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Re: The Way of the Hippy (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Wednesday, February 23 @ 09:34:11 UTC
At Peace with self and world
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Re: The Way of the Hippy (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Thursday, March 10 @ 10:19:28 UTC
the 4 sides to my confined space tels me ther is no freedom
no rights for those in need just petty petty greed...to be a hippie is to have faith and to believe in change,to take chances and to make sacrifices for the ones we love,to give a shit about the things people just dont give a shit about anymore..and to remember that just as we live and will inevatibly die so will the ones who are imprisoning us live and inevetably die. may we walk through green fields and drink pure water from rivers and share and care for one another my we find freedom and my freedom find us.

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Re: The Way of the Hippy (Score: 0)
by Lolaa on Tuesday, April 19 @ 18:17:44 UTC
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its great. no need to follow the way of society. society has created its own set of rule that restrain us from ourself. belive or not but not every1 fits into "these"rules of society nd those hatred is brought, love is gone nd respect is gone.
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Re: The Way of the Hippy (Score: 0)
by Ash on Thursday, October 27 @ 03:15:49 UTC
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I think they are free spirited and crazy!
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Re: The Way of the Hippy (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Sunday, December 04 @ 01:46:10 UTC
Mi hermano, es al revés, primero sientes y luego lo expresas en tu forma de ser. Un abrazo.
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Re: The Way of the Hippy (Score: 0)
by Jordan on Tuesday, December 13 @ 21:15:55 UTC
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being a hippie is pretty great :b a lot of chicks at my school like it haha.

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Re: The Way of the Hippy (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Thursday, April 05 @ 06:00:14 UTC
Its like standing at the bottom of a beautiful waterfall and closing your eyes and letting the powerful water cleanse your body and your spirit . its about giving love and music to celabrate Gods amasing gifts of song and dance . its about treating everyone the same , like he or she was your won brother or sister. to love one another for now and always . Peace and Love my friends :)
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Re: The Way of the Hippy (Score: 0)
by Kris on Wednesday, May 16 @ 02:12:15 UTC
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