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5,500 US Soldiers Go AWOL from Iraq War – Many Go to Canada (2004)

History once again repeats itself as 60 Minutes recently reported that 5,500 US soldiers have deserted their posts since the Iraq war began. Many of those have turned up in Canada seeking asylum.

During the Vietnam war, tens of thousands of Americans who were drafted fled to Canada to avoid serving in a war they didn’t believe in. With many soldiers realizing that the war in Iraq was not about protecting America from non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction, but rather about securing more oil for US corporations, they are leaving their posts in droves.

These numbers also tell a story about the morale of those soldiers on the ground in Iraq who’ve been lied to by their government and held much longer than originally promised in Iraq.

The American public has likewise been lied to, and thus it’s taking a very long time for people to mobilize in opposition to the war. What happened to all those who came out in opposition before the war? Where are the protests like we saw during Vietnam when up to 500,000 people came out one day in the biggest protest against that war?

In Europe MILLIONS came out against the US & British & Spanish involvement in the war. Yet Americans seem to be either so ignorant or apathetic or still supporting this illegal war.

America where is your voice against this injustice & state sponsored terrorism?

More Info: https://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2004/12/06/60II/main659336.shtml

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