should admire all you 
hippies out there for being who you are. i wouldn't really say that I'm 
a hippy but i feel the same way as you guys out there and share the same 
interests. I have been shy to show the world who i really am and i 
thought i was alone (atleast in Malaysia) but i don't fell that way 
anymore. it's great being a hippy and there's nothing wrong with 
believing in peace and love for the happiness of the world. i would 
really like to get to know more hippies form any part of the world as 
it's really boring here with people who condemn one another and have no 
love for our fellow humans. Feel free to mail me at

Looking for some cool hippy friends (especially in the Western 
Massachusetts area),who are into good music and good times.  I play 
guitar in a reggae band. I'm into herbs and legal highs,and would 
appreciate any info or sources for them.  Please drop me a line, even if 
you just want to chat.  My name is Jon and my email is 
Peace, love and mungbeans! Hey, I'm a spaced out 18 year old hippie chick 
trapped in the 90's, which is a mind restricting place or time to be. 
Just relax and close your eyes 
And dream of your own paradise 
In this dream they'll come to you 
Don't wake up, they'll take you through 
And show you places past the sun 
Where mushrooms grow, and little men run 
Escaping from the evil world 
Past all those whose hearts are curled 
The hearts that know of only hate 
The ones who will control our fate. 
 Just a little something for all of you to think about, preferably after 
taking a trip(a holiday I mean :o) ) ><<((((((8> = fish  ^8^ = angel 
~~~~(((((((8> = mouse 
Write if you are into Doors, Psychedelia, and have heard of Timothy Leary 
(turn on, tune in, drop out.) 
Peace, love, empathy.........and don't forget the bongbeans oops, 
p.s. name = Catherine, the goddess of MES's (mind expanding substances) 

hey everyone...i'm planning on hittin' the road and headin' west from columbus ohio sometime in Jan(no plans are written in stone)...i'm offering a seat or two to anyone interested in taking a  journey to possibly oregon or washington...i'm open to must be kind and at least 18yo...e-mail me at 

I am looking to contact hippies from Canada...I am resaerching the 
movement and would like to hear from a Canadians perspect as opposed to 
and American perspective. If you can help please write to 

hey hippies, what's groovin'?  got any real deep thoughts, or stuff you 
wanta say?  Send it to me (hippiegirl24)  @ 

Hello everyone out there.  I just wanted to remind everyone of how wonderful 
the world is.  Just stop and think about it.  In every single person in the 
world, there is something deep down within them, or even right on the surface 
that is absolutely wonderful and beautiful.  Do you know how many wonderfuls 
that is?  A fucking lot.  There are billions of people living on our Mother's 
Earth, and we are each connected deep within by eneregy that flows through 
and envelopes each of us.  Sure, everyone gets a little down on the world 
sometimes, and everyone gets screwed over a couple of times in their lives, 
but things always come out on top, unles you take the pussy way out and end 
it all, end the beauty and glory which would be your life.  We can still get 
high, even better than before, and we stil have each other no matter what. 
 Lovingly, blessed Lydia alius Setterwynd 

Hey Sunshine here if you happin' guys out there want to talk t a 14 year 
old, groovy chick e-mail me lets make karma! 
Peace n' Love 
P.S. e-mail me at 

Are there any other people out there who are homeschooling their children?  I 
am desprite to find other like minded people who believe their children can 
learn from life while surounded by music and art. 



Hello hippies! My name is Leon. I`m a 14yrd. male and live in Pittsburgh Pa. 
I`m not really a hippie but do believe in love and peace. Hippies really 
fascinate me. My favorite band is The Doors.They truly changed my life. I 
also like The Beatles, Jethro Tull, Jimi Hendrix, Tom Petty,etc. I love to 
laugh and make other people laugh.My favorite colors are blue & black. I 
write poetry and songs. And I plan on being the lead singer of a rock group 
in the future. 
       And don`t worry. Everything`s gonna be alright.   Mail me at: 

Hi, everyone...I've been searching for others with similar interests...I'm 
Newmoon,love nature and natural substances, work with animals as a vet 
tech, would like to converse and smoke with like-minded individuals 

Hey all. I really love this site, I'm glad there is a place on the net 
where I fit in. My name is Rob. I'm a 22 year old college student, 
guitarist, photographer, poet, hippie type from Ohio. I am really into 
camping, hiking and traveling. I love rainbow gatherings, drumming, and 
being with other like minded people. I love Colorado and the mountains. I 
love a good book. I love going barefoot every where. I would really like to 
hear from some hippie chics.For pictures of me and more interests, visit my 
homepage at 
then write me at 

If there is any hippie coming to Paris,just send me an E-mail. 
