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Many communes in the bush, ferals & some small hippie communities. Nimbin & Byron Bay are two cool places to check out. Also the Rainforest around Kuranda (good hostel there) & Cape Tribulation. Australians now spend more money on marijuana than on wine, and almost as much as BEER! How things have changed down under!

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Added: December 8th 2001
Category: Place
Location: Australia

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Posted by GOD on 2015-01-03 22:01:33
hello all, freedom is near. all we have to do is keep high vibe, regardless of where we are 'stuck' and the universe will pave the light path for us all to be living together as one heart one mind but all unique individuals from all parts of earth expressing love for the happiness of everything. the CROWN owns most of australia, so makes it hard in this #rd dimensional version of earth we have been circulating in, But now earth has raised vibration, we are no longer confined to the 3rd dimension, so the earth is free and so are we! but we are still experiencing this sort of half half world, where we feel like dolphins in a fish bowl. hold that dream, focus, energy, love from our hearts and souls of being kids again playing and loving freely for no reason but love. living together in a relationship with the earth and universe and each other, where we interact with beings who have been helping us from higher realms, waisting for this time of no time of love.. I present in a human incarnation, will hold the highest vision for the humans of the light, and allow the universe to guide me to transitioning us into this new way of living. allow the waves of the universal energy to carry you home. fly through the forest to crystal caves and giant rock escarpments mountains and magic. ceremonies music fun play adventure chill welcome to the 5th dimension… enquire within xxx

Posted by nakedtraler on 2013-12-26 04:06:42
Hi all hippy or wannabes.

 I'm a young guy living in a small caravan in near Port Lincoln, South Australia.  I love this way of life. I'm more of a nudist so I loose my cloths as much as possible. I feel closer to creation like that.

I even drive my car naked.

I want to travel Australia in a few months time but need a female travel buddy also into nudism. or ok with nudity.

I'm also into studying the bible so am a Christian and living the way god likes and I see the naked human isn't a sin. Its a body, my skin are my cloths and that's what people see.

If I could I would live nude all the time but in todays world its impossible

And I also love to be a fulltime traveller. No need for bills, worries or stress just freedom of all politics,

Would like to have a female friend of around my age of 29.

Posted by wanderer on 2013-10-20 07:55:43
Hey everyone. I hope all is well. im 23 and have been recently wanting to push myself to leave a world of materilistic crap to go live in the serenity of nature. I was wondering if anyone in western Australia has done this or is doing this. I wouldn't know were to start but i feel i so need to escape. I have always grown up on a farm but having to live in the city for schooling etc is choking my soul. If anyone has any info on communities or invites, dont hesitate. (the_hunting_begins@hotmail.com)  peace to all :)

Posted by mungie25 on 2013-09-05 15:09:33
Hi to who Im talkn too i live in bowen queensland I realy need a hand on this plz im frustrated as trying to do this im hopeless with phones an computers all I want to find is a hippie commune that will take me in im fuckn over socierty im that over it ill take my own life if I cant find another way in life....I dont care if I work for nothing as long as im around good spiritual ppl that love mother earth as much as me I have no spiritual friends so I dont know how to find hippie or spiritual ppl to show me someone out there if you can here me I need help ; ( my number is 0407 157 708 I dont care who texts me just send me a website or phone number an info on the closest hippie commune iv got an email but it has crap coming all the time spam stuff I cant stop it

Posted by flo on 2013-06-22 05:13:11
does anyone know about a community somewhere at the top end, there is sooo much land here, would be bad to start one if there isn't any, anyone keen to help is welcome...
Darwin  got yearly thousands of backpackers and hippys coming and most people find it hard to find somewhere to stay, plus the gouverment gives most travellers a hard time with fines, where ever they stay. Darwin is one of the most expensive capitals of australia too. so my idea of a nice community would help a lot of people here, of course it should be located so not every tourist finds it, but yes if anyone is with me post here...

Posted by brishippy on 2012-09-08 09:16:56
hi all my name is craig. im here because im looking fir a community where where people actually care about each other. maybe a crazy thing but i thought it couldnt hurt to ask. i guess im looking for a community where there are no "roles" or where everyone is equal and looks out for each other helps each other and where no hate lives. anyway i am willing to work hard for my dream and if any of you may have an idea i would love to hear it. my email address is craigtopping88@gmail.com



Posted by Ashlee on 2012-09-04 03:42:56
Hello my name is Ashlee and I am looking for something more.
I want to explore and travel and live. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions feel free to email me ashalleee@hotmail.com I'm 21 free spirited and just want to live simple 

Posted by kaino on 2012-08-01 06:09:21
hi i live on the goldcoast in qld which i can no longer stand i am trying to find a comunity of people who live off the land and love the ocean. i have grown tied of this fake world we all seem to be so rapped up in. if any one could point me in the right direction that would be a big help

Posted by JJJ on 2012-07-12 05:58:06
Seriously, Byron and Nimbin are fucked these days because of all the tourism.  Why don't you find somewhere else?  I know for a fact that most of the NSW coast is beatiful

Posted by Pasadina on 2012-03-18 03:32:42
You all need to go to CONFEST at the very least. It's a festival that runs over easter weekend and New Years every year.  It is exactly what you are looking for. It is located in Moulamein on the NSW/VIC border.
Check out the facebook page.

