This page contains the truth about the Drug War.  Drug Czar Barry McCaffrey and the U.S. Government have conspired to deceive the American public by using completely false statistics and information about drug use and it's social effects.  Nowhere is this more true than the comparison with Holland see below. Visit the Hip Guide to Amsterdam's Coffeeshops to see how the Dutch deal with the issue of soft drugs.  McCaffrey and the U.S. have lost almost all credibility with the Europeans who know the truth!  Switzerland just passed a law to allow the continued sales of heroin directly to addicts.  America is falling into a very dangerous pattern of repression and persecution of it's own people. See War on Americans for more about this.

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Just Say KNOW! This is your brain on TRUTH! Charts galore!

"He who opens a school door, closes a prison." --Victor Hugo.
*11-98. 1998 USA drug war legislation. [A summary. In 1998 Republicans (GOP) sponsored nearly all the bad bills].| Click HERE for GOP links section below.


LAST UPDATED JANUARY 21, 1999. This beast of a webpage first created in 1998. (3 X 666 = 1998).   ;-)  This article is:
*Tables and Charts against Drug War, and Petro-Pharm-Inc.. [Exposing the U.S. Republican (GOP) drug-war feudalism, and Republican Fundamentalist Drug War Jihad. Clickable Links and clickable article Table of Contents. Please use to send updated data, URLs, table ideas, feedback, etc.. All is read. Can't promise to reply].|

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    *USA versus NETHERLANDS.|
    *Number of American DEATHS per year from drugs, diseases, accidents, and the Petrochemical-Pharmaceutical-Complex, Inc..|
    *Racist U.S. Drug War. Number of  BLACK, HISPANIC, and white prisoners per 100,000 residents.|
    *State-by-state Felony Disenfranchisement (can't VOTE) Laws in the United States.|
    *U.S.: Federal MANDATORY-MINIMUM Drug Sentences.|
    *U.S.: AVERAGE SENTENCE for a first-time, federal drug offender compared with other offenses.|
    *Federal PRISON population over time. Percentage who are DRUG OFFENDERS, 1970 to 1998.|
    *HOMICIDE Rates Worldwide compared to United States (U.S.) rate. Also, PERCENTAGE of crime that is drug-related.|
    *MEDICAL CANNABIS Wars. POWs, Casualties, Heroes, War Criminals. Also trial status, previously tried, upcoming trials. Also, cannabis and drug policy SEARCH ENGINES.|
    *CHILD POVERTY rates and Drug War. USA and other nations.|
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UNITED STATES, 1980 to 1997. REAGAN REPUBLICANS' TRIPLING OF THE U.S. INCARCERATION RATE. Fundamentalist Holy War. Incarceration rates per 100,000 U.S. population.
*12-98. The Prison-Industrial Complex. [Atlantic Monthly magazine. Huge article detailing the incredible corruption and horror of US incarceration].|


Prison figures are for December 31 every year through 1996. For 1997 the June 30 figure is used since the cited BJS (Bureau of Justice Statistics) report only has the "in custody" number for that date so far (Note the BJS explanations given for "jurisdiction" and "custody"). Sum of Jail and Prison equals Total Inmates. Please use a fixed-width/monospace/monotype font such as Courier, Monaco, etc. so that the chart columns line up better.

1. "Between then [1940, at the end of the Great Depression] and 1980, the [incarceration] rate hovered in a range between 160 and 200 [sum of jail and prison inmates per 100,000 US population]. Then it took off [FORFEITURE LAWS AND VASTLY EXPANDED, MANDATORY-MINIMUM DRUG LAW SENTENCES, etc.], reaching 319 by 1985, 473 by 1990 and 519 last year [1993]. These are levels normally associated with POLICE STATES" (Newsday, 9/16/94, emphasis and [bracketed] info added).
*t621.pdf [Number and rate (per 100,000 total resident population, and also by gender) of sentenced prisoners in State and Federal institutions on December 31, by sex, United States, 1925-95 (Table 6.21). Acrobat file. Incarceration rate for prisoners (DOESN'T INCLUDE JAIL INMATES) wanders around within range of 93 to 139 prisoners per 100,000 U.S. population from 1928 through 1980. Only in 1981 does it begin to rise sharply with the beginning of the Reagan-Bush reign].|

The Millennium? Orange Alert: Christian Coalition, Keebler Elves, and the Gnomes of Switzerland. Darth Vader shows one of his faces. Evil Incarnate: REAGANOMICS, the plastic credit beast (worldwide plastic credit cards), and the Reagan Revolution (and Bush, Clinton....). Ronald (6) Wilson (6) Reagan (6). "... a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the NUMBER OF HIS NAME" (Revelation 13:16-17). Think of the odds! A world leader! Read Revelation 13:3,14,16,17,18. "One of the heads of the beast seemed to have had a fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed. The whole world was astonished and followed the beast" Revelation 13:3). Reagan's assassination wound passed his initial Reaganomics, "supply-side," "trickle-down," bills (Some call it "Crony Capitalism"). The (even-then) near-senile, mindless  "beast" ridden by the rising dark side of the force. Remember Nancy Reagan and "Just Say No"? Press articles reported on Nancy Reagan whispering lines to a spaced-out President Reagan at public appearances during his presidency (January1981 to January 1989). Electronic fingerprint identification (mark of the hand) is already in use by banks, border patrol, etc.. Electronic retina identification (mark of the forehead) is also already in use. You are "marked" for Reaganomics: The whole world blindly allows the concentration of a higher and higher percentage of total wealth (and thus power) into the hands of a smaller and smaller percentage of the world's population. As concentrated, or more concentrated, than just before the last worldwide Great Depression. Which led directly to the most destructive war in history (World War 2). The next big war (if allowed) can only be an Armageddon. If Mother Earth or our alien "gardeners" don't wipe out humans first.
*Edward N. Wolff, "How the Pie is Sliced" The American Prospect no. 22 (Summer 1995): 58-64 [lots of charts throughout. Those at end loaded first].|
*11/98. US: OPED: Big Banking May Become Big Brother.|
*Feudalism. [amazing free online/offline book about money and power in USA. Whole book can be downloaded if desired (at first link for sure), and clickable index works offline].|
*Feudalism. massive, awesome, clickable index for book.|