If an hippie is interested by France,just write to me. 
If an hippie is fond of J.K.Toole:idem. 

 hello  i'm just a kid  of 22 trying 
to find some insight into a time 
that i missed and can only read 
about i'm trying to seek out those 
who may have some tales of the 
start of the beat nic times i can 
read tons of woodstock stuff and 
learn  about jimi an janis i want 
to know about Jack Kerouac,Neal 
Cassady,Allen Ginsberg if you have 
any insight that could help me 
please if not just earse me 


hello fello hippy cheak out this chat program called onlivetraveler it a 3d 
chat place where you can create private pasword protected rooms and talk 
using youre micra phone to alot of people at once its avalable free from chack it out and then email me to arange 
meating times and passwords or gust for a chat or cheack out my site my 
name is kenny in the chat program    peace,love and respect you surondings 

i'm looking for hippies in ontario e-mail me at 

I'm just goin for a walk eventually, and am lookin' for people to meet, 
and places to sleep.  The name that I was loaned is "Ben".  Some people 
call me "harrie". 
my phone # is: (540) 574-1992 
my address is: JMU box 3582 
  800 S. Main St. 
  Harrisonburg, VA  22807 


Well I've already written a self-profile in the profile's section on 
this page(I'm Jay), anyhow I should let you all know that my new address 

I want so much to forget this superficial world and enter again "the 
sweet forest", I wanna live on a commune, but a true commune in my 
opinion.  The only way I could see myself being happy is to just live in 
a small house out in the country with 5 or 6 friends(though at the 
present moment there is no one I know who would bother listening to what  
I'm saying!) and just live off the land basically, grow all our own 
food...sell arts and crafts and of course vegetables and whatnot to get 
by, and since there would be no hydro it wouldn't cost much.  a simple 
life, but a beautiful one, to just be free of this poisoning world and 
live in *peace* and *harmony*, now to me that is my idea of a beautiful 
life!  Though as it seems, I know nobody who could even relate to me on 
this, and I guess what I'm saying is, if you understand what I'm saying 
or are interested in this kinda life, email me.  And read my profile!:) 
Anyhow, I should cut this as short as possible, well hope to hear from 
some of you soon!!! :) 

 May spirits guide you, and love always be with you, 


Well, Brothers and Sisters, our government boys are at it, again. They're going to launch Cassini, 
which will contain 72.3 pounds of deadly plutonium ; let it circle Earth four or five times, then, 
blast it off to Saturn ! If anything goes wrong on takeoff or in orbit, it's going to rain enough 
plutonium to give cancer to 12 billion people ! Got your attention ? For more info, go to; 
http://www.thefarm/org    .        Let's STOP THIS MADNESS!     at least nine more missions planned! 



Yes, I new i was not the only hippie.  I'm only 16 (a wee young lass) 
but i consider myself one of that groovy group called hippies, and there 
is not a single hippie in plymouth mass where i live, hey if anyone can 
give info on where to find a hippie spot in massachusetts or a place to 
buy groovy hippie clothes, or if one can give me directions to Woodstock 
New York I'd be much happy!(any info on upcoming rallies and protests 
would be cool too! I went to a peace thing in Switzerland this summer- 
t'was far-out!) E-mail me @ 
I love you my brothers and sisters! 
Peace AND Blessed Be!  )0( 

I beleive that the earth is a part of our souls and bodies and I need 
some more tips on how to be kind to her.  Also I would be thrilled to 
have any email come my way. I'm 17 and I love to read, sing, and play 
music.  If rae devenish is out there give me a shout sista. I want to 
commune with gentle, loving humans and if you are one let me know.  I 
have a strong beleif in God and I respect those who do not.  If you've 
had a rough day please remember We Shall Overcome Some Day.  Keep the 
my dres is    p.s. I am proud to be Canadian!! 
