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Amherst, Massachuesetts

"Home to the annual "Extravaganja" festival, Amherst residents are about to vote on a decriminalization of marijuana referendum. Amherst boasts a huge student population -- from Amherst College, Hampshire College, and UMass-- and is less than 10 minutes from Northampton, another hippy haven. Great concerts and shows, wonderful cheap restaurants, and an extremely liberal community."

UPDATE: Just wanted you to know that us residents in amherst ma have voted on the decrimilization of marijuana and won.....!

Added: December 8th 2001
Category: Place
Location: Massachusettes

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Amherst, Massachuesetts
Posted by kitty on 2008-04-11 20:25:26
hell yeah mass..legalize that shit its about fuckin time:)

Amherst, Massachuesetts
Posted by katie on 2008-03-28 04:07:19
i was wondering if that legalization rally thing is still going on in amherst ma around 4.20 or not w/ details, etc. thanks

Amherst, Massachuesetts
Posted by jack on 2008-03-21 02:13:28
are those saco maine buds grown locally or from Canada? I don't want beaters...

Amherst, Massachuesetts
Posted by hans from maine on 2008-03-14 15:42:52
yo man if you are looking for headies go to maine saco expecally. we have had a huge supply of white russian, hash plant, northern lights and blue berry

Amherst, Massachuesetts
Posted by jack on 2007-11-25 22:00:30
where do you go to find headies? Greenfield Mass , U mass amherst or Rao's coffee?

Amherst, Massachuesetts
Posted by MorningDew on 2007-02-12 03:41:14
Is Amherst a good place for the so called "hippie" types? I wouldnt call myself that , but others would, and Im wondering where I would be most comfortable for college. Im lookinat at Umass Amherst. How is the town in general? Good Music scene?

Amherst, Massachuesetts
Posted by Lynn on 2007-01-18 22:28:51
Extravaganza Festival..What is it? when is it?and where!! Tell me more...please..just watched Almost Famous last night on DVD...wow..miss those days.....sparkle brightly

Amherst, Massachuesetts
Posted by GrimbleGromble on 2006-10-30 06:05:23
Amherst is chill place to live, lots of drugs and love... exept weed isnt legal at all, i've gotten busted before, except the police didnt do anything except for telling me to smoke at home, yea, cool shit. Though, i concider Amherst to be more of a yuppie-town compared to the poorer surrounding towns. The whole area is full of just freaks in general. Punks, hippies, rastas all melted into a soup of awesome open-minded nice-ness.

Amherst, Massachuesetts
Posted by Blahetkaboowangus on 2005-12-18 08:38:06
The hill towns are great: Leverett, Wendell, Cummington, and others. Check the Peace Pagoda, Rattlesnake Gutter, and the Leverett Co-Op or Sirius Community in Shutesbury. The Amherst area is one of more stable-feeling progressive communities in the country. They're putting a big biodiesel plant in Greenfield to make fuel out of fryer oil. A conscious place, that's what keeps drawing me back.

Amherst, Massachuesetts
Posted by hippiechicksrule on 2005-12-15 03:28:29
Greenfield Mass., just a lttle further north, is where you can live the hippie life. Greenfield hippies rule. Greenfield has lots of cheap apartments in cool old houses, at half the price of Amherst. Plenty of hippies there - young and old - plenty of the festive green. Hang out at Cafe Koko, Greenfields Organic Market, the People's Pint Pub. Easy to get to Brattleboro, Keene, Northampton, Boston. Camp on the Green River. Yes my fellow travellers. Join us for the Summer of Love in Greenfield, Massachusetts.

