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Austin, Texas

"Austin has the second largest vegetarian population in the nation....along with some great scenery here in the hill country. People should check it out. My older brother lives there, and works as a chef. Almost every night we get 2 or 3 bucks from each of his roommates, head up to Central Market and get tons of fresh fruit, vegetables, etc. - and have a giant veggie-kabob for dinner. It feeds everyone and also provides for a great way to get together at night in the backyard and just hang out. Barton Creek Park is another great hangout - it's a linear park that follows Barton Creek - along the cliff walls there are several caves for exploring... just a totally surreal environment. Everyone in Austin just seems so mellow and content, i wish i could live there - but for now I'll just be happy with visiting...."

Added: December 8th 2001
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Location: Texas

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Austin, Texas
Posted by SantaBarbara on 2012-06-07 03:16:41   My Score:
Wow! I just had to post a comment as an evil yuppie busy at work here in Austin destroying your formerly fair city: wrecking it with the dozens of jobs my company brought, devastating it with the $40k in property taxes I pay every year.

I won't defend what I do with my free time, but since you're the critic, what about you?  What are you contributing, learning, or affecting in such a powerful and positive way? 

My mother went to Woodstock, my father bought in fully to the hippy movement, I spent the first handful of months of my life in a Berkeley commune with a clothes drawer for a crib.  They taught me to love and respect diversity in others; in their interests, culture, and in their unique means of pursuing happiness.  

It would seem to me those of you busy looking down on other classes, spitting vitriolic condemnation, you're the biggest fakers of all.

Austin, Texas
Posted by bear on 2011-09-26 23:47:28
Austin pisses on small business!!!!! It's a greedy smug city full of know-it-alls and cops....

Austin, Texas
Posted by buddha on 2011-01-21 23:00:52   My Score:
AUSTIN is great! No denying it. Green space, music, farmer's market, natural springs and even a hippie church. Is it as relaxed and hipified as it used to be? No. Can any city in this 21st century of cell phones and facebook claim to be? No. Will the haters be any happier anywhere else? No. People that are whiny in one place are likely to be unhappy no matter where they migrate. These negative urban trends that people talk about are happening in major cities all over America (although admittedly Austin seems to be more accelerated than some). Austin rocks. Case closed. Peace.

Austin, Texas
Posted by Ex Austinite on 2011-01-05 17:05:00
Austin use to be fun back in the late 80s early 90s but not anymore. Joes Generic Blues Bar on 6th street is gone and a lot of the rude racists macho mexicans from San Antonio have taken over the town.

Austin, Texas
Posted by MeBMe on 2010-12-25 02:07:35
Where to begin?  

There is probably no more overrated hole than Austin, Texas.  I have lived here my entire life and hated every second of it.  I had the good fortune of living outside of Texas (Texas sucks even more than Austin, if that's even possible, well, maybe Austin sucks more because it can't seem to stop talking about how "awesome" and "weird" it is and it loves to denigrate other Texas cities for supposedly not being as "cool" as it is), but I was forced to return to this sh*thole after losing my job in California.  It's been two years and I haven't found work yet.  Don't be fooled by the boosterism.  There are no jobs in Austin.  Period.  There may be service industry jobs and plenty of low-wage employment, but even that is fiercely competitive.  If Texas is a bastion of anti-intellectualism well Austin is a microcosmic contradiction of that insofar as it is full of people with diplomas, but that won't mean squat because that excess of university-educated essentially depresses the value of your education.  You will be college-educated and working a job for $9 an hour...if you can find a job. The pool of applicants remains plentiful because graduates from the city's behemoth Football U (of which I am unfortunately a graduate) remain in this crap-a$$ town because they think it's so much "cooler" than the small Texas town they came from, or "hipper" than Dallas or Houston.  

The "hippies" in Austin are usually people who wouldn't know real social or cultural consciousness if it hit them in their Prius or landed on their $750K Hyde Park bungalow.  They are up in arms when a salamander is at risk of dying out or the "blessed" Barton Springs is endangered by the new condo developments, but stand motionless and silent when there are cases of police brutality (or when the entire town shuts down when the Texas Relays show up...i.e. the black folks from Dallas and Houston are coming, so let's shut our stores.  This happened.  Just look it up).  Oh, and this town is full of crappy music.  Full of it.  You know the saying if you give a man a rope that don't make him a cowboy?  Well, there should be an applicable parallel for guitars and musicians in Austin.  

Austin, Texas is home to fakers, wannabes, pseudo-musicians, pseudo-artists, no decent jobs, constant gentrification (the local paper just published a choice article stating that Austin is "diversifying" because all of its traditionally non-white neighborhoods are being redeveloped and now residents are being forced to move to the outlying suburbs to make room for hipster douches.  Oh yeah, that's great progress), no real cultural offerings, cult-like obsessiveness with a stupid university and its sports programs (no one could name a leading intellectual there if you put a gun to their head, but they can give you football stats), the WORST public transportation system imaginable (yet Austin calls itself green), and oh yeah, it's in Texas.  

Stay away from Austin if you can.  I long for the day when I will finally have the ability to escape this sh*thole (and Texas) for good.  But I'd need a job for that, and oh yeah, there aren't any here. 

Austin, Texas
Posted by Austin Hipster on 2010-12-16 20:18:15
Austin is so consumed with being "cool" that it has become uncool.  It's like a highly neurotic person that keeps asking, "Am I fat?  Am I fat?  Do I look big in these jeans?  Am I fat?  Oh God, do I look fat?".  Except with Austin, it's, "Am I cool enough?  Am I hip and exuding the right amount of carefully crafted, sub-culture style?  Am I keeping it "weird"?  Oh my God, am I green enough?  Am I cool?"  You can almost feel that vibe coming off the street as you watch many young 20-30 something’s in the downtown area try so hard "to be" Austin.  Having gone to school at UT in the mid-to-late-nineties, I can say that what made the city cool was the effortless je ne sais quoi the place and people exuded.  In the last 10 years, especially the last 5, that's disappeared.  And defensive, sheesh!!  If one criticizes Austin be prepared to hear how badly your city sucks, how Austin is better, does things better, blah, blah, blah.  Talk about a chip on the shoulder.  Tearing others down to build themselves up.  To that point, I was at a gift shop in Austin recently and I saw several shirts inflating Austin's ego and downing other Texas cities such as:

Keep Austin Weird - (We're cool!  Please like us.  We'll be your friend)

"Austin, Texas but in a Good Way" - (We're hip like you fellow liberal cities.  On the liberal-o-meter we'll hit at least a 6 or so.  It's not a 9 or a 10 yet, but we're trying.  We promise!  Please forgive us for Houston, Dallas & San Antonio and the evil, uncool, non-green corporations that call them home.  We're not like them.  We're Weird, remember?  High-five dude!  Uh, okay, maybe later.  Mojito?)

Keep Dallas Pretentious, Keep Abilene boring, Keep San Antonio lame, and on and on.

I couldn't help but laughing at how pathetic the whole thing was.  And I love Central Texas.  However my wife and I both agreed that we'll be getting our Hill County fix in Fredericksburg, Canyon Lake, or New Braunfels next time, where people are still just themselves and where the ever-pervasive proselytizing of "The Gospel of Cool" doesn't exist.  Where we can just relax without having to say in effect, "Not interested." 