Hey everyone out there!!I am SO glad I found this sight!!Just when the Internet started to get lonely, I breezed on in..Anyway, I'm am million years old, but really, I'm only 14. I love everyone who has a part of this sight!!I hope you all lead peaceful, productive, far-out lives, cause anyone who reads this w/out scoffing has to have an open mind!! I love the Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, Doors, Beatles(late), Allman Bros, and MANY me at
Hey, anybody out there know Rachel Berosini and/or her daughter Fonda? I'd sure like to get in contact with 'em. Last seen in Key West in late 70's.(Well, i *think* it was late 70's). aka "Morgan"

I'm Liz and I'm 16. I live in Iowa. I am very interested in the environment and I think that this website is really cool. I was wondering if anyone knows a good way to get marijuana out of your system quickly? If anyone wants to talk or has an answer for me just e-mail me at:

Hello! This is Jaime Chavolla, I just moved here to El Paso, TX was down living in the Michoacan Family area in Mexico. Is there any family up here? I'm lonely!  

Peace -Jaime ###

High, all of my beautiful brothers and sisters! I am hoping that someone can give me info on how/where I can obtain Douglas Fir wood mulch, wood chip mulch, and/or wood chips, for a little project I want to embark upon :) Peace, Navarone Blue Free (Not my real name :)) By the way, if/when you send me email, someone elses name will be on the email thingy, because I am using the family computer :)
I just breezed into this site. KIND! I have been a hippie from about day one. I have no comb, shaving utensils, etc. I read tarot cards and exist on spiritual realms. I use no man made drugs, and I rely on the resources man was originally given to survive, i.e., herbs, energy flows, peace, pot, microdot. I travel all over and love shows and all that kind stuff. I can be reached at by sending a message to "timleary" JAH LOVE my dear brothers and sisters. I am a Gemini.
hey now~~~ i'm selling these really nice essential oils... i've got patchouli (my personal fave), sandalwood, vanilla... anything you could think of. my prices are good and i'm willing to trade:) well, e-mail me and lemme know if you want prices... or if you just want to chat! stay kynd!!! love and light~ 


Hello brothers and sisters... 

My name is Sarah...I am from Pennsylvania and am fourteen years old. I am a really open minded loving person who would love to meet some fellow hippies. I love The Doors, Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles. I have just been to a Santana concert recently and it was terrific. You could just feel the love. Just like family. . I am a little bummed...I am like the only hippie around my city so if you would please drop me a line I would love to hear from you. I play the guitar, I am a peer mediator at my school and I involve myself in as many hippie sites and also feminist and minority sites as I possibly can.

Hey, I'm looking for a true hippie friend from any part of 'da world... Please send me mail soon as you ready...  

My e-mayl addy is :  

far out, man !!  

Peace, love and happiness

Hello to all my brothers and sisters out there. This world has gotten way out of hand. When i look back in books on the way things used be I am shocked at how people could walk down the street and not have to worry about getting robbed or stupid things like that. I wish we could all just love one 

and another for who we are and not what we have or what you do not have. Peace could create so many more opportunities for the children of today. Also people have gotten word that all hippies do is drop acid and smoke marijuana. I am not saying that i do not drop acid or smoke a joint every now and then but you see i am dropping acid and not dropping a bomb. The difference between dropping acid and dropping a bomb is that when you drop a bomb you kill people and create war when you drop acid you are relaxed. And you think freely. Write back to me i wanna hear from you . Peace and happiness

I'm Riverwind, a 15/F hippie. I live basically in the middle of nowhere, and I'm looking for another hippie that I can talk to. I write poetry and I play the guitar (Music is a big part of my life.) I love The Beatles, Doors, Dead, etc. I'm a bit of an animal rights activist, and if my parents weren't somehow against it, I'd be a vegetarian. E-mail me at if you want to talk :)  
Harmony, Love, & Peace  
Hi everyone...I live only 8 miles from the Original Woodstock Site-in 
Bethel NY. It is really beautiful here. I went to the Woodstock reunion 
every year since I was 12-I am now 18 and planning to go's so 
much fun..if you ever get a chance please go-it is a great experience and 
will change the way you look at life. 
Any questions/comments etc. e mail me!!!
hello, brothers and sisters! I just breezed in to visit! I'm a 35 y/o nurse, bass guitarist, 
and I'm into aromatherapy, herbs, and  drawing/painting. Looking for beautiful 
hippie friends who share my interest! PEACE TO ALL!
My name is Jessica Laplante and I am 17, I live in a boring small town 
called vernon, it is in Canada. 
