Personalities at the Cannabis Cup
Stephen Gaskin 
    A true hippy, Stephen is right at home at the Cannabis Cup.  As host of the 4:20 Councils he led discussions on a variety of issues including Cannabis Spirituality, the title of his latest book. 
    During one 4:20 session, Stephen announced his candidacy for President of the U.S.   
    He regaled us with stories from his colorful past and told of things down at The Farm which he founded in Tennessee with 400 other hippies in 1970.  His book The Caravan describes the tale of the 40 school buses which made that cross country trip. 
    After sharing some thoughts and a bowl of King Hassan Supreme with Stephen, this reporter has found a true hippy leader, ready to shake up the status quo, and remind us of our priorities.  
No doubt Stephen has some more Amazing Dope Tales to tell now.
Ed Rosenthal 
   Ed is considered the world's foremost authority on cannabis cultivation. He has been writing the "Ask Ed" column in High Times Magazine since 1983.  The author of numerous books on cannabis cultivation, hemp and marijuana law, and the star of the video Cannabis Rising, Ed knows his stuff.  Ed approaches cannabis culture with humor.  His funny remarks kept us amused.
Don Wirtshafter 
     Besides having a thriving hemp business, the Ohio Hempery, Don is very active in the legal arena fighting for industrial hemp.  The Hempery won several awards including two Cannabis Cups for best hemp product and best hemp fashion.  
      Don should have won a cup for best sport, for appearing in his underwear for the fashion show.  I wonder how much of this event Don will remember back in Ohio.  He was pretty toasted.
This interesting character associated with the Bluebird Coffeeshop.  He was everywhere during the cup handing out buds, joints and hash.  He was pushing his Mazar-i-Sharif afghani hash which I found to be very tasty with a consistency of silly putty.  It didn't win, but the BlueBird won an award for their Warlock Bio and came in third for the Cannabis Cup.  A quiet, generous man, Soma needs to speak up more to get his products known.  We thank him for providing the tasty shuttle service to the Bluebird.
    A popular and charismatic figure on the Amsterdam cannabis scene, Arjan is involved with three coffeeshops and a seed company.  His new coffeshop, Greehouse Centrum in the Red Light District was the hit of the cup, winning for best coffeeshop.  We especially liked his Super Silver Haze and of course the King Hassan Supreme Moroccan hashish. Arjan gave several eloquent speeches about Holland and cannabis and the law.
Ras Menilik 
 Menilik, an elder of the Rastafarian faith, originally from Kingston, Jamaica added a spiritual depth to the events at the Cannabis Cup.  A singer and percussionist, he has performed with such reggae stars as Bob Marley and the Wailers, Sugar Minott and Jah Levi.  Dressed in a beautiful white robe he performed the induction of Bob Marley into the Cannabis Hall of fame.