Austin, Texas
Posted by ggirl on 2010-10-21 00:54:53
I lived in Austin one year. It is the best thing I saw in Texas and it sucked. Traffic and Austin drivers are the pits. I was hit 4 times, the first time by a drunk driver.  (I have never had a car accident in my life and am 44 and use to live in S Atlanta) I have no idea how these people get a license. Housing is expensive, lhousing taxes are high, jobs are not as easy to get as one is lead to believe, and it is a sprawling dump with LOTS of illegal aliens. I never saw a hippie or cowboy or anyone slightly musical. Maybe if you come from some huge metropolis like LA or NY you would think Austin is good. BUT I think the Austin that everyone thinks about in their head (fun loving, organic, guitar intrinsic, hippiyfied) great place to live...is long gone. Hey, SRV is dead. Austin just plain sucks. Anyway, was I ever glad to get Austin Texas in my rear view mirror. PS I DO miss Texas Brisket.

Austin, Texas
Posted by Matt on 2010-10-06 14:31:16   My Score:
I'm not a hippy but Austin is undeniably overrated.  If you're wise and heed warnings; research the matter and don't rely on ad populum or magazine articles. 

If you're dumb enough to like Austin, you may in turn be dumb enough to disregard this warning

Austin, Texas
Posted by poopysex on 2010-09-12 19:06:30   My Score:
I am a 27 year old Austinite, born and raised by two Texans who settled here after going to UT (typical story).  There are some really apt and spot on posts on this thread and I don't need to repeat what's been said. I love Austin for its unique qualities and I will always have fond memories of a childhood spent going to Toy Joy and Eeyore's with my dad, and being exposed to independent music and film thanks to radio stations like KNACK and places like the Dobie theatre.   But it is not some mecca or something, and it is not what it used to be, nor is it a real city yet.  I wholly agree that it is over rated and that Houston is very under rated.  At least Houston has world class culture and actual ethnic diversity.  Austin is full-on whitey town.  You should see the way the city shuts down for Texas Relays, a popular state wide track tournament that draws in a lot of, gulp, young black kids.   Businesses literally shut down.  It is extremely embarrassing that this city reacts that way.  For a "metropolis" it is extremely provincial, and the hippie days are over save for a few small enclaves.  City government suffers from "We have too much money and not enough real problems" syndrome.  I could go ON and ON.  The smugness is pervasive and unwarranted, and anyone in a keep austin weird shirt should be drawn and quartered as far as i'm concerned!  Oh, yeah, and SRV's music is awful.  Sorry.  That dude never wrote an original song or composition in his ENTIRE LIFE.  And this city memorializes him in a hideous statue.  And people actually buy into it!  GROSS.  Where is the Janis statue?

But, really, to get to the main reason why I decided to post:  To the self righteous, clueless bitch who moved here from Ohio or Connecticut or wherever:  GO HOME.  NOW.  This city has long been very tolerant (and supportive) of its homeless population.  Live and let live!  This goes for the yuppies and hipsters too:  who cares?!  Let them do their thing.  THAT is what Austin is supposed to be about.

Austin, Texas
Posted by LindaInAus on 2010-04-21 18:00:38
I'm a 7th generation Austinite. My family was here loooong before it was known for being some sort of Music capital, long before 'keepin it weird', or any of the other current descriptions you'll read became popular. Somebody in a comment here just mentioned Williamson County and complained about it, which is good because it needs complaining about. But Austin is NOT in Williamson County! Geez, why so much comment space about WilCo when Austin is in Travis County? Austin, Travis County, has been liberal progressive for a very very long time. Back during the Civil War, circa 1865 etc., Austin and Travis County voted *with* the Union. We've voted Democrat, never Republican since the Civil War. Think about it. Many people have tried to guess why Austin is liberal, and why we stay liberal. Some people say it's going corporate, etc. I just want to remind you all, we've been Democrat not Republican for 150 years, so the addition (or lack) of live music OR high tech or big companies are not going to make much difference. I believe Austin and Travis County is liberal due to the original settlers who came here circa 1836. Our families were some of the original Quakers who settled New England in the 1600s...but they kept migrating south, then west, to get away from oppression. Quakers are notorious anti-war and anti-slavery. They came here to get away from the oppression in NY and the deep south. Their "live and let live" mentality has stayed all these generations and I suspect it will continue to live on in Austin, as long as their genes are still here in original Austinites, ppl like me. I'm doing my part to keep things free in Austin, my genes are those of anti-slavery and anti-war. You can't get more basic than that. I'm still lovin' Austin after all these years. I was here in the 1940s, during the 'perfect' 1950s, and of course I was already grown during the 1960s (I was in my 20s). I do sorta wish it was Austin in the 1960s all over again. Peace ya'll !!

Austin, Texas
Posted by austin sucks on 2010-02-11 09:36:26
I'm back here again.. I keep escaping during the summers after the gathering but regretfully come back to visit family during the wintertime. I'm looking for a REAL hippie haven. I know of a few but I'm not going to say them on the Austin thread, since some of those other "hippies" might catch wind of the existence of true havens and come to destroy them with their shopping, money and other nonsense. Austin sucks. Sad to say. I'm probably going to an island off hawaii to live in the woods and go to the community college there. I can't do it here. The people are very closed minded. I know the rainbow family in Austin and I chill with them every week. They are all that's left really. It's sad. For such a large town there are very few real family members here. Soon the yuppies will completely take over. The population of Austin consists of yuppies from California and the East Coast; New York, Connecticut, Chicago, etc. They brought their vibe and put on their disguises to try to be something they are not. Soon they will start invading other havens and we just have to keep on moving. We're leaving Babylon...Exodus. movement of Jah people. I'm just here because I have to be here for the time being. I come from a very poor family. Austin is not cool. Not at all. I've been to good places. Austin is not. It may be better than the rest of Texas but the yuppies are really killing the vibe. They're lame, and if you notice they are on this site posting their opinions. Yuppie "Austin's great! They have shopping!!" Blah blah blah. Austin sucks.

Austin, Texas
Posted by Just another Austinite on 2010-01-07 08:17:55
I am a native Austinite and have lived here for 25 of 26 years of my life. Here is my assessment of Austin, for what it is worth. Austin was once a very laid back, hippy place. That magical place is long gone. I would characterize the Austin of today as a place that is more yuppie/hipster trying to project the image of a cool hippy place. City council pretty much caters to corporations and new development (read big box developments), property taxes will literally eat you alive (mine are 1/2 my mortgage payment!), the austin police force is well known for using excessive force, the Keep Austin Weird mantra is mostly lip service as many of the businesses that tote it are now chains, Austin is obsessed with going green, but in a very expensive way (google home permits, changes and energy audits if this is of interest to you), there is no functional public transit other than the Austin metro city buses and the highway infrastructure was never designed for the amount of people currently using the roads. There is more, but lets move onto the good. For all of its faults, Austin does have a city wide ordinance mandating that bicycles must be given 3 feet of clearance when riding on the street, the largest farmer's market in central texas, a small stronghold of local businesses mainly along south congress, 78704 zip and crestview areas, access to great lakes, a great hike and bike trail, good arts and music scenes, SXSW and ACL (two ginormous music festivals), and access to weed anywhere within the urban core (you would literally have to be living under a rock not to know somebody who knows somebody....I don't smoke and it is literally everywhere). Now for a breakdown of demographics: Yuppies are in the arboretum and downtown areas, hipsters live east of 35 in the downtown zone, old money is in the pemberton heights area, young trendy money in travis heights and 78704. If you want to find some hippies, your best bet would be people who have not sold yet in 78704 south of oltorf and in the very northern tip of the 78745 zip. If you leave the urban cortex (ie: venture north of allendale- austin becomes like any other soulless city with chain chilli's and applebee's on every corner. If you are brave enough to venture up to leander or cedar park you might run across a few racist red necks, just as you would anywhere else in Texas. Austin, like any city, has suffered from growing pains over the years. Would I recommend austin to a true hippy? No. Would I recommend Austin to you if you are a hipster? Most definitely- if you are a hipster this is THE city for you. If you only care about access to weed? I recommend. Only care about music. Recommend. If you want to live a self sustainable lifestyle? No, Austin energy will not allow it. Lastly, if any of you have ever come across or know of a place that upholds the old hippy ideals: is laid back, believes in personal freedom, has a strong sense of community, is easy to live a self sufficient lifestyle in, has a libertarian political lean to it, has a culture of people who truly care about the environment, believes in bicycling and nature please be kind and shoot me an email so I can move to my dream town/area. Thanks. berin_lax@gmail.com