Posted by Sparky on 2012-02-15 10:03:20
Hey you guys! I was wondering if there's any places in South East Queensland to visit, and maybe stay. Someday I'd like to buy a block of land and build a house of my own, where people from all over can just come and stay whenever they please... perhaps in Logan.

Peace out brothers & sisters <3

Posted by Hippee on 2012-01-31 11:16:58
Hi all
My name is Paul im looking to start a communion in south Australia
I have been living of solar/wind power for 4 years now and have a little money saved.Im looking for like minded people of all ages to start a self sustaining community
You can contact me at hippee@live.com.au
lets do this........

Posted by ragen on 2012-01-29 15:12:05
Does anyone know of a town where community vege gardens are common? (can be outside Oz). Particularly on a small scale (every 10 houses or less shares a garden). Thankyou.

Posted by Message on 2012-01-02 23:48:14
We have set up a sustainable eco commune in the south island of NZ. After I traveled here and bought a large area of land in the forest. So far we've grown with word of mouth, but we still have space for a few more people. Message plumeofquetzalcoatl@gmail.com

Posted by NZCommunes? on 2011-12-24 07:15:24
Hi all. My post might be somewhat off the topic. I have moved recently to Auckland NZ, and I am trying to find like-minded people there (so far managed only to find people who claim to be alternative but to me seem to live in caves of fear more than anyone else). I am mainly into meditation, tantra, Sufi, Zen, and Osho techniques. I would be thankful in case you could point me to communes / centers / retreats, or perhaps if you have similar interests and then maybe we could start something together? My email: tantara.meditation@gmail.com. Love.

Posted by Matilds on 2011-12-22 14:49:28
Hi My names Amy i'm 22 from melbourne, and  i recently relocated to sydney in the hopes of starting a new and spirituality fulfilled journey, and would love to connect with some like minded people,
who could possibly assist me in beginning this journey in this environment that is unfamiliar to me. or alternativly, point me in an appropriate direction... 
would love to hear from you all :) 
email: trackalley@gmail.com

Posted by Naomi on 2011-12-07 12:39:33
My name is naomi, i live in sydney australia, 17 years of age.  I dont know where to start, i have no money and nothing to give as far anything materialistic but i need out of sydney to lead a simple life! Please give any information you can


Posted by J on 2011-11-09 08:37:08
Hey all im posting just to ask and see if there is wtill anything still at cape trib i need to leave this place the world there creating just aint working!

Posted by Gibbo on 2011-10-05 12:31:12   My Score:
Other locations where there are large alternative communities are around Belgrave and Selby up on Mount Dandenong near Melbourne and the areas around Blackheath in the Blue Mountains. Nimbin is commercial now days - its all about bus loads of tourists coming in, smoking joints and then leaving. There isnt much hippy about the commerce of marijuana.

Posted by SydneyCommunes on 2011-09-25 03:44:19
Hi beloved people. I am moving to Sydney and would like to find like-minded people in it. I am mainly into meditation, tantra, Sufi, Zen, and Osho techniques. I would be thankful in case you could point me to communes / centers / retreats, or maybe if you have similar interests and then maybe we could start something together? My email: tantara.meditation@gmail.com. Love.

Posted by win_t on 2011-06-06 21:14:55
Hi, Im thinking of heading out to Australia, currently living in Ireland, but i have Aussie citizenship. Jus wondering if any other people on this forum found nice communes and are living there? Winton mabak@mail.com

Posted by Minerva on 2010-12-15 04:09:03
Hi all

Where can one meet hippies in Victoria - is there a local community or particular place that has an alternate culture?