To some people "hippie" means Pot and long hair, flowers or dreads. 
But for some strange reason "hippie" to me means open minded, spiritual 
and in tune with the Universal energy. 
I feel so alienated here, well because my friends are into totally 
different things then I am. 
I hope to meet some down to EArth artistic open minded people. 
So Write me ........... 
PS I am a CAncer sign
High, all of my beautiful brothers and sisters! I am hoping that someone 
can give me info on how/where I can obtain Douglas Fir wood mulch, wood 
chip mulch, and/or wood chips, for a little project I want to embark 
upon :) Peace, Navarone Blue Free (Not my real name :)) By the way, 
if/when you send me email, someone elses name will be on the email 
thingy, because I am using the family computer :)
Hello! I really need to contact a real old hippy. It's for a radio program in Spain. I would like everybody could meet you. Please, call me and tell me your phone number. Thank you. My name is Maite (María)
     We are trying to contact with hippies who live in Spain (Europe). The reason is a report for RADIO NACIONAL DE ESPAÑA (Spanish Public Radio Network). We are interested in making interviews for finding out what is left about the hippy movement, the difference between the hippies 30 years 
ago and now, and so on. If you are interested in helping us, please contact writing to this E-mail address: However, if you are not living in Spain, but you would like to participate in this report. We just need you to speak at least English (if Spanish, much better), your telephone number and the time we can contact with you. 
Hi Hippies! 

My name is Jon, I'm 38 years old and live in Oxford, England. I'm just about 
old enough to remember 1967, The Beatles and Vietnam. 
 I'm a hippy 'cos I have long hair, love going barefoot around town, wearing 
baggy clothes in the shades of Mother Earth and have Desiderata on my sitting 
room wall. I'm a free thinker who is not politically aligned and am into 
spirituality rather than religion. I would just like to see a world where we 
can trust one another, where there is no more paranoia and where honesty, 
sincerity, generosity and humility are elevated and respected as the virtues 
they are. 

Go in Peace, go barefoot too, in mind, body and spirit. 

Peace and love to you all          Jon

WAHOO!!! I just blew in on this site, and it's great to know that all of you beautiful people are out there! 
My soul and spirit has been lost in hippie "stardust" for a long time, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 
I've only made it to one Rainbow gathering in the southeast, as it was close to home, and I was really 
blown away by the family love and togetherness. But, I always get to the Harvest festivals and other 
events, and I hope to see some of you there! Let's carry the love, peace and together into the next 
century, and pray and meditate for world peace and world unity! 
PEACE and LOVE to all my Brothers and Sisters! 
Drop me an E-Mail and say hello, or let's just share some thoughts!
 i NeEd your HeLp ALL YoU HaVe to do is write a letter to the Presedent 
of the US. Asking for him to declare PeAcE 


  Hi Bretheren, 
 My name is Cam Allen & I am 24 years of age. I'm a hippy dude from 
Australia but I'm currently travelling through Canada at the moment. I 
am really fascinated by the hippies of the 60's & 70's. I've always 
thought that I was born about 20-25 years to late. I would love to talk 
with any guys & girls who were lucky enough to experience life in that 
wonderful era. Please e-mail me at: & lets talk 
about life, love, peace, spirituality, astral travel, reincarnation, 
Mother Earth & whatever else we can share with each other. Hippy's rule! 
They surely have their shit together. 
 Peace & Love to you all & be happy. 

my name is marc, im a 17 yearold hippy and i have a really interesting 
idea. It has come to my attention that the term hippy has really lost alot 
of it's meaning. don't get me wrong, i am certainly never leaving the cause 
as long as i live, but even within the 'new' hippy crowd it seems that a lot 
of us are forgetting the real point. Ive read so many postings from young 
people saying that they want to be a hippy but they cant find the 'right 
clothes' or they just really like...oh.....say 'natalie merchant' more than 
hey like the dead, and are afraid that they just aren't good enough. The 
whole idea behind this cultural beauty isn't what you smoke, wear, listen to 
and so on, its who you are inside. The term hippy has almost degenerated to 
the point of being just a label for what you wear. I am looking for young 
hippies that agree that we need to look deeper to revive the motion of the 
hippy movement. We need to find those of us that simply agree with peace, 
love, unity, brotherhood, (drugs are nice too), and forget what we think we 
have to be, or what the stereotypical world wants us to be for their own 
entertainment. For example, clothes should be a personal thing that relates 
to what you feel inside--if you look at footage from Monterey Pop in 1967, 
you notice that few people are dressed alike, yet we see the creative 
spontaneity that has graced the hippy movement. Lets get in touch. Any of 
you young hippies that want to talk or what ever, EMAIL me at 

All of the respected old hippies that have not abandoned their cause are 
right when they say that the 60's were just the beginning and the best is yet 
to come. We have to help make that happen by leaving behind the boundries of 
isolation. I love all you guys, you have helped solidify the reality that im 
not the only one out there. Lets join a New Revolution( a phrase i have 
grown quite fond of recently.) Anyway, i hope to hear from somebody(s). 