Austin, Texas
Posted by Seriously though... on 2009-11-25 06:47:28
,b.Austin is a sprawled out sh!t hole...filled with people FROM small town Texas (AR, LA, NM, OK) that think they've hit the fvcking PINNACLE of their little conservative lives by moving to Austin and getting an Advertising Degree from UT. Keep Austin Weird? Nah...more like 'Keep Austin Profitable'. :P I'm telling you like it is. I came here from San Antonio (which is totally hopeless ...but at least knows it) and have lived in Portland & Eugene OR, Olympia WA, Arcata CA, Rochester NY, etc. So yeah...Austin real bad a$$ ...*for Texas*. But notice: that qualifier is always there...'FOR TEXAS'. It's sad. You'll see...

Austin, Texas
Posted by Matt Hayes on 2009-10-14 08:07:15
i'm trying to find some people that are cool with someone from Alabama stopping through on widespread panic tour. i need some kind folks to show some love and maybe join the band wagon!

Austin, Texas
Posted by Old Hippy on 2009-09-22 00:27:42
Was a Street Hippie in Austin back in the 60's. Still here. Still a long haired freak of nature. And yep we are still weird. Austin hasn't changed a bit it's just bigger and stranger. Just real glad I don't live in Houston or God forbid, Dallas.

Austin, Texas
Posted by Lee on 2009-07-27 02:12:02
I'm a 55 year old hippie and have lived in Austin since I was 15. I moved here from near Houston. I've lived here 40 years minus a couple of years on the East Coast when I was in my 20s. I wouldn't live anywhere else. I love Austin.

Austin, Texas
Posted by Ferlin Husky on 2009-06-09 18:26:08
If only the police could calm old ladies instead of tazing them!

Austin, Texas
Posted by non of ur busniess on 2009-01-28 17:54:54   My Score:
he has some good painting but i don't like all of them:)

Austin, Texas
Posted by ThMostLibralTownInTX!SoWh on 2009-01-07 05:35:01
Grackel Said: You won''t find a more liberal city than Austin that''s not on the West Coast. Um, sorry dude I couldn't pass that up. Boulder, Denver(?), Madison WI, Missoula, most of Minnesota, New York, Baltimore, Washington DC etc etc if we're talking strictly 'liberal' like actually voting Democrat. And as for 'Hippy Culture'...I dunno...Austin's nice downtown, there *is* plenty of sppprrawl going north and the whole Eastside from north to south is perty ghetto. Not Dwtn Burnside Portland OR Ghetto but still. And it's Texass so any marijuana found on your person...from *a seed* to something like 2 ounces is considered a Class B Misdemeanor and you *will* serve 180 days in jail or pay a $2,000 fine unless you have money and even then expect 6 months probation. (quicksand). Seriously, how 'hippie' is that? Don't get me wrong, I like Austin a lot but not because it's hippy or liberal. I think it's clean and slightly pretentious....nowhere near as 'weird' as it thinks it is. I guess I just like it because it's stupid and amusing in a pretentious, everyone's a wannabe rckstar kinda way. :)

Austin, Texas
Posted by James on 2008-11-10 22:02:28
Hey all, im travellin round america from Scotland and im now in Austin...Just wondering if anyone could tell me places to hang out that have a relaxed hippy kinda vibe?? i know they gotta be out there...kinda sick of all the glammed up chicks on 6th street thanks guys Peace

Austin, Texas
Posted by midwest_adam on 2008-09-30 10:45:11   My Score:
i'm moved to austin from southern ohio about a month ago (have lived in bloomington, in * sandusky, oh * columbus, oh * los angeles, ca) expecting something ENTIRELY DIFFERENT from what i found. i thought austin was this mecca for hippies, "truly diverse" musicians, artistic experimentation and all around good vibes!! instead, i felt like i was back in los angeles. everybody trying so damn hard to be cool!!! WE GET IT, YOU'RE COOL!!!!! and if you haven't figured it out yet....if you have to try that hard to be cool, then you missed the whole damn point :-) sixth street was semi-rude but very obnoxious (especially the slew of beautiful but total bitch college girls), the mexicans ARE rude and will look at you funny (didn't even get that in LA), very rude drivers, and an overemphasis on status (displayed via car culture, fashion and insistence on restaurant meals). after speaking with many people about this, i found that my gripe was one shared by many of the south austin aging hippie population. seemingly, the tech boom (so. cali. transplants), as well as a sign of the times has much to blame for this. it's a damn shame because this town STILL DOES have a ton to offer for humanity, from what i've seen but, being a peace loving hippy, i just dont' have a thick enough exterior to deal with what it's become. also, austin may be a small blue dot in a sea of red (texas), but do not forget that it is in texas none the less. i now know where they got DONT' MESS WITH TEXAS from. they're bullheaded as all hell!!!! (both a good thing and a bad thing. just depends on which side you're on :-)

Austin, Texas
Posted by another austin grackel on 2008-09-22 00:09:25   My Score:
"Velvet coffin", this guy really knows Austin.

Austin, Texas
Posted by another grackel on 2008-09-10 02:20:58
"Velvet Coffin", HA!!! He knows his shit. Cheers.

Austin, Texas
Posted by Diana McManus on 2008-05-09 21:16:11   My Score:
I've lived in Austin since 1982 and love Austin. It is easy to find weed no matter how old you are in Austin. Austin is a great place for hippies. My video of Eeyore's Birthday Party shows it: I hope you enjoy the video. I graduated from high school in 1970 and got to see Jimi Hendrix at the Atlanta Pop Festival that year. There are many hippies in Austin.

Austin, Texas
Posted by grackel on 2008-02-07 04:27:23   My Score:
Austin is a great city with comparatively low crime imo. I think you'd have to not be very well-traveled or you'd have to come from a small town to think otherwise. I don't think it's hard to score weed in Austin at all. Just go to any live music event at any club or outdoor event and people will be smoking... especially at the outdoor events... which there are plenty of. People aren't as free with pot as they are in SF, but it's pretty close. There are a TON of potheads in Austin. They're everywhere. I'm not sure how or why someone would say otherwise. Get out of the house why don't you! The counter culture in Austin pretty much covers every genre of music and lifestyles. There's punks, metalheads, indie kids, americana, blues and a ton of hippies that don't discriminate when it comes to seeing live music. There are too many music styles to mention. The only drawback are ever-increasing home and apartment rentals. But you'll get that at most cities of Austin's size. You won't find a more liberal city than Austin that's not on the West Coast. If I didn't have to move... I'd still be there... and I do plan on returning in a few years. grackel (former Austin cabbie)

