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News: Hippy Hill Needs HELP Rebuilding   (Views: 7,917)
Contributed by Anonymous on September 6th, 2012

Really bad news, but in the early hours of Friday April 13th, 2012 there was a fire on Hippie Hill. Thanks god noone was hurt.

Hippie Hill is a non-profit organization that helps feed and give a place for people to stay at. If they lost everything Hippie Hill was always there to help you out with making sure you had a roof over your head and food in your bellies every day. Hippie Hill has been doing this for over 12 years, and after all that time, a tragedy that we had no clue about came to the hill on Friday the 13th of all days.

The kitchen is gone, this means there no food at the moment, no refrigerators, no freezers, our double oven, 6 burner and side griddle oven is gone.

The brand new shower house is gone, we spent months getting it together, tile floors and walls, 2 shower heads, a tiled bench, vanity, and right when we get done hooking up the plumbing it burns down.

We had a water tower that held our water to send it to the kitchen and shower house is gone. The water tanks we had to store our water in from the spring are gone.

Our $20,000 diesel generator is gone, burnt to a crisp.

Hippie Hill lost over $50,000 worth of supplies, and buildings that we there to help hungry people all around the country that came to visit or stay.

If anyone could help, heres a list of what is needed to help rebuild our community, and a ways of contacting or getting in touch with us.

- FOOD! we lost all the food for the kitchen.
- Lots of Lumber for building the structures back up.
- Help building the structures would also help.
- Water Buffalo's to store water in. We use to use 250 gallon tanks, but anything would help for now.
- Generators, preferably a big one to be able to run our stage and lights for the festivals and concerts we throw, but a couple good ones would always work. We're looking for at least a 50 kilowatt generator to help run everything again,
- Plumbing fixtures to re-do the shower house.
- Tile.
- A propane stove.
- Refrigerators.
- Freezers.
- Dishes, Silverware, plates, pots, bowls, pans, utensils

If you can, or you know someone that can help us out it would be greatlyyyy appreciated. You could come visit at the address below or give us a call -- 615-796-3697

8627 Burks Hollow Rd
Christiana TN 37037

They are still hurting  after 3 months. Heres a link of the news story about the fire.

Heres Hippie Hills web site

Best wishes to all and thanks for takeing the time to read this


Hippy Hill Needs HELP Rebuilding
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Re: Hippy Hill Needs HELP Rebuilding (Score: 0)
by thebigkimshew on Tuesday, March 05 @ 22:19:04 UTC
(User Info )
Been a plumber 37 years. What is called a master.Not really doing anything else. Also. I have a rebuilt Rife impulse pump.Got it off a scrap pile and installed all new gaskets, bolts,etc.3 gal. minute intake. If the home was right it needs to be useful.New..$1600...Right home?...A so long pat and serve them well.Trouble. I am in Paradise Ca. and you, it seems, are in Tenn.?

Re: Hippy Hill Needs HELP Rebuilding (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Saturday, June 29 @ 03:02:56 UTC
we need an update of what is still needed so we can help spread the word i personally would like to help gipsiecrone@gmail.com

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