Posted by Lina on 2010-12-04 18:34:35
My name is Lina, im originally from sweden but have live in London for the last 10 years. I love nature, animals, yoga and meditation and would dying to meet like minded people I know there are heaps out there as it is the most beautiful and country. So does any one know of any good places to go or what to do? 
Lots of love

Posted by (: on 2010-09-07 13:00:40
I live 20min from kuranda !
it is soo chilled there (:

Posted by pajero on 2010-04-07 14:18:40
howdy all where are the hippy communities in sunny western australia? seems like there is a real need for that sort of thing here

Posted by totalfreenesshigh on 2009-12-15 08:45:12
i cant wait to move out and go live in a commune at nimbin or byron. water, weed and freedom. what more do you need than to live naturally off the land. imagine the free feeling, all you care to know about is the exact moment you are in. no worrys what so ever. the way the universe should be.

Posted by Sam on 2009-09-06 10:45:54
Hey there, The name is Sam and just spent the last three months working at a summer camp in North California. It was great to live on a sustained farm surrounded by centuries old red woods. Getting kind of bummed being back in Sydney and just generally looking for cool, relaxed and open minded people to hang out with. Much love, Sam clemdog84@hotmail.com

Posted by Amelia on 2009-07-27 14:34:30
Hey everyone I am Amelia, Or Mia for short. 17yrs old..from a tiny town in vic..hating my catholic school and feel like that it is robbing me of my originality..sick of materialism crap and feeling so detatched from nature. there is only a few months until i finish school so any suggestions of where i could meet like minded people would be great:) i need to escape am going slightly insane!! anywhere around byron area would be great suggestions very welcome :) thanks alot madz_101@hotmail.com

Posted by The Incarnation of Stone on 2009-07-14 23:18:40   My Score:
Hi there, I'm a 15 boy and I'm very interested in Australia 'cause i think it's a great land, but well i've never been to. And I think about the day I'll run away from my family I get there to see if Nimbin is as amazing as it looks. I can understand you virginia and I hope you'll live in your way Peace Love Stone

Posted by Thorp on 2009-06-06 16:05:59
where r u ppl?

Posted by emma on 2009-04-29 09:27:54
hey im and 18 year old scottish girl who is living just outside Perth atm! im looking for somewhere fun,relaxed and friendly to live and work if there is any! im bored of the hustle and bustle of the city and looking for something different away from the materialist life Citys seem to offer! if anyone knows of anywhere i could set up camp i would love to hear about it! thanks, take it easy. em x

Posted by cossie on 2009-04-17 21:07:58
Great forum for people seeking alternative lifestyles. What bothers me after reading some of the posts, is the lack of imagination people are willing to apply to finding alternative communities. I grew up on the central coast of nsw at gosford in a sort of spiritual vaccuum. I am a coastal girl at heart yet was drawn towards the hinterland, its in the mountains up and down the east coast that i found many communities and eventually found one to call home. If you are a young person or traveler seeking an alternative lifestyle i suggest you keep your eye on things such as fringe festivals, regional art exhibitions, and organisations such as WWOOFA. Hope this helps

Posted by Nicole on 2009-02-19 11:59:32
hello my name is nicole but you can call me nala im looking for a small group to join, ive sold the little worthless possessions i have and want to travel out and join a band of like minded people but i dont know australia well and dont have any idea where to find you! if you interested in an adventure and a new way of life call me on 0431187365 we'll go in search for the live we were born to live :)

Posted by Jen on 2009-01-27 12:00:24
Hey everyone, i was just wondering if you knew any "hippie-ish" places in Canberra, Australia? I know that sounds kind of stupid... but the greens are there and they also have the national folk festival! I am moving up there soon, and pretty worried i won't fit in! Thanks!

Posted by gazza on 2008-11-21 09:18:25
why is it that everyone only goes on about byron and nimbin? come down to south aus, and i think you will find the most chilled lifestyle and relaxed people. its all about finding the place that feels right to you, when i go out bush thats when i find myself truly happy and feeling whole.

Posted by AK Lover 91 on 2008-11-20 03:33:14
For those who want to go hardcore hippy, Nimbin is perfect. For the more urban hippy (or hippy-lover, like me) Newtown is good. I know it is more goth but there are brilliant organic food stores, op-shops and Tree Of Life. Old Tilba has two stores that sell exotic hippy apparel.

Posted by steph on 2008-09-16 01:30:12
my friend just fucked my comp iup. just to let you know, im stuck on this hippie site. HIPPIE POWER FTW! TY. gootbye. (: peace out duuude Y

Posted by oliver wilde on 2008-05-09 06:15:07
I Am Oliver Wilde Im travelling round australia and i am in sydney and am looking for a comune or a like minded group of ''hippy'' travelers who would like to take it back to the basics and go and live out in nature for a week or two email me oliver_james_wilde@hotmail.co.uk