Austin, Texas
Posted by on 2008-01-26 19:19:17
This is in response to what "Mike" said earlier in this thread. By the way as somone new to the group.Let me say that I am 29 and was born in Austin. I lived here until I was 17 and then started to live in other parts of the country and world on AND off. I have lived in... Mill Valley California (with an uncle that bought before it became one of the most expensive counties in America) San Francisco Oakland San Mateo (CA ..also Bay Area) Richmond (CA....also Bay Area) Hollywood (most recent venture outside of the city) N.Y. City London Rotterdam (like the Baltimore of Holland) Utrecht ( also Holland) San Antonio (TX...when I was young for a hot minute) O.K. So now you know a little of my background as a reference point for my oppinions. Also in alot of these places ive lived in terrible, fucked up, violent,drug infested, gang ruled, neighborhoods being that they were in extremely expensive cities. But hey ...you do get your share of cultural mix-em-ups which builds character and all that. Not that they want you there. Because even poor white people moving into your neighborhood is part of the problem....that being because their inevitably followed by the middle class white people and then the upper middle class and so on and so forth. And I get tired of my punker friends bitching and tagging about the urban sprawl and gentrification of the east side when their part of the problem. But that another conversation for another time. Anywhoooo.. the point I wanted to get over was this. Mike said "Crime. Austin is a small city with big city crime. Violent and sexual offenses are on the rise, as are hate crimes against minorities. Drive bys are becoming more frequent, and to make matters worse the Austin police department goes on trial for consistently shooting blacks. Travel to north Austin and it''s not as bad, but that''s because that part is in Williamson county; a place known globally as one of the most corrupt jurisdictions in the world. With a conviction rate of 99.99% the beat out the previous reigning champ, the Democratic Republic of Congo for successful convictions. Want to file suit against them? Go ahead, your court date will be scheduled for sometime in 2097." What utter horse shit.Well the part about Williamson county is true. And the part about the cops. And the part about statisticly crime being worsemay be true. O.K. so its not utter horse shit. But to implicate that the crime in Austin is in anyway way comparable to any of the other cities in Texas IS LUDICROUS!!! Ever been to San Antonio outside of the north side? Ever been to south Dallas Ever been to all of Houston outside of the suburbs and a pocket of gay neighborhoods around the Montrose? Or any of the cities I listed as where I have lived? Christ if you think Austin is bad then you havent seen the world man. Maybe if your coming from Humble TX it looks bad. But please. I don't even need to take the time to go google what im saying. I KNOW it's true. ANd ive lived in some of the "worst Ghettoes" of Austin. They are a joke. NOt really a joke as abject poverty is never actually funny but as a figure of speech you know. Ive have witnessed far more crime in the upper middle class neighborhoods of L.A. such as the Los Feliz neighborhood than I have in a shit burg part of Austin like I-35 and Runberg. Yeah obviously you see 100 times more open air crack dealin than you would there than Los Feliz (obviously theres no open air crack dealin in Los Feliz of Los Angeles) BUT I saw 4 people get mugged in broad daylight in that neighborhood and then see the police show up an hour after the fact cuz they have so much other shit to deal with. I have witnessed one mugging In Austin...maybe one and a half (assed attempt in all my life). I have personnally been robbed beaten or mugged Twice in Houston. Three times in Denver. Once in London. Once in Oakland. Twice in San Francisco!!!!!!!!!!!! So much for the open love brothers!! And to many times to count in L.A. ...in the 9 months I lived there!!!! And besides a bunch of fighting when I was a stupid teenager (that my thug life goonish friends who lacked moral compass usually started) I never once had to deal with anything besides a bar fight (im a bartender/barback/security guy) in Austin. Now ive heard that since Katrina hit and alot of dirt bags came over (with alot of good people) from one of the most violent cities in America it has gotten worse. It happened while I lived in California so I only heard stories. But it seems to have leveled out to me. Or they all went home or something. Its bullshit that Austin is a dangerous city. For a city of one and a quarter million people it is one of the safest.Hands down. And that is common knowledge. So rip on the culture all you want. But spouting off the idea that its dangerous around here is just plain false and short sighted. So get off it. Oh and this that mike said "Look around Austin, very few people that live here in their thirties were born here. Most people are transplants. The fact that the majority of locals left the scene should tell you something."........ While its true that the majority are transplants is true. But that doesnt equate that huge amounts of people have left. When I was born in Austin in 78 there were @ 350,000 people in Austin and maybe a total of 400,000 in the metro area. Theres now @750,000 in Austin and 1.25 Million in the metro area. Thats an increase of around 300% in 30 years. Where as in general for the last century Americas population has merely doubled every 50 years. So where from all of this do you get that "every one has left" Thats just ridiculous. Austin for better or worse. is the "Velvet Coffin". Meaning that its almost impossible to ever trully leave. If you dont know that then I question your trully being one of us. Its just obvious to me. Whatever.

Austin, Texas
Posted by John Johnson on 2007-12-29 21:40:24
The problem with Austin is that, if you aren't on the inside or in school (high school OR college) its impossible to score weed.

Austin, Texas
Posted by AnObservantTexan on 2007-12-03 21:37:51
I would agree that Austin hasn't been the place it used to be for years now. But let me propose something since all I hear is how overrated it is (and it is.) Check out your 4th largest city in the country to the East. Houston has got to be the most UNDERrated city around. Its everything Austin claims to be but isn't (minus the gorgeous west texas hill country). Amazing live and local music scene, gorgeous green space, all the arts and culture you can imagine and hippie friendly hangouts ;)

Austin, Texas
Posted by Kevin on 2007-10-28 23:59:30
Problem with Austin is they let everyone know how great they are. The arts are good, but don't sustain my life. You can only go to so many clubs as you get older and enjoy it. Whatever, it's gotten lame for more adult people. Go down 35 for an hour and enjoy.

Austin, Texas
Posted by Unkown on 2007-10-04 09:52:04   My Score:
Ok i know someone who lives in Austin, all her friends are insane, but cool and intelligent they all have decent jobs, and i have never seen a bunch of Mexicans there or whatever. I see a bunch of laid back kids, some are kids some are not..it's a mix allot of " inde" type crowd and hippies. None of that Brittany spears, steers and queers type of stuff. People said CA is a cool hippy place, HA i went to one bar in San Diego next to the lovely beach..and it was a totally HICK bar! it's beautiful in San Diego though. You just never know either a place is true to what it holds for people or its just filled with fake people who have no idea what a true free spirit really is. So Point is..you cant judge a place by who lives there and who dose not live there, all types of people live all over the world, fake, free spirits, hicks, white trash, poor people, rich people.

Austin, Texas
Posted by Mike on 2007-08-17 00:46:00
Austin is great if you're a tourist or a student that doesn't work for a living. If you live here though, the place turns out to be far less than the what the hype makes it out to be. First let's talk housing. Austin has one of the highest costs of living in the nation and is in contention to hold the record for the highest property tax rate in the world. If you're a student here on dad's money, or just a tourist then this doesn't matter much. The student population is enormous. UT is the largest university site in the world, and there are a host of other schools here like St. Edwards, Concordia, ACC, Huston-Tillotson, the list goes on and on. Austin has one of the highest student to population ratios known to man. Here's the problem with that; most of these students will work for nothing. As a result, wages are not competitive because there is an enormous labor pool that will do the worst job for the least amount of money. Even labor requiring a degree is similar. Many of the top employers here are actively involved in student sponsorship, thereby securing cheap labor all the way to the doctorate level of education. High cost of living, low paying jobs, and it gets better. The highway infrastructure is 30 years old. Austin's growth has been exponential but the highway system has not been improved upon, with the exception of the toll roads up north. The problem is, up north there is little traffic congestion, and the privately owned roads were built with public tax dollars! So since "main street" (I-35) is also the only major highway through town, those that are just commuting a few blocks or a couple of miles are sharing the roads with interstate and international truckers and shipping, and other passer-through. The result? 24/7 congestion. While Austinites did vote to have a light rail built in 2004, after millions of dollars have changed hands what is there to show for it? As of this year, one rail CAR was built... Ask anyone from out of town what they like so much about Austin, and the answer is almost invariably, "6th street!". Great, so the main attraction to the city is a couple of blocks of bars and low quality restaurants designed to serve the student community where drunk young 20 year olds can get on with their public intoxication and date raping. Which brings up my next point... Crime. Austin is a small city with big city crime. Violent and sexual offenses are on the rise, as are hate crimes against minorities. Drive bys are becoming more frequent, and to make matters worse the Austin police department goes on trial for consistently shooting blacks. Travel to north Austin and it's not as bad, but that's because that part is in Williamson county; a place known globally as one of the most corrupt jurisdictions in the world. With a conviction rate of 99.99% the beat out the previous reigning champ, the Democratic Republic of Congo for successful convictions. Want to file suit against them? Go ahead, your court date will be scheduled for sometime in 2097. Look around Austin, very few people that live here in their thirties were born here. Most people are transplants. The fact that the majority of locals left the scene should tell you something. Like I say, most of this doesn't matter to tourists or visitors, but living here is overrated and quite frankly sub par. You have a liberal pocket in a conservative state, but the trade-off isn't worth it.