Amherst, Massachuesetts
Posted by Darren on 2005-12-04 22:39:12
2006 Peace Calendar now available through ShopWesternMass, www.shopwesternmass.com. "Think outside the box store!" The 2006 Peace Calendar features photographs of Western Massachusetts and environs by Charlie Hertan, with peace quotes by Howard Zinn and others. The beneficiary of the 2006 Peace Calendar is the Men’s Resource Center for Change, of Amherst, MA, a progressive organization supporting men’s healing, non-violence and diversity, actively promoting equality and respect for all people including women, people of color, gay, lesbian and bisexual men and women; promoting new positive definitions of “maleness” and masculinity beyond traditional gender role norms of machismo, alienation and violence. MRC runs support groups for male survivors of childhood sexual abuse, runs the MOVE (Men Overcoming Violence) program, and sponsors a wide variety of educational programs in the community, and through their quarterly newsletter Voice Male, with a worldwide circulation of 10,000. Shop Western Mass invites you to support the truly groundbreaking work of the MRC by ordering your a 2006 Peace Calendar.

Amherst, Massachuesetts
Posted by joe on 2005-11-15 07:49:43
Amherst rocks, i was one of the dudes that voted for the legalization of reef when the cannabis coalition brought it up. Its passing should have made national news in my opinion. Anyways, i am a traveller and have lived in many "liberal" places, but the thing is that Amherst is naturally liberal whereas other places seem to try so hard to be. For example, I am living in Austin, tx right now, which is known for its "insane liberalism" and its not. there are just a bunch of posers who think and try to be cool when the truth of the matter is that they are just nice texan people with a bit of southern hospitality who love beer and might smoke an occasional joint. Oh...the drug meth is coming your way, amherst, and dont do it like all these rednecks in the heartland of the US. This drug makes you braindead. Bye guys

Amherst, Massachuesetts
Posted by Myitt on 2005-09-09 23:57:18   My Score:
The Five Colleges...what a great place for hippies and acceptance in general. (Go UMass!)

Amherst, Massachuesetts
Posted by amherstonian on 2005-01-02 05:50:02
the decrimilization thingy just makes it THE LOWEST PRIORITY for police. its coo....everyone here wants wall-mart to go and there are some good times here. I go to the highschool and atleast half the kids there do drugs, probably 3/4ths of theme. Amherst and the area around it is the liberal area of the liberal state....in otherwards...one of the most liberal places in the USA.

Amherst, Massachuesetts
Posted by Virginian on 2004-11-05 01:22:40
Go "W"

Amherst, Massachuesetts
Posted by shas on 2004-05-28 02:10:08
I lived in amherst and knew nothing of any drugs...but then again I was ages 5-11. I've lived in the los angeles area for four years now and I'm hoping to visit old friends and family this summer back in amherst. If what is said here is true my trip might have a bonus!

Amherst, Massachuesetts
Posted by ambersunshine on 2002-08-27 14:07:21   My Score:
hey everyone.Just was lookin' for paces my best friend and I will be visitin' when we go cross country on a road trip this year.Thanks for the info about the marijuana.How'd ya'all manage that?Excellent job done.congrats.can ya give me some info on the area where the hippies all are?like to see people similiar to us.itd be great!peace &love

Amherst, Massachuesetts
Posted by MysteryMan on 2002-08-22 19:32:50
Could ths be possibly true...tehre isno way that the town of Amherst has decriminalized marijuana...is there? This is really dumbfounding.

Amherst, Massachuesetts
Posted by sassafras on 2002-07-08 22:12:24
I lived in Amherst for about five years. After being away for two years, I visited recently and found some changes happening like a massive Wal-Mart in the nearby hamlet of Hadley and the expansion of Rt 9. Still, it's got some great restaurants and coffee houses like the Black Sheep and a thai kitchen next door. I prefer the nearby hill towns of Western Massachusetts. Check out Leverett, north of Amherst, with a tasty co-op and the Rattlesnake Gorge along a dirt road (that leads to the co-op). The Peace Pagoda, in North Leverett is a beautiful Buddhist monastery with a temple that you can visit to imagine you are in Nepal or Tibet. Also, try Guru Ram Ashram's waterfalls off Rt. 163.

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