Posted by virginia on 2007-12-15 21:15:06
hi, im an 18 year old american. i really need to get away from the closed mindedness and materialism of my school and family. its just killing me. im ready to leave and live with people i can learn from. people who are interested in the real truths of the world. im a little hesitant to just pick up and leave only because im a young girl so i want to go to a place that is welcoming and has people around my age. maybe a place i could get a small job and live on a beach. if anyone has any suggestions or knows of a place like this it would be much appreciated. peace and love

Posted by arielle on 2007-11-07 00:56:54
im a 21 year old female from hawaii. i lived in nimbin for 4 months and byron bay for 2. i fell in love with the area and decided to go to SCU in lismore this february. im looking to live off campus and trying to find alternative-style flatmates in that area. any references would be great. thanks

Posted by Lozzie on 2007-06-13 11:34:44   My Score:
Hey im Lauren call me loz lozzie whatever you wish! I am 21 years old and my mum recently sent me to Cape Tribulation to see where she used to live in a commune! I had to stay in some hut in the rainforest even though i would of rathered a tent n a campfire. During the day i didnt do the touristy thing, i went off alone to search for anyone who was up there in the 70s! I went into a few 'priv prop' houses that were old as anything but look rad! and i came accross a man in his 60s who actually knew my mum because he lived in the house on the land that was the commune. i was blown away ..at 21 yrs of age my mum was standing where i was standing too.. it was amazing... After the blockade in the 70s all the hippy communities were pushed off the beach and forced out...then man took me to a broken down shack where mum n her friends at the commune made their own youghurt , bread and milk.. they had their own veggi garden and chooks, goats and cows.. i was standing there... it was a bit over grown but even when i took back the photos to my mum she recognised the place and the man living on the land where the commune WAS actually built a tin roof n stuff around the shack so it doesnt become even more destroyed. There was a cement bench mum used to cut the food on... and i stood in front of it and couldnt belive my eyes... i met 3 ppl that knew my mum and i was dircected to Port Douglas where one of the men that was head of the commune lived. i went to his house. met him. he showed me photos. told me amazing stories. I thought it would all be gone and just a bunch of touros but hey they are still around im taking my mum back in September up to Cape Trib and we are allowed by the man that owns the property to camp there instead of the cabins...i cannot wait..i wish it would all start up again i would be there now...everyday life is not for me..i am different...soul searching..... If anyone feels the same or would like to talk about ne thing leave a comment back.. I only found this site by searching for a poster!!! lol...thought i would tell all my story!!!!! is there any communes out there in Cairns??? i dont like the city. AND my mum would be amazed. Lozzie x x x peace.love.happieness

Posted by dee on 2007-04-13 05:44:30
i live in newcastle australia and seriouslly would like to find some hippie people to hang with. someone please help or tell me where the hell to go in newcastle

Posted by alyce on 2007-03-29 14:57:29
Hi im a vegan, animale loveing, nature loving, society (as a hole) no so loving-(cos of how we as a hole treat our darling mother earth) kind of a girl. I belive animals and plants lives should be equal to our own. Also if your going to be Vego due to the love of animals i want you to think about the fact that animals get treated just as badley producing milk or other products derived from them as cows born for slaughter. This is due to the moden age of FACTORY FARMING (something you may consider googling). Also dont ignore ANIMALE TESTING which could be used to produce the skin produts you where. On that note be aware of the produts you put down the drain try using chemical free detergants and soo on!!! With that said consider what your really saying in the statement of being an animal lover. Unless your prepeared to give as much as this statement REALLY claims

Posted by Testerdzf on 2007-03-15 11:38:50   My Score:
Helloioz - this is just a testing, don't worry about it

Posted by Aga on 2006-11-20 12:58:47
Hi all happy people Does anyone know any alternative places in Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast?????

Posted by Anna on 2006-10-01 17:59:52
I used to live just outside Nimbin in a multiple occupany. It was beautiful, we co-owned 800 acres, and privately owned 2 acres. If you are looking for an alternative life style, then head to the Northern Rivers Rainbow Region. It is basically a triangle between Byron Bay, Nimbin and Kyogle. Byron Bay is less of a hippy haven than it used to be, it is now more of a surfy and tourist town. Hippy areas are more Nimbin, Lismore, The Channon, Bangalow, Numulgai, Dunoon, Cawongla, Clunes and Mullumbimby. But Nimbin, The Channon and Lismore is the main area. Lismore is fantastic in many ways, it offers a decent size town with an excellent university, and has such a variety of ecclectic souls, there is no way one couldn't fit in. This whole region is fabulous if you are looking to start a self sufficent lifestyle, and many properties are already set up and ready to buy. Solar power is very very common, as is mudbrick, composting toilets, orchards and permaculture. If you are seeking a permaculture lifestyle, check out the permaculture village in Nimbin called Jalenbar (spelling may be wrong). For the best markets in all the world visit The Channon markets or The Bangalow markets, they are superb, you will see harp players, organic produce, hippy sandals, a huge variety of clothing especially indian imports, people drumming and selling African drums, handmade items and so much more. I recommend buying Nachos from the South American guy... it is to die for! And for all of you who like a little maryjane... at Mardi Grass, only buy your cookies from the lady with the fairy wings. That's a hot tip :)

