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Taos, New Mexico

"I went to Taos, New Mexico last summer and found the place swarming with beautiful people. There are a few communes right outside of town... where Easy Rider was filmed. Lots of freaks around and so much to learn from each other... ecstacy. A bit touristy, but not yet too corrupt with society."

Added: December 8th 2001
Category: Place
Location: New Mexico

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Taos, New Mexico
Posted by Jebadiah on 2014-05-07 20:09:31   My Score:
Hello, My Girlfriend and I are traveling to Taos in a week and we are staying for a couple months. Just trying to get an idea on what there is to do and if it is easy to get ahold of boomers and such. Looking forward to our trip and we hope to hear back from someone! basically trying to get an idea of what ill need to bring or if it all is already there. thanks - Jeb

Taos, New Mexico
Posted by ??? on 2013-05-02 04:47:05   My Score:
I am from taos nm and from a local freak with face tattoos I say thank you

Taos, New Mexico
Posted by Rainbow on 2009-08-09 19:48:08   My Score:
Taos rocks! It is unlike anywhere else in the world. Community is tight and the skiing kicks butt!

Taos, New Mexico
Posted by Folklore77 on 2007-08-17 02:59:50   My Score:
Taos is a wonderful place.. if you get a chance check out the Rio Grande Canyon... also check out Arroyo Seco lots of goodies to be found there.

Taos, New Mexico
Posted by GeeZee on 2007-02-20 08:36:47
Costilla, New mexico. I jus tmoved there and it's beautiful. Small town, gorgeous and I hope no one really moves there so it will stay the same. great artist community.

Taos, New Mexico
Posted by colorandthought on 2007-02-17 19:18:43
Hola- I've been hearing some chatter about gang violence in Taos- and like anywhere , of course there is, but does anyone, possibly living there... know just how much a problem it is and how much it affects the community as a whole? any info on tis would be much apppreciated. be well...

Taos, New Mexico
Posted by slaughterpuss on 2006-01-19 04:59:26   My Score:
coming through? hit the last bastion on the frontlines....information, creative inspiration - flying in the face of the status quo.... the Wisdom Cup bookshop & arts salon - in the ORIGINal tradition of Taos' renegade artists. fuck hollyhocks & blue doors, safe happy landscapes & palatable pet portraiture. music, spoken word , free expression - great tips on the local machinations.... if you're around on wednesday, jan. 25th, 2006 join us for an early feast of torches celebration on infamous poet robert burns' birthday. www.wisdomcup.us

Taos, New Mexico
Posted by Mark Valdez on 2005-11-22 22:43:17
If santa fe is the city different, Taos is the city freaky. Taos is a rough place to make a living. Not much work in anything except tourism. Most of the population is hispanic and native american. The "heepies" invaded here in the 1960's and 70's with their trust funds and food stamps, so can be a lot of class and racial tension here. Some good local bands that are good to spin-around and shake-it are Pocit (10-piece brazillian drumming and chanting), Last to Know (Bluegrass-rock-jam) and Honest Abe (Groovy funky world music). Check the Tempo section of the taos news for times and dates. Great open mic nites at the wisdom cup in ranchos de taos on Saturday night at 8, the Taos inn on monday night at 7, and the alley cantina on thursday night at 9:30. The thing about Taos is that there are lots of unique individuals who would be considered weird in almsost all other towns in conformist america, but can be themselves here. Lots of people have been abused somehow who live here, lots of single parents, and lots of healing that is done here. This place focuses and intensifies energy, dark and light. If the mountain likes you, so they say, you will be allowed to stay. The population includes a few mostly malevolent and a few mostly benevolent freaks. Everyone it seems is an obvious or secret artist, musician, or writer, and there is a nice community here of people helping eachother. Way less pretentious than Santa fe. And for you trust-fund skiers, the ski area rocks! Peace and Love!

Taos, New Mexico
Posted by daniel on 2005-05-03 01:22:00
my domestic partner and i plan to move to taos i have been to taos many weekends and lived there a month,i think the people are very laid back there are some rich people also but everyone seems to let you be and live your life in total peice i saw a wake the cerimony there it was way cool,so now im dragging my new partner up there to live with me where we are buying land,for new mexico its probally the most accepting place to live in a small town i hope to see lots of cool people up there the shops are very nice anyone live up past questa in costilla new mexico

Taos, New Mexico
Posted by Doctress Julia on 2005-04-21 01:06:20
OK, look, the North Side Bean was bought by some rich Texan asshole, this "Ashram" everyone raves about is a place to do drugs and have nasty, unprotected orgies (I have seen it, I used to live next door), the pseudo-spiritual bullshit here makes me GAG, and anyone who isn't really, really rich lives on the mesa (where there is lots of theft, crank, CHILD MOLESTERS, and mass police busts) or in some shitty, overpriced hovel. Also, if you work here, expect shit wages and to be treated like dirt. Tourism here is rapidly declining. There is massive gang violence and drug trafficking. The cops and the DA are CORRUPT to the core. I am leaving here in two weeks and will NEVER return. Try Minnesota or Wisconsin.

Taos, New Mexico
Posted by Terrie on 2004-12-12 02:26:49
I've lived in New Mexico for over 10 years, so I'm begging you all to please learn to spell TAOS correctly. It's not Toas!!!! Thank you

Taos, New Mexico
Posted by gabriel on 2004-02-26 17:57:03
im glad dave didnt stay in toas either. check out the hot springs right on the gorge. its awesome. kickin at the North side "bean" wit da hippies three peaks

Taos, New Mexico
Posted by Dave on 2004-01-28 21:59:08
Neem Karoli Baba Ashram: I wish someone told me about that last winter. I was looking for a retreat like that. Best place is at the base of the needle waterfall in El Salto. Go see that, and also visit the cemetary in El Salto. The way they decorate the gravestones is really amazing! And if you want fattening overpriced Mexican food... save your $$$ and hit Taco Bell!

Taos, New Mexico
Posted by April Ricketson on 2003-08-20 10:57:56
i used to live in taos new mexico for 11 years..i am a taos pueblo native...it is a wonderful place and hope to move back someday

Taos, New Mexico
Posted by travis radler on 2003-07-04 13:32:04   My Score:
i've lived in new mexico almost my whole life and toas was one of my favorite places to visit there. i went to toas like every other weekend for skiiing during the winter. toas is a real laid back place alot of jam bands come during the summer and u could just jam throught the whole summer if u could. taos pueblo is real laid back and and it buetiful

Taos, New Mexico
Posted by FLaminglips on 2003-01-09 00:04:23   My Score:
Its real artsy, of course is has its share of crap(fast food chains). BUT its all forgivin due to the Neem Karoli Baba Ashram. Its a little hindu temple where they allow you to camp in the back pasture.Or if ur lucky one of the 2 little apartments on top. Free food constantly. Never ask anything in return, but it would be cool to help out around the place. OOh and bottomless chai tea. and an awsome meditaton room. Its so cool. And of course they dont force their religion on you. Darby

Taos, New Mexico
Posted by sassafras on 2002-07-18 23:53:48
IN Northern New Mexico, also check Las Vegas, NM, particularly Montezuma Hot Springs (about 5 miles west). The downtown has a sweet plaza where last time I saw some flamenco dancers performing. Only 40 minutes north of Santa Fe without the persnicketiness.

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