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CANNABIS RISING- Tour the highlands of Holland

In Amsterdam's famed hash coffeeshops you can order coffee, tea or...marijuana! Are the Dutch too permissive, or have they found a peaceful, paractical alternative to the war on drugs? CANNABIS RISING is an insider's look at the rapidly growing, quasi-legal cannabis industry in the Netherlands and the issues swirling around it.

Backed by a dynamic musical soundtrack we follow Ed Rosenthal, a modern Johnny Appleseed of pot, as he takes the High Road to Holland, where you can buy marijuana in over one thousand hash coffeeshops. You can roll a joint or fill a pipe, sit out in the open air and get high. Or you can take your purchase home and enjoy it there. An NOT get busted!

The tour ranges from the greenhouse of Sensi Seed's Cannabis Castle; to Positronics, where yo can get everything you need to grow your own maijuana; to lush fields where large-scale hemp production is being subsidized by the European Economic Union; to the hash coffeeeshops and hemp boutiques that dot Amsterdam.

While maintaining a light-hearted approach to a very serious subject, CANNABIS RISING explores the debate raging over medical marijuana; the effects of prohibition and America's failed War on Drugs; and the results of decriminalization on Dutch society. This innovative approach to drugs is discussed by sociologists and experts, marijuana tycoons, drug refugees from the U.S. and elsewhere, and other observers and participants in the Dutch experiment. Seeing this movie is almost as good as being there!

Color, 35 minutes, not rated


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