Posted by on 2006-04-21 19:18:12
Gosh there are so many things i want to say about all the comments... but yearrh i grew up in northern nsw and have been an activist/anarchist/vegan/(insert any alternative label here) for a while now. To all those 16 years olds posting - get out there and do it - i left home at 15 and went and lived on a commune it was the best thing i ever could have done specially going through teenage bullshit - i spent alot of time alone in the bush letting the earth be my guide. There are plenty of like minded beautiful people in this country - I think it is apart of our culture to be a bit rebellious :) (mmm although its not seeming to effect the howard contingent ;) Its nice to read all the experiences people have mentioned - and yes nimbin, byron and even bello now ain't what they use to be but there surely are plenty of people there who are still keeping it radikal and these communities and those like them are our roots. For me I loved the time i lived in the Channon with an older woman and through her met many older hippies who were truly inspiring! Also for me alot of what I have learnt and the many great people i have met were through going to forest blockades, aboriginal tent embassys, reclaiming the streets, working in food co-ops, doing food not bombs, studying at uni, hitching round country, going to things like SOS, confest, anarchist conferences, festivals like global carnival, woodford, sheliafest, belladonna, volunteering in community organisations, etc etc - living out my beliefs, continually being reinspired and making something out of nothing - DIY. Life is beautiful! and there are so many funky ways in which you can go about living it... live simply so others may simply live! x

Posted by Natalie on 2006-04-11 10:01:34   My Score:
Hey I live in Sydney Australia I dont know if i am "hippie" but i love the hippie outlook on life and all my day dreaming revolves around the hippie stereotypes lol i dont know if thats a good thing but i love it send me an email :) :) :) earthbyocean@yahoo.com.au

Posted by Rachael on 2006-03-08 11:08:13
Hey everyone! If your looking for a nice place in Australia, a quiet place. Go visit Belligen Or Coffs Harbour, I live in Coffs Harbour, and often go out to Belligen, which is about 20 Minutes from here. We have nice beaches and people here! i hope everything works out for everyone of you.. you seem like beautiful people. have a good one. Much love Rachael

Posted by mr bojangles on 2006-02-24 09:45:58
I wanna have a hippy hang out space a place where old and young hippies can go. i was driving to gosford 1 hour north of sydney and the universe was lookin' out for me and the hippie girl on the road hitchin a ride. I saw her and she was a beautiful thang and so young and cute and petite. I said what r u doin hitchin this stretch this late , who do u think would pick u up besides truckies. she said someone like you would come along. WOW thats lookin out 4 ya. any way we travelled and spent a couple days goin to byron and stoppped at the beaches went skinny dippin and smoked a lot . she was 17 and had just finished school we hung out for a month and she had her 18th birthday we went to the pub. I am blown away I am twice her age but its working and we are hanging in there,so its all cool and we are soul mates. I am having to re-evaluate myself all the time she makes me think and I am the one who has to be reminded of your only as old as the one you feel.

Posted by marty on 2006-01-26 05:04:14
p.s. i forgot 2 mention the girl i would like 2 find would be in the age group of 20-50 , and have no strings, .long hair, good natured, easygoing, love nature, like traveling, and be a little wild, and cheeky,,,... hope thats not 2 much 2 ask of cupid,,lol. marty:]

Posted by marty on 2006-01-18 07:42:37   My Score:
hi all, im Marty, 40, longhaired, slim, healthy, barefooted most of the time, and i love =nature, peaceful animals, goodhearted people, fresh food n vegies,doing good deeds, living life as simple as possible, i have a Bedford LWB van fitted out to live in. im currently living on the central coast, and i feel like im trapped, and i cant handle the hustle and bustle of the fast society, i want to just pick up and escape . find a beautiful girl and travel, go to beautiful places and meet nice people, and live happy after my email add is hippymarty_69a@hotmail.com if there are any girls out there interested love Martyxxx

Posted by tiffany on 2005-11-08 01:11:26
My friend and I are graduating Naturopathic Medical School and looking for a chill place in Australia to relax by the beach and learn more natural medicine. Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks, Tiffany

Posted by tiffany on 2005-11-08 01:11:11
My friend and I are graduating Naturopathic Medical School and looking for a chill place in Australia to relax by the beach and learn more natural medicine. Anyone have any recommendations? C

