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FBI Spying on Greenpeace, PETA and other Protest Groups!

The New York Times just revealed that since 9/11 Bush has ordered the FBI to spy on domestic protest groups including environmental, animal rights and others. This includes monitoring their communications, websites and using agents infiltrated into these groups and informants.

This is exactly what J. Edgar Hoover did in the 1960s & 70s, developing large files on groups and individuals with the specific intent to bring them down, break them up or neutralize their leaders (and he succeeded in many cases).

This new revelation along with all the spying Bush has authorized upon Americans proves the fascist nature of the Bush regime, and it’s disregard for American law and individual privacy rights.

See NY Times Article

The rationale used for these intrusions into the completely legal activities of these groups is the war on terror, like Greenpeace and Catholic Workers are terror organizations.

Doesn’t it seem that all these resources are better used to fight the war on terror and not track domestic protesters and organizations that are trying to protect the environment and animal rights?

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