Austin, Texas
Posted by RIVER WEST SMITH on 2007-06-28 07:02:59

Austin, Texas
Posted by Leon Shield on 2007-02-26 21:11:16   My Score:
I grew up in Austin: 1969 to 1999. Live in Dallas now where I was born. There was a bit of a culture shock when I moved to Dallas, but going back to Austin now I see how ridiculous the people there really are. "Keep Austin Weird", what the hell is that? You people need to take a shower with soap and wash your arm pits. Leave the patchouli oil off. Arrest Leslie and the rest of the bums.

Austin, Texas
Posted by LX Thogg on 2007-02-14 05:01:56
for the correct answer to your questions...see the Oatwillie post 2004-06-04.The Man/myth/legend speaks with un-forked tongue and pretty well summarizes Austin better than any post I've read on the site. Keep you nose in the wind.

Austin, Texas
Posted by Texass on 2007-01-22 20:53:14
I moved to Austin with the hopes of finding a laid-back, friendly hippy environment and I a little disappointed with what I've found. I've been here for two years and nearly everyone I've met seem to think they're "too cool for school", unfriendly Mexicans, smug corporate "trendies", punks with low IQ's and the occasional red-neck that only comes to Austin to work but flies back to Cedar Park or whatever other Texan shit-bird town outside the city limits. I know that there is no perfect place, but talk about overrated! I've also heard from many of the older locals that Austin has lost it's soul to the corporate Devil and that's a real shame. So, what am I going to do? I guess I'll just have to deal with it since it's too expensive to move anywhere else right now. There are a few nice things, but I still think Austin is a highly overrated city that caters to corporate lackeys while trying to maintain this "weird" image. Sorry folks!

Austin, Texas
Posted by Jen on 2006-12-19 04:59:17
I just moved to Austin this Month from Connecticut to get away from the cold and I have to say I havent found to much about Austin I dont like. For people who complain about the Mexicans, are you kidding me? They are very hard workers that contribute to Austin, I see them building and landscaping nothing wrong with that they are working hard and the ones I have met are very friendly. Hardworking people are not a problem I cant believe no one has complained about what we see everyday in Austin what is right in front of us every freakin day, the Bums, Pan Handlers begging for money at the bottom of the highway ramps they are everywhere it is getting ridiculous. For those of you who give these people money the majority of them are not down on there luck, they do this for a living and are scam artists, personally I think this makes the city of Austin look bad and says to anyone visiting that living here is tuff. Austin has invested lots of money and resources into shelters and yet they are still on the streets cops dont bug them. It has just gotten ridiculous if you ask me, Im driving go away I dont want these people in my face did you ever wonder how they got to the middle of busy intersections, with there brand new back packs come on people stop being suckers. Some people really do need help put the majority of these people are just scaming you, help keep Austin safe dont keep encouraging these lazy bastards by giving them money.

Austin, Texas
Posted by Ali on 2006-05-25 02:13:58
I've been in Austin forever. Ya, there are assholes but they reside everywhere. You can't control who moves in and out of a city. I love Austin, there really are a lot of cool people. You can't expect to hang out in a bar and meet someone, you have to participate in something. I've never had a problem with people being rude to me or my friends and I have friends of all sexes, races, sizes, et cetera. Take it easy.

Austin, Texas
Posted by on 2006-04-18 22:04:40
Whoever said 'it's all relative' hasn't been in jail much, or visited Mexico or even travelled much in America it would seem to me. If 'it is all relative', why would anyone visit these Hippy Haven pages?

Austin, Texas
Posted by Austin transplant on 2006-01-09 01:12:06   My Score:
Austin has a few and far between hippi pop. but if you know the nooks and grannies to look for, you'll have no problem finding this sub-culture as they are as prevalent today as yesterday but they just maybe dress a little different. IE. it's in the mind of the hippi that makes him or her who they are! B. faxless loan guy

Austin, Texas
Posted by Alan on 2005-12-31 18:28:11
I remember Austin from my College Days 1973-1977. I came their from the DFW Metroplex. Many things sucked while I was there. Like the construction on the I-35 upper deck. No big arena to draw the Bigger Acts. Youhad to travel to Houston or Dallas for that. But.... many things were very cool in Austin in the 70's.... Armadillo World HQ had many coolbands play there all the time. And KLBJ-FM Radio...... It was not "Classic Rock", with the dreaded shallow playlists of today (GaG!).... But, KLBJ-FM played all kinds of great music, intelligently, withou obnoxious commercials. You could listen all-day-long without being offended!!!!! You would hear Joan Baez in the mornings, and Led Zeppelin in the evenings. Some Frank Zappa, Dave Mason, Michael Murphey, Bob Dylan, Shawn Phillips and Bonnie Raitt too. That's what I'll always remember dearly about Austin..... The Coolest radio station I had ever heard!

Austin, Texas
Posted by Alma on 2005-12-06 04:33:27
So, where ARE all the hippies? I've been here since September, and have seen a bunch, but I'm too shy to go up to them and say, "hey, I'm a hippie, too. Wanna hang out?" I know SoCo and south Austin are the good areas, but where specifically?

Austin, Texas
Posted by Slaghammer on 2005-11-27 08:33:55
Whaaa, I thought Austin was going to be weird like they said it would be. Whaaa, I thought Austin was going to be cool like me. Nobody told me there were going to be republicans with pickups there. Whaaa, I pooped in my pants and they laughed at me in Austin. It's all relative you know. You get what you give. If you don't like it here then move on down the road and quit bitching about it. If you are looking for someone to change your diaper for you, try Abilene TX or Fresno CA. I'm sure somebody will give you a hand. Keep Austin a Crybaby-Free/Get-Your-Dick-Skinners-Out-of-My-Weed Zone.

Austin, Texas
Posted by Slaghammer on 2005-11-27 08:02:13
Bunch of crybabies.

Austin, Texas
Posted by goinghome on 2005-11-19 20:40:16
I certainly wouldn't doubt it. Austin is selling like hot-cakes! ... It's a great commodity to buy into! ... Do it and you'll be cool!

Austin, Texas
Posted by Dave on 2005-11-10 04:57:32
there's a lot of difference of opinion here on austin. it's not without some redeeming qualities, as i'm sure alcatraz is. some people have referred to central market and whole foods as "hippie friendly" food stores.... if $9 for a sandwich is your idea of hippie friendly - oh well. austin had it once, and it aint' got anymore. it is closed minded as hell, and very, very smug. high school-like cliques of people trying to be cool - including people old enough to know better. when you have to relegate your town's spirit to a stupid fucking bumper sticker "keep austin weird" you know it's not weird anymore.....or anything else. wannabe's, polictically correct assholes, in your face dillweeds.