Write me to speak your mind, Ive had my turn. Luv and peace eternal to all Marc S.

my name is rainbow (ri) and i would love to talk with some of my fellow 
hippie email is  
i love you all 
Im from Canada & I was hoping to find mail friend from all over to 
exchange recipes, reading & Life.. Please don't strain your eyes too much trying to read my call! If you enjoy mind-expansion & Classic Rock  
specially YES & EMERSON LAKE & PALMER or Canned Heat... all the greats etc... Write so we can talk, build a Friendship Family take comfort in the knowledge that we are Not alone. Friend, Tiff. e-mail: 
hey there! i'm a 14 year old girl in Singapore. i'm really intrested about  
Hippies and consider myself as one.I would like to get to know more people. 
Hippies feel free to e-mail me. Thanks a lot. Peace&love from Faizah 
Alsagoff. e-mail to: 
who can remember.... who was there...?  

'67 Crowbait's Place.... Vancouver B. C.  
'67 Johnny 'D'..... Seattle  
'67 Gwen... Vancouver 
'67 Bonnie's Cafe... Any one remember 'Nark'? 
'67 New York... that is what we called you. We were busted together on 
the US/CAN border. Where are you? 
'66'67 Tom Ormsby.... SF 
'66-67 John Coulton... SF 
'68 the hate cafe... open from now until the earthquake. 
'67-69 Foghorn Fish & Chips on Haight Street. Was that for real or was I 
'67 SF to Denver trip... busted in Sparks Nevada ... remember I threw 
the weed under the cop car? Close call. then were separated... where are 
'68 Captain Bubbles (in front of the Straight Theater) 
'68 Flop house on Ashby St in Berkeley. Day old pies every morning. 
'69 Altamont  
Why haven't I any more memory? 
~'California' (my name in B. C.) 
(John Runner) 

To:all hippies  
From:Astara, ThE HiPpY oF ThE 9o'S 
Message:Just wanna say peace to everyone!! I'm also looking for other 
hippys to talk to via E-Mail!!!PeAcE,LoVe and HaPpIeNeSs!#!#! 

E-Mail me at 

Hello my friends! I'm 16/male and would be absolutely thrilled to meet  
somebody who i could become one with. I am a very spiritual person, I 
write poetry and am in love with nature....I would never allow myself to 
live in a city. My dream is to someday live on a commune with peace and 
love surrounding me...and the spirits among us. Yes, obviously I have a 
strong attachment to the late 1960's and early 70's, the music and well 
the whole atmosphere of that time enlightens my soul. Where I live 
there aren't any people who believe in living a simple life, living with 
nature and ourselves as one. I live in Ontario Canada and my name is 
Jay...I'd love to hear from you(look at my profile when and if it comes 
up on here:), my email address is 
i would love to talk to any brothers or sisters that would e-mail me. I  
was at a few different rainbow gatherings and harvest festivals. I am a 
20 year old male from pennsylvania. I love you all. BY the way is 
there anyone out there that likes rusted root if so please e-mail me, 
they are my favorite band and i can never find anyone who likes them.  
Well e-mail me at  
peace n love (c: from superfreak 
Like the old song says, "I've been down so long, it looks like up to  
me..." I'm a 46-year-old long-haired caucasian male. I just got done with  
6 years behind bars, for selling LSD to a soulless zombie undercover  
kkkop. Now I'm facing 6 years on parole, the other half of my sentence.  
