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Letters to Hippyland: Modernized Meat   (Views: 8,410)
Contributed by Anonymous on January 20th, 2015

Animals are God's creatures. They belong to mother nature and yes, they may be on this planet to be eaten. However, they aren't on this planet to be placed in cages and fed steroids and live a miserable life just for our pleasure. The horror of existence is that the human race only cares about themselves. Let's change the human race and stop supporting the use of factories! Let's refuse to eat meat until nobody will eat animals that are fattened up by farmers. Let's change the modern definition of 'humane' and spread the word that factories are making humans ungrateful of what mother nature has provided us. We don't need to fatten up animals and make them miserable because mother nature has already made every animal perfect how they are-living. Living free and fearless.

Modernized Meat
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Re: Modernized Meat (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Tuesday, March 24 @ 20:47:04 UTC
Fresh, raw, organic plant life is the best nutritionally. But B12 only occurs in animal life. Not much B12 is required, and it remains in your system a long time. My supplement contains 250 percent of the RDA. (In the land of supersizing). And it is probably derived from animals. The pet food industry alone promotes wholesale exploitation of animals for the all mighty dollar. I love my cat, and she's a carnivore. I have to feed her. On the other hand, believe it or not, Big Pharma makes billions of dollars in profits off toxic chemicals they test on children. Young, innocent human beings are tortured to death to maintain the economy. Vivisection is another asset to the economy. Fast food burgers are delicious and addictive and an asset to the economy. Stupid intellectual work-a-holics torture autistic children in the guise of medical science. There are more unscrupulous people making a living off of cancer than there are dying from it. It seems to me that wild animals are in constant fear of being preyed upon in order to survive. I'm not saying they are better off in a cage; in our digestive tract; or under the knife. I'm trying to say you are better off if you don't do that to them or yourself. As for the Lord's nature? Take a look at leprosy; famine; and drought.

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