Austin, Texas
Posted by Native Austinite on 2005-11-09 22:50:30
Don't move to Austin. It's crowed, dirty, stinky, mean and no fun at all. Feel free to visit, but don't stay and take at least five people with you when you shut the door. Peace out.

Austin, Texas
Posted by Kyle on 2005-11-09 01:53:34   My Score:
Austin is a GREAT city! Now, I'm not into Hippies at all, but I came to this site to read reviews. I found it on Google Search. Austin is an AWESOME city! So much to do, great shopping, and it's really nice! Yes, there are some problems, but it's still a great city. Besides the tons of illegal Immigrants pouring into the city, and despite the fact that the city government declared Austin a "Safe Haven" for illegals, it's an awesome city! Ok, so yes, there are some snobs, but there are also a LOT of nice people, so don't hate on Austin!

Austin, Texas
Posted by themovement on 2005-10-20 22:53:29
Austin is almost a cool place. Good grass. Snotty assholes.

Austin, Texas
Posted by DRay on 2005-10-18 22:03:24
I was born (64') and raised in Austin. Lived there for over 40 yrs. then made a decision to move (05') to Maryland........HOLY SHIT! was that a mistake. In a way I'm glad I did it because it has given me the chance to see what I had, and it also has given me the opportunity to share what I know. For example..... If your luckly enough to take a tour too the top of the UT Tower you can still see the bullet holes that were filled in after the infamous charles whitman incident.

Austin, Texas
Posted by Goinghome on 2005-09-21 23:45:52
I whole heartedly agree with one of Jimmy's statements. I have lived in San Antonio for 28 years (God help me...) and get tired of the snooty, personality contests many Austinites will attempt to win at your expense. Someone needs to tell them there's a difference between the 'confidence' they so righteously espouse and just plain bein' an asshole. y'know? "Keep Austin Weird" is a big bumpersticker campaign up there to try and consciously act as "strange" as possible in order to keep the tourists and trendy college students interested. It all seems a bit planned to me. you know what I mean? like someones just sitting there sweatin' trying to be as freaky as possible so people will notice him. I dunno. Maybe it's all the wanna be musicians? Maybe it's the miles and miles (and miles and miles and miles) of conservative, culturally depleated(sp?), wasteland surrounding it? I mean it's cool and all, don't get me wrong, but for the over eager attitude of some of it's residents. Thanks for lettin' me rant. "keep san antonio lame" peace.

Austin, Texas
Posted by Jimmy on 2005-08-31 08:49:13
I love Austin, but here is one thing. They have gotten smug as hell there and really are self-consciously aware of their own hip-ness. BUT---Drive on I-35 and see how "laid back" they are. Jesus freaking Christ---Austinites drive UP YOUR ASS ALL THE TIME and then tell you they are "laid back". Yeah, whatever. I am a Psychologist and behavior speaks to me more than self-pronouncements. I live in Santa Fe now, and YES it is expensive and YES there are a lot of folks from California throwing around too much money and fucking up the economy, but I would take Santa Fe over Austin about 73 times out of 100. (Austin has better music,but that is not to say SF has NONE.......) By the way , in between Austin and SF I lived in Cleveland, Ohio----Cleveland Heights is STILL hip.....

Austin, Texas
Posted by scottyviaggio on 2005-08-02 20:51:25
Hey. I lived in Austin from 86-04, and I loved it. As a previous review wrote, I agree with, I didn't realize how great Austin was when it was. It's more citified now for sure. But that's okay. It's a great city and you will find interesting, open minded people. It's not as over crowded as some cities, and you are very close to some beautiful nature. Someone said that Austin is a bit superficial, and that may be true. It might be accurate to say that many cities have eschewed their hippydom to a certain extent. I actually can't think of a RADical city. Activism is not popular now. If you know of one, let me know: realguy000@yahoo.com ps. When i visited flagstaff last year, it reminded me of old Austin to a certain degree.

Austin, Texas
Posted by ............ on 2005-07-03 08:23:38
Yes we most certainly have an illegal alien problem. I have no problem with hispanics, but I do have a problem with illegals who leave their wife and kids behind in mexico. They don't send money back. I've worked with several at restaurants and they never even talk to their families. And why would you, when there are tons of women to leer at in Austin. To me, they ruin some of the cool things about austin, like hippie hallow. They don't even attempt to speak english and they constantly stare at women. And it's said to say, they increase the crime rate. Don't believe me? look it up. It would be really easy to control our borders, but America won't. The labor is too cheap. And nobody can complain, because then you're deemed a racist. Ok enough ranting...move to austin, or little mexico as I like to call it.

Austin, Texas
Posted by jeremy on 2005-06-30 04:20:29
Austin is cool but the cops are abusive, racist, drunk shitheads.If you can avoid the shitheads you will have a good time. Mexicans add to the wonderful diversity that makes austin. Without them, austin wouldnt be austin. We have our problems like anywhere else but a number of backgrounds and colors are guilty of that.My wife and I call it a 'liberal oasis amongst a sea of red'.

Austin, Texas
Posted by Steve on 2005-06-25 12:43:08
Only been once but found the people friendly,lot's to do and the music fantastic

Austin, Texas
Posted by SPok on 2005-06-06 07:08:59
TO MOST of the people that posted here .... You sound like a bunch of foul mouthed un-intelligent crack headed/meth low=lives who DO NOT respect each other. You are why the US has so many problems. its full of people like you. ok people... .at the count of 5 ... everybody "RESPECT EACHOTHER"... 5 seconds after that... think about what is "THE RIGHT THING". if your a Spick, a nigga, or a hick, NOW DO THE RIGHT THING. CHANGE YOUR WAYS.. GANGSTA AINT KOOL No MO. AMERICA ... .remember ? Imagine. Peace !

Austin, Texas
Posted by Carolyn on 2005-05-25 20:22:14
the drag is the best place to hang ooooouuttt i love austin its so fuckn AWESOME

Austin, Texas
Posted by edz on 2005-05-02 18:42:57
dudessssss, chill out please austin is cool. We do have fucked up shit here thats just dumb as hell like racist and stupid ghetto people who always want to fight but the solution is to chill the fuck out. The only problems is us fucked up people so do the right thing chill the fuck out or take a gun to your fuckin head and pull the fuckin trigger.

Austin, Texas
Posted by hippiestead on 2005-03-30 07:29:09   My Score:
Sometimes you find what you're looking for and sometimes you don't; sometimes it's the amount of good vibe you put into looking. Austin is getting much too large to retain it's homeyness, but many good things happen. Check out Eeyore's B-day Party in April; it throws a good example of Austin weirdness. Lots of kind folks lay low within the city walls, mainly around UT & south austin, but many have migrated, both west and east. Keep looking & leave a trail of peace, love & happiness!