I've been a hippie since the 60s, an activist for anti-war / pro-Earth /  
anarchist / pagan-gnostic / psychedelic liberation causes all these  
years. I'm a poet, writer, underground publisher, banjo-player,  
vegetarian, and ganja-toker. I'd like to meet some peace-loving,  
Earth-friendly folks to communicate with. Especially I'd like to meet a  
friendly person of the female gender. You can zap messages to me at Stay tuned; the 1967 Summer of Love was just a  
warm-up---the best is yet to come. 
I am Jennifer and 19 years old and am female. I am looking for a nice  
cute hippy guy or girl that believes in the same things I do. I am very  
outgoing and i believe in free love and free everything. If you are  
interested then write to me and we can talk about more things in detail. 
I just found this site today.. I dig it. I hang out with a lot of hippies  
and every other Saturday night we all go to this really groovy drum circle 
Anyone live in GA? If you're interested (and live near Little 5 Points) let 
me know and I'll give directions. Does anyone know how to make hash oil? I 
am desperate to know. 
lovely RITA meter maid 
Looking for hippie contacts in Israel, district 04, North; Russian is  
good, but not nessessary, Hebrew - only easy enough; e-mail is the best 
for the beginning. Wanna make a band; played keyboards & sang for some 9 
years back there in St.-Petersburg, Russia. I love T-Rex. King Crimson, 
Pink Floyd & Irish Folk. 

By the way, how do they call in English & Hebrew jeans that widen to the 
end of the leg, "kliosh" in Russian? 

Calypso -A new poetry zine  
If anyone writes poetry/creative writing or does art, e-mail me your 
work. I'm also looking for Vegetarian recipes, music reviews and dead 
head craft ideas (hair wrapping, patchwork hats, making your own incense 
ect.) I need all the submissions I can get. Remember to include your 
home address, so I can send you a free copy. If you don't want to submit 
something, but are still interested in the magazine, send me your home 
and e-mail address. Send all submissions and address' 
HELP! I need some advice. im catagorized as a freak. I used to really love  
Marilyn Manson and Korn. But now im starting to like the Greatful Dead and 
Tom Petty and i love peace marches and standing up for what you believe in 
and things like that. Im starting to become a hippie, inside outside people 
still think i like Marilyn Manson. If i start dressing like a hippie and 
acting like one i know that everyone will start calling me a poser. Most are 
my friends are freaks. I really need some good advice on this. I dont know 
what to do. 
Feel free to email I need all the advice i can get !!!  
Thanks alot Meagan 
Hello kind folk. My name Ben but but no one calls me that, they prefer 
Bear or Bumble Bear or Gentle Bear or ....... I'm 26 Living up in 
Ontario Canada. I used to live on the haight, but I had to come up 
here in 92 (I think it was 92) since I've been back, I've spent most 
of my time healing myself. 
You see I became very sick and was paralyzed for six months. It is my 
feeling that the US secret government sprayed bad chemicals on me and 
other Heads on tour, and it's been a VERY BAD TRIP ever since. (Do 
you remember the unmarked black choppers? did you feel the mist on 
your skin as they flew over head?) if you have heard other stories 
please pass them aloung to me. I am looking for stuff on JJ180 (what 
they used to pioson our pot/ makes you dopey/Tour hack) ALD52 and all 
the other sh!t they tested on us. We need to hook up so we can heal. 

More Importantly! 
If anyone is living in Haight, I need to get a hold of my old family, 
I lost everything, addresses, phone numbers, real names... and almost 
my life. 
My crowd was Clown, Pogo (Timmy) Mindy, Timothy Leary, Blind Joe, 
Hilary Weat (Love ya OX's), Cheeze, Earth, Mary, Karen(Hare rama :) 
Saphire, Blue Barry(How's BC?) Butterfly, Monkey King........... 
We started to feed our brothers and sisters in the Pan Handle every 
day at 4:20, ( Clowns a great cook), and I'm in need of a little visit 
to taste that gumbo once agian. 
If you know clown then you can make me the happier then I've felt in 

I am a student at Arizona State University and am about to begin research  
for my honor's thesis with the topic hippies and gender roles in the  
1960s movement. I would like to interview or communicate via e-mail with  
hippies involved in the 1960s counter-culture. Thank you for your time,  
Jennifer Arkowitz 
I have important information for Joel Kaplan maker of film entitled "I JOEL" circa 1967 screened at Canyon Cinema and in my lightshow at the Avalon Ballroom. If anyone knows his whereabouts please e-mail the information to me, Ben Van Meter at:  
You can also check out my web site at:  
I'm Star Dust (or Jakob Hansen) 
I'm looking for advice 'bout what to wear of hippie-clothes. I've found 
some old wide jeans, but I can't find anything else in the 
recycle-store, so I want to make some on my own. 