Posted by mani rani poo on 2005-09-14 06:34:33
hello fellow hippieis or hippy lovers. I am a true hippy from the 70's I went to Nimbin and lived at tuntable falls commune after the aquarious festival. I have lived on communities all my life , visted hundreds of places and lived the hippy dream. MAry from sydney posted looking for hippie here I am. email hippy for all hippy info. FLower child AKA Casey talked about bello (bellingen) its a beautifull place slowly being taken over by more amd more conservative people who would rather read about nice lovely places in coffee table books. Bello is my dreaming place and despite the changes 100's of real people hiding in the valleys. where is casey now? What a great comment "when I grow up I wanna be a hippie" yes yes do it. I decided to leave lower upper middle class canberra in the early 70"s and went straight to nimbin. never forget the ethos the integrity of the search for the human spirit, goals were to find a place , heart and commune with nature. Lets go down to the forest lets go seek the council of the trees and celebrate 4 million years of peace. I started down to earth in australia after visiting rainbow festivals in california and we established the state based down to earth movement. I have never given up I will be a hippie till I die. post email here in comments and will be hippie to enlighten enyone. mani rani poo is a joke by the way. my real title is grand funnel master III (3rd) mango tree email mikaloviche@hotmail.com.au The grand poo bar himself POBox 230 enmore 2042 sydney nsw australia

Posted by lachlan on 2005-08-14 15:06:44
hey all, im living in perth rite now. and im 16. my dream is to leave scool after graduation n go live down south by myself and just discover life. i was wondering if there is any other hippies in w.a. and if there are any communes down south, cos thatd be a pretty amazing experience. thats about all, this site rocks.

Posted by verushka on 2005-07-31 00:14:44
Let me tell you a secret, the most alternate, bohemian, hippy place to live in NSW is Bello. Bellingen, on the Mid North Coast. A thriving community of peace loving, organic growing, like minded community people. In fact , there is a community right next door to me on the Kalang Rd. And another just out of Bello off the highway called Bundagen. Look up the site. They make the best breads (sold at the bellingen markets). The community is right on the beach, were they swim naked and free, they have built beautifull rustic shacks out of wood and stained glass. Byron was wonderful many years ago, but large groups of yuppies have moved into the area and spoiled the atmosphere. It is full of wannabe hippies who put up shopping malls and large hotels to attract more wannabe hippies. Bellingen is the hippytown!

Posted by slarti on 2005-06-17 12:23:57
Well it seems I am wrong there are some hippies on line, hello fire-fairy I am also in Newcastle and yes I don’t get treated with much respect, people see someone with no shoes and automatically think ya a bum or just chuck something at you. I also have grand plans building a mud brick house, growing food and living by my own rules, the good life simple yes but do you really need more. Peace love and freedom to you all, and if anyone would like to chat slartibardfast@happyhippie.com

Posted by flower child aka casey on 2005-05-20 16:28:54
My name is Casey and i haev always been amazed by thippies, wen i was 7 yeras old our family went to a holiday at bellingen and i was so happy and felt at home there, thats when i announced "mum, when i grow up, i want to be a hippie" .mum lauhghed, now i am 15 all i want is to go and live in nimbin or byron or bello, i get in trouble at skool for my way of thinkin... your born, you livem you die, y not have fun ,y does education have to take up all of mylife "you have nothing when you come into this workld and u take nothing with you, haev fun." I got in so much trouble for my way ofthinkin.. and i just want to get out and go to a place where pple rnt afraid to be different... I LOVE LIFE, and i think its important that pple express what they are feeling through what they wear and do , livein herr i cant.... and... oh well i still live on teh hope that when i get older.. i can go and live from a tent in bryon or bello or nimben... LOVE YOU ALL

Posted by Rani on 2005-05-19 08:13:06
Hi Everyone! My name's Rani and I'm looking for people from established communes to speak/do fun workshops (or whatever is outrageous!) at the Students of Sustainability conference as part of our Alternatives-themed day. Feel free to check out www.sos2005.org for more info. It's a conference that happens every year at a national level, to bring up environmental and social justice issues. If anyone is interested, drop us an e-mail: rani_lukita@yahoo.fr Thanks heaps! Rani

Posted by Voodoo Doll on 2005-05-10 09:33:36   My Score:
i used to live in byron until i was 7 & then i moved to brisbane, but i have never been able to let go of that lifestyle that was in byron, great people, beautiful beaches, a healthy supply of hash, would more could you ask for, i dont see how people done find the hippie life style appealing, many city people dont appriciate it until they have experienced it, i feel like i am the only one, is there any one else who feels passionatly like me in the hippie lifestyle, i think every one in aussie who feels like this should move to byron as soon as u get the chance, im gonna feeling my schooling and then im outta here, off to byron. i just wounder if there is anyone else who wants to just chill on the beach, have a few billies, and talk about life...isnt that what life is all about.... Peace xx

Posted by Nat on 2005-04-26 18:15:57
What exactly is a 'Kibbutz'??

