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Ask The Old Hippy: Vegetarians and Protein   (Views: 17,445)

Contributed by skip on December 13th, 2001

Hey groovy dude,
I recently became a vegetarian, and my dad and step-mother are concerned that I'm not getting protein, and want me to eat seafood. Is that cool?

Peace, man!
Sean Klee

Sean, You can easily get all the protein you need from vegetable sources, without eating any kind of animals. Proper food combining will ensure that. Most humans in the industrialized world get far too much protein anyway. You can ensure you're getting enough protein by eating complementary foods that together create complete proteins. These take the form of legumes and grains, (beans and rice). Tofu, tempeh, TVP and other soy products are just the beginning of a healthy diet.

If you're not totally vegan, you can always supplement your diet with dairy products or eggs, which will add more than enough protein. Unfortunately you also get lots more fat, cholesterol, hormones and antibiotics with dairy products and eggs. So I don't recommend it unless you have problems with the vegan diet. Eating dairy products also supports the dairy industry which treats animals like commodities, and only cares about making profits. Look at the current crisis in Europe resulting in the unnecessary slaughter of hundreds of thousands (soon to be millions) of animals just to protect future profits.

I don't recommend eating fish unless they've been farm raised (unnatural). That's because the oceans are rapidly being depleted of all large life forms. Pretty soon there will be a huge collapse of the world's fishing grounds thanks to mankind's voracious appetite for seafood. Already, 30% of the earth's coral reefs are dead. We may see another 50% die in our lifetime. Yet few people seem to notice or care...

Whatever you eat, please be conscious of the source and honor it. And I don't mean McDonalds, Inc. On another level we are all in the same pool of energy, just moving it around from one life form to another. It's just light transmuting into light. As long as we consume only what we need, we are keeping things in balance. Learning what we truly need is a path to enlightenment. It's worth travelling if only for awhile.

Pass the tofu,
The Old Hippy

Vegetarians and Protein
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