Austin, Texas
Posted by x on 2005-03-19 02:23:46
to the one complaining about illegal aliens, tell me..... how is a global community established when everyone is separated by borders?Love your neighbor people or kill yourself, maybe your the problem. no hard feelings

Austin, Texas
Posted by Sadlit on 2004-12-25 05:04:52
I have lived in austin eight years and then moved away to NYC for three years. During the initial eight years i lived here i think i took everything for granted, there were more hippies then than there are now, tons more, you'd need a stick to maneauver your way through them, also more punks, a special type of punk with cowboy hat and cowboy boots and yes this was before rob zombie and the mass media made it the norm for the rest of the country. well, i moved away to the big city, thoroughly austinified although i did not know it. i searched for a nyc that no longer existed, kerouac's city, o'hara's city, that of pollac, the lower east side, everything i loved and read of in books. when i got there it didn't take me long to find out the scene was dead, thoroughly dead, nothing, nothing of it is left, not in any of the boroughs, not brroklyn, not queens. And then after three years, actually several times throughout the three years it occurred to me, all these guys were pushed out of nyc by big money, it started in the fifties and ended in the late eighties, solidifed itself in the nineties. but the beauty is now in other cities of which austin is one of them. i just moved back, astonished by the beauty of the natural landscape, the openess of the people i talk to that don't have imaginary boxes over their heads like they do in the big apple. Really, although many of the hippies are gone (I think they just cut their hair and are still continuing their idealism but without having to need a uniform, and even the counter-culture falls prey to believing in uniforms) there is still an individualist idea of freedom here. Room to breathe, experiment with your life, fuck up, learn from your mistakes, move on. This, i think is the real beauty of the place, you can always reinvent yourself, recreate your life and no one will judge you, force. So it is good to be back, if anyone wants to move here I think its important to know that if anything is expected of you is a contribution, you too should live your dream, love and fulfill, but do not exploit.

Austin, Texas
Posted by WETBACKLUVR! on 2004-12-15 01:28:38

Austin, Texas
Posted by wetbacks get out! on 2004-11-08 02:13:41
First of all, I'm white, and my girlfriend is black, so I want to make that clear before you read on. I really wish Austin was what all of you bleeding hearts think it is, but the truth is, that we're being invaded by illegal aliens, mainly from Mexico. It's destroying our city, and our country as a whole. Just look at the crime rate for car burglaries alone. APD agrees that it is illegal aliens who are mostly responsible for it, and it's raging rampant here. They have no respect for us, or the beauty of our country, leaving trash like beer cans, old appliances, torn up furniture, and other garbage everywhere, and they drive drunk constantly, and yes with their own children in their vehicles. They play Tejano music at peak volumes at all hours of the day, completely disrespecting citizens who are trying to sleep, and those racist ex-mayors Gus Garcia and Kirk Watson have declared Austin a safe haven for illegals, meaning they won't deport them from here, so it just gets worse and worse every year. I commend those of you who didn't vote this year, because neither presidential candidate will even acknowledge this problem, in fear of losing the Hispanic vote. What total pussies!! WE ARE BECOMING A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY!! THE BORDERS ARE WIDE OPEN!! WAKE UP YOU FUCKING IDIOTS!! BLACKS, ASIANS, MIDDLE EASTERNERS, AND CANADIANS ARE NOT THE PROBLEM!! IT'S ILLEGAL MEXICANS, AND THEY NEED TO BE STOPPED, BY WHATEVER MEANS!!!!! For those of you who will never be convinced, and that say they only come here looking for a better way of life, I'm all for that, but it's the lack of respect they show towards us that's the reason for my and other's anger. Even Mexican Americans agree with us! People say, "these people bust their ass working here at jobs that Americans won't take!" Well guess what?! They could live just fine in Mexico, IF THEY DIDN'T HAVE SO MANY MOUTHS TO FEED!! STOP HAVING SO MANY KIDS, AND YOU WON'T BE FORCED TO SLAVE LABOR TO FEED THEM!! 1 TO 2 KIDS IS FINE! 4 TO 6 IS COMPLETE IRRESPONSIBILITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TO THE SYMPATHIZER! YOUR PROBLEM IS THAT YOU DON'T HAVE TO LIVE NEAR THEM, SO YOU DON'T SEE THE PROBLEM!! I'll respond to anyone who doesn't agree, and if I think of anything else, I'll be sure and post it. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

Austin, Texas
Posted by Willie Oatus on 2004-08-17 07:41:23
man, austin rocks. to all you who think austin has posers. you my friend, are the true poser. if you cant take a walk in the park and realize the true beauty we ar based on, then you have no idea what purity and peace are. if all your focused on is smoking weed and acting stupid, wake up! the world is a beautiful place and austin has many very intruiging scenes. but sometimes work and buiseness take over that beauty and we need a little help to bring out the naturality austin still preserves. next time you visit, take a seat and look up at the sky and the beautiful oak trees, before you be so hateful. remember! peace, love and happiness! peace out.

Austin, Texas
Posted by not very much to do on 2004-08-08 23:41:39
Gotta say, Austin isn't all that great a place if you don't enjoy drinking, dancing, dining, hiking, canoeing, sailing, caving, waterskiing, climbing, arts and crafts, listening to music, reading, coffee shops, biking, sporting events, gaming, shopping, smoking, studying, geocaching, or about a million other lame things like that!

Austin, Texas
Posted by bj28 on 2004-07-26 09:27:42
man, i totally agree with disolated austinite. you hit this town right on.

Austin, Texas
Posted by disolated austinite on 2004-07-15 05:53:59
Well, I think austin is ok. I wish there were more beatiful hot latin women around here that's for sure. I'm not racist, but when blacks go with blacks, whites go with whites, and mexicans go with mexicans; and you're not one of those three categories, it's hard to really be happy. As far as going to places to have fun and meet people I would rate it a 2 out of 10. Six Street sucks! I hate all of the bars. Hippies are cool but I stoped smokin. Maybe that's why I am so bored and pissed off. I just wish there was more hot women that were cooler and didn't have 3 kids by the time they were 21. Well, I guess I have some alchohol to drink and let time go by so that I can get the hell out of this town whenever I can if ever.

Austin, Texas
Posted by christy on 2004-07-01 02:39:45
hey guys....... I HAVE A penis...and a vagina.. its called hermaphrodite... i named him hermy..... and they fuck me ..... all niiiighttttt looooong.....OHhooohOOhOOPOH yeh.... we are open to anyone who wants to join.... well me and hermy are, but the other one doesnt know about it. she's kind of a pussy. HAHAH GET IT??!?!?!? oh yeh.... austin rocks! keep it weird

Austin, Texas
Posted by Courtney on 2004-07-01 02:34:53
ok well, i dont know about fagbashers, or posers .... i live in austin and it is a wonderful place to live. I FUCKIN LOVE IT so if you have a prolblem, suck my CUNT. i DONT FUCKIN CARE WHAT YOU THINK I LOVE MY CITY AND MY STATE. ok well, peace love and happiness to you all! FUCK HEADS

Austin, Texas
Posted by Oat Willie on 2004-06-04 15:42:54
In the '70s Austin was really a 'Groover's Paradice' as the song goes. Since then, the Californicator tech assholes have ruined the place. A real hippie would skip off this town fast, if looking for a laid back lifestyle. The hippies of the fabled period when the Armadillo World Headquarters and Soap Creek were the best music venues, have long gone. What remains of them still in town are homosexuals, overwhelmed Earth-mothers raising the last of their kids, sell-outs to the real estate business and other forlorn losers. Austin is a classic case of left coast opportunists destroying what was once wonderful. The hippies of 'old Austin' have headed for the hills and now live an hour or two to the west. There are places there where they still congregate but I would never reveal them here! If you are young and seek that fabled hippie life style you must do more homework. The answer is no longer Austin. You have a good chance of sucess if you can support yourself away from large business centers and residential housing devevopments. Searching for a hippie lifestyle in a traffic congested city is a waste of time. Like looking for them at Haight - Ashbury in S. F. To any of you who really know of what I speak then the message remains as before, " Onward Through the Fog"

Austin, Texas
Posted by F.B.U. on 2004-02-27 23:39:35
to the sub-human piece of filth who calls ITSELF shadow: you will be found in dallas, and beaten into oblivion, with many steel toes. you think you have the right to adopt children and train them in your sickening ways. it's time to save our children and wipe out the existence of your kind! gutterpunk you say. try gutterspunk! this filth-filled hole called austin, has been spawned from the town created from shit called dallas where you lie in your own soiled sheets. it's over for you. change your ways now or be crushed! FAGBASHERS UNITE! FAGBASHERS UNITE! FAGBASHERS UNITE!