Posted by guy on 2005-04-16 10:27:13
hi i've been asking around for years if people were interested in forming a kind of commune/ kibbutz (if you know what that is!!) in sydney. no-one seems interested - oh well. if anyone is then contact me at parkilfe30@hotmail.com guy

Posted by Bessie on 2005-04-13 04:29:49
when i first heard of nimbin i thought wow a place of peace, happiness and fun. when i finally did my research ive found out that i definately do not want to go there for a visit. i smoke weed and thats it i dont want to go to a place where 9 year olds come up to me in the street and try to sell me heroin or cocaine. its more about the heavy drugs these days and im sick of it i just want a nice place to sit around with nice people and nice weed.

Posted by Johan on 2005-04-10 10:59:04   My Score:
I've travelled round a lot of this country and still haven't found a more tolerant city than Brisbane. I grew up there and still remember seeing the cops sitting atop the fish and chip shop roof talking with the goths that normally inhabit the various high places around the city. So long as you're not naked, no one cares how you dress and it is really a very nice city.

Posted by fire-fairy on 2005-03-28 14:11:46
Hey everyone, I live in a place called newcastle at the moment, and theres nawt many hippies around here. They just look at me differently coz I look different and dress different, but for a lilttl while I was living in Blackheath in the Blue mtns, and there were alot more hippies that way, and it was accepted alot more.

Posted by Slarti on 2005-03-08 11:25:59
Hippie It's all in the head. There seems to be a lot of people looking for hippies on the web, sorry to say Australian hippies don't seem that fond of this forum but we are here. If you are looking for hippies try the harvest trail for an unique holliday, Peace Love and Freedom to you all.

Posted by Sarina on 2005-02-10 07:58:43
I lived in Oz for a short 5 months, last January to May. I was going to Bond Uni and was based near Surfers, but had plenty of time to travel. I did most of it on my own which I found very refreshing and fun. Nimbin was not exactly what I expected. Too many fucked up kids selling drugs - the vibes were all wrong for me. Byron Bay was amazing though. There is a mix of folks, tourists included of course, but overall it is great place to chill out. The beach is wonderful, especially sleeping under the stars right there. That was one of the best experiences of my life. If you try it, make sure to bring something warm though. Illuka was a place I did a volunteer thing at. We weeded out a bunch of non-native species and planted native trees and shrubs. It was a world heritage area and reallly beautiful. Camping in Lambington National Park was also a favorite of mine. Anyway, the point is that there are many special places to visit and amazing people to meet. Don't limit yourself only to the played out spots that get internet coverage. Enjoy the beautiful landscapes and people you encounter along the way!

Posted by mary:) on 2005-01-17 14:14:00   My Score:
heyyy people im from australia sydney , WHY CANT I FIND ANY HIPPIES TO HANG WITH MAN!!!! im serious i think im like the only one , i think being a hippy has made me smile more and made me have a happier life :) im only 16 but i love being a hippy i wana move to america i heard theres heaps of them there, but i think hippies are dieing away :( please if you are in sydney aaustralia let me no :) byee

Posted by hghg on 2005-01-03 14:03:21
Nimbin is not in perth

Posted by ange on 2004-12-17 06:19:49
hey are there any places like nimbin in perth western australia???

Posted by Belle on 2004-09-11 22:58:23
Hey all, I live in Santa Barbara, California and I am in school to be a photographer. Me and a bunch of other kids in my school are going to Australia to photograph there. I wanted photograph a person in a commune, but I don't know where I would find a person or even a good commune. Any info would help me out greatly because I can't go to Australia and shoot nothing. email me or write me back on here. thanks so much, everyone Aviva99@aol.com

