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Archives: Student Dress Codes? (1969)   (Views: 11,836)

Contributed by skip on November 29th, 2010

Unrest in the Southwest

Source: Plain Brown Watermelon, Bellaire High School Newspaper, Oct. 1969, Vol 1, #1

Things are bubbling out there in the southwest area high schools. Here's a brief, and admittedly incomplete rundown on a few incidents which occurred during he last two weeks.

At Bellaire a student council sponsored referendum was presented to the student body on hair and dress regulations. The question was, who should have the right to make those decisions: the administration, the student council, or the individual? The result of the referendum (representing only about two-thirds of the enrollment since some teachers refused to hand out the ballots) was as fallows: 1,520 for the individual, 750 for the student council, 450 for the administration. In response, Bellaire Principal Harlan Andrews declared the referendum null and void, ,saying that it had not been authorized by him. Only a week before Andrews had been urging students to channel their grievances through the student council.

Leafletting has occurred at almost all southwest high schools. The most frequent point of dissent is the hair and dress code, but as little ground is gained in this fight the range of issues invariably broadens. At Spring Woods a test case is being prepared to challenge the constitutionality of grooming restrictions.

Though there have been numerous expulsions and suspensions, the only reported arrest took place before school in the cafeteria at Madison High School. Madison students had requested help from Bellaire in preparing and distributing leaflets, and on Wednesday of last week two Bellaire students, a boy and a girl were busted for leafletting at Madison. The girl was later released as a juvenile, but the boy, Harrell Graham, was charged with trespassing and loitering. His trial is set for 11a.m. October 16 at Corporation Court, 61 Reisner Street. Bellaire's Watermelon Committee is encouraging as many people as possible to attend the trial in a show of support for Harrell. Contact Space City News for the room number.

And at Sharpstown “Phlashlyte,” the independent newspaper that caused all the uproar last year, reappeared on campus.

All of which proves, friends, that the times indeed are a'changing.


Student Dress Codes? (1969)
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