Also could somebody give me any good addresses to hippiegroups on the 
Peacen'n Love  
Star Dust 
I'm wondering if anyone else feels the same about drugs, as I do. Drugs  
ARE great. but if you do them day to day, all the time, you can't relate 
to that feeling of comfert, you can't find the place you have created to  
escape the worlds burdens, societys twisted ways.  
If you do that all the time, you find that this place is reality to you  
and you can't escape it. It's all you live for... that's my oppinion,  
please write to me at  
thanks Peace & Love, Jael 
Hi, My Friend is interested in becoming a hippy, he doesn't have a connection to the net, so I would like people to send me their postal addresses, so I could pass them onto him. His name is Adam Simpson he is 15 years old and would love to write to hippies of all ages, if you are unsure about giving me your postal address, write to me and I will send you his. 

James Timms (on behalf of Adam) 

I love all of you, my brothers and sisters, be a lover not a one of my hippy friends said "Drop acid, not bombs" 
this is true, acid makes you love and create, while bombs hurt, hate and 
destroy, not only people but, our mother earth. We come from the earth, 
we return to earth. Love her like you love yourself and everyone else. 
Dear Hippies, 
Hey, what's shakin'? Just thought I would post a message 
and see what happened. This is my first visit to, and I must say, 
it's pretty darn cool. Anyway, my e-mail address is, just in case you want to talk. I am 20/m and am a college student in Clearwater. 
Well, hope you all have a great day!! 

peace and love, 

Hey to all you peace lovin hippies! Groovy page! After reading 
about all these other hippies, I don't feel so alone. Where I live, I am 
about the only true hippie. It's comforting to know that other people 
deal with the rude comments,,,if those people could only see how great it is!!  
Peace forever brothers! :) 
Be True, Be free...  
Greet each day with a smile : ) 
Don't get yourself down with things beyond your control 
Just love life and keep on dreaming... 

Peace love and lotsa crazy good karma to ya! 
Karma kelly 

hiiieeee! looking for old friends who graduated from or attended east ridge 
high in chattanooga, tn around 1971. if terms like the dirty thirty, the 
blimp (my god, it's the mothership), and possum ring a bell then email me. 
crandall where are you? 

also i have decided to throw a simultaneous world wide celebration in honor 
of my 44th birthday. not an electronic party, but an actual real life party 
that covers the entire world. why not? stranger things have happened. if 
you wish to participate email me at 

Back in the late 60's early 70's I lived in a communal environment on Parker St. in Berkeley called "the 
nstitute for Human Audacities" a young cartoonist by the name of Michael J (I believe last name Becker although he usually didn't use it)also lived there. He published the "Rubber Duck Comix" (I still have a copy of one) also did a short comic strip called "Chantpuckles" based on members of our house (I Was Ratsy, always had a rat on my shoulder). Does anyone know where Michael J is or what he's into nowadays? I've just turned 50 so I figure he would be in his late 40's by now. 
Hi, I don't know who's reading this but there is a message board for teen hippies and we have all become very close like a family on that board and exchanged snail mail addresses and all that and now we have decided to write a book, all of us. I am sort of in charge of editing it because I thought of the idea and I have experience with book writing and synopsises and whatever. 
All the kids are gonna write all kinds fo things - stories, poems, essays, vegetarian recipes, true stories, vignettes. So if you know anyone who would like to help with this, please have them e-mail me  
Also we also had the idea that if there are any older hippies (aka - not teenagers or younger adults such as most of us there are) we would need someone or a few people to write something for our book. One thing we thought of is someone could write what differences they see between the hippies of our new generation and the hippies of past generations such as the sixties. The last thing is we are going to get this book published and we are going to donate all proceeds to charitable organizations such as places that help the homeless, animals, children, anyone at all. So whoever wants to help us would have to agree with this and not sue me after I don't send them any money. Of course whoever helps is going to be able to give their ideas of which organizations to help, and we will try to help as many as possible. OK so again, if you can put people in touch with me I am at Else  visit the Clubhouse (Keyword:teen hangout) and you will find us kids there. Alright thank you very much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you. I also think this web sight rocks, which is why I came here in the first place.