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Letters to Hippyland: Old Hippy Soul Revival   (Views: 10,299)
Contributed by Anonymous on April 25th, 2012

I am probably an old hippy (just turned 60) and lived like one often. If living on the road and traveling from place to place, in the forest or the beach, sleeping outdoors and visiting the rainbow gathering counts. Yet I do not count myself as just a Hippie. Still, there was a great opening of the cosmic door (probably in 1965 (sound of music and the 60’s/70’s music is the bomb still) and in that time the spirit flowed in strongly, brought Eck and the religion of light and sound or ancient science of soul travel and other books (Kerouac, acid-test, etc) as we uncovered the reasons for progress which included communes, psychedelics, folk rock and roll, and other new idealism thought and attitudes, among the best being love, peace, honest sex, and happiness all are ‘pretty darn good things“.

I wonder how many realize this and why they would not realize the society actually creates hippies, not the other way around. Society needs that balance and realism of the Hippie naturalist, artist, and independent or ‘communist’ to see itself and find growth. A good bit of our computer advance comes from people who were seeded in the 60’s. The homeless children in the desert who live outside society because of the economic imbalance and free-slave mentality (who would think we live in homes really owned by banks, ergo the state- and are no better than a former slave - If you don‘t think so, try not paying the mortgage - out you will be)

I say thank you Old Hippy, and please If Only I could remember my name, answer me this - Are we not all Hippies? That is, living off the land! Being in communal space! Hearing the music! Knowing the spirit! Who can say they are not, and are we not all hippies?

How about putting some of the music on your site too? Cool. Oh that word is so abused now, like the hippie. Soul! Now, that’s better.

Old Hippy Soul Revival
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Re: Old Hippy Soul Revival (Score: 0)
by shady on Wednesday, October 03 @ 18:25:57 UTC
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its seems we all are not hippies because i would think a hippy as someone who does not only live off the land.. but hippy really try to be kind to our earth that we call home. if everyone was kind to thier brothers and sisters and the earth.. we could all live in happieness, hippieness, love, and peace.

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