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hi i stumbled upon your site because i figured that who would be able to help my cause the most hippies. They had to endure the same persecusion for freedom of speech that my cause is trying to protect. There is a law that is trying to be passed and its called the rave act here is a summary of what it is;

Late on Tuesday, April 8, a Senate and House Conference Committee,
without a hearing, public notice or a debate in Congress, attached
the Illicit Drug Anti-Proliferation Act (formerly known as the RAVE
Act) to the Amber Alert Bill (a child abduction bill).

It is not too late to stop the bill – Fax your senators. The main
floor fight is likely to take place in the Senate in the next 12-24
hours so do it NOW.


Representatives John Conyers (D-MI) and Bobby Scott (D-VA) valiantly
opposed this sneaky effort to pass controversial legislation.
Unfortunately they were outvoted and RAVE Act provisions did become
part of the bill. These provisions make it clear that crackhouse
laws apply to temporary events, such as concerts, dances or
festivals, and add civil penalties of up to $250,000 to the
statute. If passed, property owners can be punished for any drug
offense that their customers commit – even if they work hard to stop
such offenses. This is likely to deter nightclub and stadium owners
from holding events.

With your help we will continue to fight to remove the RAVE Act
provisions from the AMBER Alert legislation, even if the Senate and
House act and the President signs the bill into law. We urge you to
take immediate action.

Basically in essence this bill will fine any manager promoter property owner etc hundreds of thousands of dollars and a possible 20 years in jail just for people using drugs at events even though they have taken every precaution to stop drug users at events. Its like saying that the people at music fest at least one person will probably smoke marijuana so because of that one person the fest will be shut down and they will get heavily fined. How is that fair? Im not saying that I want to promote drug use but it is inevitable that at every event someone is bound to do it. This law will infringe on the rights of us all. It was first set out to stop raves but now it will stop much more than that. This is our way of life and they have to be stopped we need to spread the word. With all of the war stuff going on people aren’t noticing everything else the government is trying to do. We must all be united for this cause because it not only affects ravers is affects everyone. Please consider letting your users know what is going on we don’t have much time the bill is almost a law. The bill is going to the floor within 12-24 hours. United we Stand and Divided we Fall!!

Thank you!
Danielle Grieco

Posted by: Skip
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