Austin, Texas
Posted by JareemWeaver on 2004-02-09 11:09:02
I'm gonna be in Austin for a month over the SXSW music festival but I don't know a soul there. So if any of you(minus the gay bashers) would wanna be cool enough to check some bands out with me some night it'd be greatly appreciated. I don't mind rockin' it by myself, but rockin' it by myself every night would kinda suck. If ya wanna e-mail me it's jareemweaver@yahoo.com

Austin, Texas
Posted by CosmicCatSunflower on 2004-01-15 20:30:29   My Score:
hey, chill.... whats wrong with your heads guys? Peacexxxxxxx

Austin, Texas
Posted by pissedgutterqueen on 2004-01-15 00:57:21
you poser ass bitches F Bitch U!!!! you aint nothin but a stoner republican faciest capitilist conformist......a hippy, punk, or anything else considered to be a free thinking movement...has to be that FREETHINKING.....you cant be a homophobe hippy or punk pisswipe!!!! i am a 26 year old gutterpunk transsexual with a hippy mother.....i am in dallas.....bash me bitch i dare you....oak lawn area....ask for shadow.

Austin, Texas
Posted by pissedgutterqueen on 2004-01-15 00:43:38
you poser ass bitches F Bitch U!!!! you aint nothin but a stoner republican faciest capitilist conformist......a hippy, punk, or anything else considered to be a free thinking movement...has to be that FREETHINKING.....you cant be a homophobe hippy or punk pisswipe!!!! i am a 26 year old gutterpunk transsexual with a hippy mother.....i am in dallas.....bash me bitch i dare you....oak lawn area....ask for shadow.

Austin, Texas
Posted by Irritated on 2003-12-31 02:25:14   My Score:
What the hell is wrong with you guys? Why should you care what two consenting adults do in the bedroom? It's none of your goddamn business. I thought this was supposed to be about Austin, not "fagbashing". If there's one thing I can't stand, it's narrow minded fucks like you that burn down abortion clinics, pick on minorities, and support violence as a solution to all problems. I give a message to all these people. FUCK YOU! Besides, alot of you so called "fagbashers" enjoy anal sex with women. How is this different when it involves two men? Perhaps you're all closet gays who are scared someone will out you.

Austin, Texas
Posted by i hate you, bitch! on 2003-12-20 05:56:36   My Score:
austin is full of bitch ass niggaz. fucking hippie drum circles everywhere. queer ass bitches fucked up on meth. i'm going to burn this place.

Austin, Texas
Posted by F.B.U. on 2003-11-13 01:40:24   My Score:
To the last fool that posted a comment: Learn to spell--Bitch! It's industry, not industrie. FAGBASHERS UNITE!

Austin, Texas
Posted by F.B.U. on 2003-11-13 01:40:06   My Score:
To the last fool that posted a comment: Learn to spell--Bitch! It's industry, not industrie. FAGBASHERS UNITE!

Austin, Texas
Posted by F.B.U. on 2003-11-13 01:38:22   My Score:
To the last fool that posted a comment: Learn to spell--Bitch! It's industry, not industrie. FAGBASHER'S UNITE!

Austin, Texas
Posted by i wanna be a fagbasher on 2003-09-03 18:50:21   My Score:
yeah, badass! Finally somebody's right on track about this filth-filled hole some call a hippie town. Let's bash these fags right out of this town and let em know we're tired of this queer shit. How can I join you guys whoever you are?

Austin, Texas
Posted by F.B.U. on 2003-09-03 15:15:33
I've lived in Austin for 22 years. It used to be cool; Now it sucks. It's getting just like Dallas, with the amount of traffic and rude people growing daily. All these out of towners are moving here. The real hippies are long gone. Also, the population of queers and child molesters is growing rapidly here. We need to do something about these sick people; FAST! (if you know what I mean). I think you do. As one great punk band stated--ELIMINATION, ERADICATION, ANNIHILATION, of the FUCKING QUEER NATION. FAGBASHERS UNITE!

Austin, Texas
Posted by TruVaughn on 2003-08-26 03:49:51
What I'm typeing has nothing to do with Austin but with TX period..... I just moved to Houston two months ago and so far I've met alot of people and I have to confess that TX is the most closeminded place I ever been in my life and I've been just about everywhere these people don't know the meaning of mind expansion and further more I can't count how many times I've been called a nigger strait out to my face.... All they seem to car about is trucks and killing animals. Take my advise never go to the south.....

Austin, Texas
Posted by not a hippie haven!!! on 2003-07-23 13:20:55   My Score:
Austin is not a hippie haven. Its the capitol of a mean ass state. Its hot, and it sucks in everyone semi-like-minded in the south. They're not really hippies. They're pretend hippies. Just because you get high and wear hemp doesn't mean you're really a hippie. Avoid Austin if you can. Go to the pacific northwest. Its the real deal. Austin is just a fad.

Austin, Texas
Posted by BEAN on 2003-02-13 18:10:28

Austin, Texas
Posted by BEAN on 2003-02-13 18:09:03

Austin, Texas
Posted by thekid on 2003-01-18 12:34:41
i visited austin for the first time last summer. i loved it and hope to move there one day. while i was there i saw WSP right outside of austin in a town called bees cave! also right outside of austin is Hippie Hollow....a nude beach opened daily. what a great state!!!! everyone i encountered was friendly!

Austin, Texas
Posted by Tre M on 2002-09-20 16:41:02   My Score:
As an Austin native (and still residing), move down here and you will not regret it! I've been several places in the U.S. (Chicago being one of my favs) but, and though this may be bias, Austin truly is a wonderful city. It's not huge, but it's big enough to not feel desolate. There are sooo many places to go and things to do, from the greenbelt (sculpture falls being a personal fav) to hamilton pool. We have our fair share of fairly corporate "hippie" stores like Central Market and Whole Foods (with Sun Harvest on the rise), but there are also wonderful places like the Wheatsville Co-op, and Mr. Natural to name a couple. The crowd is very diverse. It has its [gigantic] share of college kids, as well as suits and such. I know I'm supposed to be rating the review, but I just can't help but brag a little more about a small peice of heaven :)

Austin, Texas
Posted by Tommy on 2002-05-31 23:55:32   My Score:
Great review, you really do Austin it's justice. In response to the previouse response, i agree that "hippie" has become more of a fasion trend then idealism, that kinda gets to me, but the more peace lovers in the world we can get right now the better right? Austin is indeed the live music capitol of the world, and i wouldnt leave here for anything. PEACE ~Tommy~

Austin, Texas
Posted by bnugent on 2002-05-12 17:06:27   My Score:
Austin is a very laid back town. My only gripe is that "hippy" seems to be a very big fad right now. By that I mean everyone down to your run of the mill corporate businessman is sporting the sandals and hemp-ware. Don't get me wrong, if they're really walking the talk, so to speak, then I've got no problem with them. Other than that, Austin's a pretty hip college town. Besides being beautiful (oh that hill country), it's also a pretty safe place to walk around at night. Overall: Great music, great bars, southern hospitality, and relatively inexpensive living.

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