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Columns: Kiss a Lawyer, Kill Your Television   (Views: 6,847)
Contributed by Harrell Graham on November 22nd, 2010

Kiss a Lawyer, Kill Your Television

By Harrell Graham

So now where are we 40 years after the 60’s? Tired and retired, in a world of giant corporations that transcend national boundaries, laws, rules and regulations. The good news is this is still a country where you can fight if you want to. You won’t be shot or killed (well, probably not). You can organize a demonstration, publish whatever you like, or hire a lawyer and fight just about anything. You might not win, but at least the rules allow you to fight without much of a chance of getting killed. I’ve lived in a semi-third world country and that experience sobered me up as to how blessed we are to still have some pieces of paper called the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, and the Bill of Rights. Because many other countries don’t have those and could care less about a trifling thing called ‘rights’, or ‘freedoms’.

The “Patriot Act”? My patriot act is the Bill of Rights.

After living in a country overseas with little rule of law I returned to the United States firmly committed to never telling another ‘lawyer joke’. Upon de-planing I first kissed the ground, then the Constitution and then a lawyer. At least in the United States, a lawyer represents the ‘rule of law’ which is--if you’ve never experienced its absence--a holy thing. Of course lawyers can be a force for ill, but they can also be a force for good.

I urge any of you readers to send your kids to live a year in a second or third world country where there is little rule of law. Those countries won’t be hard to find because they are everywhere. Your kids will return from that experience a true patriot, full of clear-eyed understanding of the specialness of what the ‘rule of law’ means.

We need this kind of awareness. Our country is screwed up in many ways, but at least we have a structure which allows healthy debate and other avenues for change.

Too bad so many are still hooked up to their television sets and mainlining the passivity created by sitting in front of the glowing alter-screen.

If you

Kill Your Television !

you will find something wonderful happens: your life will change for the better. No more TalkingHeadsShoppingChannelMurdersandMayhemandDisastersYouCan’tDoAnythingAbout and

FootballBasketballBaseballWith CBS and NBC and FOX hurling their logos at you in an ElectronicScreenExplosionslogos once every minute

Nature abhors a vacuum, so if you create a vacuum by canceling your cable subscription you will be forced to get up and do something else. (Or, watch a movie from Netflix—no commercials to brainwash you!)

And, think of the savings: $600 per year times 30 years is $20,000.

Kiss a Lawyer, Kill Your Television
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Re: Kiss a Lawyer, Kill Your Television (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Tuesday, November 30 @ 23:33:54 UTC
Superbly Said ... Thanks much !
wally martin
columbus , n.j.

Re: Kiss a Lawyer, Kill Your Television (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Monday, July 04 @ 05:17:52 UTC
Beautiful , I acctually havnt watched tv in a VERY LONG time and since its summer and I usually watch tv all the time I have gotten out of the house and I went to the zoo today !

Lots of wonderful things outside these fourwalls of my house ... so many adventures I have yet to embark on . :)

Thanks ...

Re: Kiss a Lawyer, Kill Your Television (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Saturday, February 11 @ 19:57:20 UTC
*thumbs up*
we got rid of our tv subscription last year, now wen ever im over some ones and they have the tv on i want to gauge my eyes out and burst my ear drums. the mindless dribble that has turned our nations in to zombie couch potatoes, it makes me proud that my children will not grow up with tv in the house
tv is the devil !!

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