Posted by Stephanie on 2004-08-21 17:19:43
Hey. No one has posted recently, but hopefully this will help someone who stumbles by... I went to Australia for 5 months (I was studying in UTS in Sydney, living in Glebe), and although I thought Byron Bay was a beautiful beach and Nimbin was fun (especially the museum), they were not as rhey were. They have gotten so much attention for those finding a certain life that they have lost what they had in the first place. I do agree with the posers in those places, and because of that the beach at Byron is packed with people littering on the beach and souvenir stores and Nimbin is full of lost souls selling drugs (including other things besides pot and shrooms). I agree that a true hippie would have much more fun at Mission Beach with a beautiful uncrowded beach, the rainforest, and awesome hostels that resemble a big family sharing an awesome house. And although I did start my dreds when I was in Australia, I started them on a Surfari trip. If you want to spend some time with nature and cool people, take one of these trips and surf for a week and camp out in tents at different beaches. If you would rather have a hostel and a pub then a beach, a campfire, and a board, that's a preference, but my definition of hippie would favor nature over tourists. The trip then ended up in Byron at the Arts Factory, a hostel that is a must see at the very least, with some skills that will come in handy in Byron. I must say that my favorite part of Byron was a bonfire with some dredheads and Aboriginals, however... look by the bus stop on warm nights. Before I step off my soapbox, I would like to say that a hippie is determined by their mindset and not what they look like or where they are. I could as easily be myself and talk to awesome people and see people talk about important political issues, etc. in Glebe Markets in Sydney on Saturdays than in a pub in Byron. Byron and Nimbin are awesome, but someone that is truly a certain way can find a decent area that caters them anywhere in Australia, not just the places that every tourist knows about.

Posted by on 2004-05-24 02:31:11
I think people are becoming confused about what it actually means to be a 'hippy' or what that involves. Wearing beads, having dreadlocks and smoking pot does not make you a hippy. If you want a real 'hippy' experience or whatever you want to call it, then don't got to Byron, hell, don't even go to Nimbin. Explore the world and find a place that's special to you, not just some town that other people have named a "hippy haven' or whatever. Its about finding your own place in the world and enjoying all that it has to offer, not getting stoned.

Posted by Anne on 2004-05-09 17:37:46
Having been to Nimbin and Byron bay recently i found nimbin to be rather depressing and someplace where a great idea seems to be going wrong, there were too many tired and lost souls who seemed to be there for no other reason then drugs... i dont like when hippy is so closely associated with the useage of drugs and i think that there is a difference between the right to use and those that abuse, it made me sad to see the community in that light. But byron bay also seemed to be becoming yuppi ized... is there anyplace with that balance where hippys live?

Posted by wildbabybecky88 on 2004-05-09 08:50:07
hi guys, im in year 11 at a state high school, in australia. i have an english assignment on youth subcultures of australia. and i chose hippys as my topic. anyways, i have a question more than a comment: do you think the youth of australia is adopting the "hippy lifestyle" back into their lives? also if you have any infromatin that may actually help me feel free to send it threw. my email is teddi_bares@hotmail.com please reply to tat. ta! becca xox

Posted by spikey on 2004-05-07 16:20:19
You guys are forgetting, byron is not the be all and end all, and is overrun with backpackers getting dreadlocks - Mission Beach in the Far North was the place I loved - and should have stayed, illegal or not. peace xx

Posted by GayDjembeBoy on 2003-11-09 22:29:43
Hi there - just looking for sum other gay hippies out there. Am going to confest and live in melbourne. Would love to hear form you! Email me at: witchgod69@hotmail.com or www.gaydar.com.au/hippyboi

Posted by karwadi on 2003-06-09 21:56:53
i agree with everything thats been said about nimben and byron bay, both places totally rocked my world, but as a melbourne girl, i've spent a lot of time hanging around fitzroy and brunswick, and st kilda (although all are increasingly becoming bopperish and yuppiefied) and they all have a lot of the hippie vibe going. um, there's a place called goongerah in east gippsland (far eastern victoria) which is all with the hippie coolness, as well. beautiful bush, beautiful people and the best hash in the state. what more could u ask for?

Posted by kimbels of kimbelsworth on 2003-06-04 13:25:35   My Score:
byron bay has to be the best place ive ever been to!! I went there on a school trip to Australia, when I when i was 12, and from what ive bin told my head master had to physicaly drag me out of the market because I didnt want to leave. I felt write at home there!! I cant wait to go back when im older! If anyone is going to Australia, byron bay is a must see! If you don't go you'll totaly miss out!

Posted by charbono on 2002-06-22 02:57:28   My Score:
nimbin is definitely the alternative capital of australia. check out http://www.nimbinaustralia.com and the nimbin mardi grass, held every year in may: >http://www.nimbinmardigrass.com

Posted by Miss-Penny-Lane on 2002-05-28 03:16:59
In Oz Byron Bay is the place to be, it is beautiful and relaxing alonfg with a fab surf and awesome pub not far from the sand. Close to Nimbin so you are always supplied with the necessities of life. Go there Byron Rocks!

Posted by mick on 2002-05-12 04:03:55   My Score:
hey why is there nothing in here about nimben ..nsw australia . just do a search and if you use marijuana AND nimben you will hit gold cheers from downunder

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