At midyear 1997 there were 99,175 federal prison inmates and 1,059,588 state prison inmates. At midyear 1997: 1 in 155 Americans were behind bars. At the end of 1997 (December 1 US resident population of 268,765,000): At least 2.1 percent (1 in 47) Americans of ALL ages were under some form of correctional supervision--jail, prison, parole, probation. At yearend 1997 "About 2.9 percent of the U.S. ADULT population [age 18 and over], or about one in every 35 adults, were incarcerated or on probation or parole." In 1997 women made up 6.4% of state and federal prison inmates. In 1996 blacks made up around 49.4% of prison inmates. Whites made up 47.9%. Need jail percentages. It costs an average of over $20,000 a year per U.S. inmate.
*Faces of HR95. ["Human Rights 95." Drug War inmate photos, stories. Federal prison statistics, costs, etc.].|
*Monthly estimates of the United States population: April 1, 1980 onward. [December 1 resident population used for 1980 through 1996 in chart above. July 1 figure used in 1997].|
*Historical National Population Estimates: July 1, 1900 to July 1, 1997 [July 1 Resident population plus armed forces outside US. This total used for years before 1980].|
*Correctional populations in the United States, 1980-95. Probation, Jail, Prison, Parole. (Jail plus Prison equals Total Inmates). This chart's text data used above through 1995.|
*Bureau of Justice Statistics Correctional Population Trends Chart [actual timeline chart].|
*Prisoners in 1997. They use December 1 U.S. resident population to get incarceration rates, too. 1996 and 1997 inmate data from this source. And percentage women and blacks data.|
*Year-end 1997 Parole and Probation.|
*corpop09.wk1 [Jail Inmates in Custody. Got 1978 figure here. Used MS Excel for the wk1 files listed here. Just click on URLs here and when asked, designate Excel or other spreadsheet. It will then open file automatically].|
*corpop10.wk1 [Prisoners in Custody. A 1978 figure here].|
*corpop11.wk1 [Adults on Probation. For 1977-1979 figures].|
*corpop12.wk1 [Adults on Parole. For 1975-79 figures].|
*corpop01.wk1 [Prisoners sentenced to more than a year. 1977-79 figures].|
*Americans Behind Bars: Data Sheet. DATA - INTERNATIONAL USE OF INCARCERATION [inmates per 100,000 people. USA RATE 5 TO 15 TIMES HIGHER than ALL Western nations].| 



OVERALL (sum of prison and jail) INCARCERATION RATE per 100,000 POPULATION. In descending order by highest rate in 1995. 1985 rate not known for some nations. This is an uncopyrighted compilation of several Sentencing Project charts. In addition, # equals Western (long democratic traditions) nation, with number of times higher United States rate was in 1995. US rate in midyear 1997 was 645 inmates per 100,000 population. Please use a fixed-width/monospace/monotype font such as Courier, Monaco, etc. in order to get the columns to line up better.
*Americans Behind Bars: Data Sheet. DATA - INTERNATIONAL USE OF INCARCERATION [inmates per 100,000 people. USA RATE 5 TO 15 TIMES HIGHER than ALL Western nations].|

3. McTruth to counter McLies from McCzar about Holland. (U.S. Drug Czar Generalissimo Barry McCaffrey's goofy statements in 1998).


Source U.S.: National Household Survey 1997 SAMHSA, Office of applied studies, Washington DC. Source the Netherlands: M. Abraham, P. Cohen, M. De Winter: Licit and Illicit drug use in the Netherlands Uva/CBS, CEDRO.
*1-99. National estimates, drug use in the Netherlands available, for the first time.|
*McCaffrey Ad [produced by DrugSense to counter McCzar misinformation].|
*Royal Netherlands Embassy - Washington, D.C. [drug policy and crime statistics, comparing USA and Holland].|
*7-98. Het Parool (Dutch newspaper, "The Word"). Why Dutch Drug Policy Threatens the U.S. [" The Right-wing Republicans who control Congress ... The U.S. drug control complex fears Dutch drug policy like the Catholic Church feared Gallileo"].|
*7-98. In The Drug War, Fantasy Beats Facts [McCzar, and Holland's lower violent crime and MJ-use rates].|
*7-98. US: PUB LTE: Defending The Netherlands' Drug-Control Policy [Dutch Ambassador sticks it to McCzar!].|
*7-98. US: The Drug War Can't Abide Honest Stats [LA TIMES! on HOLLAND, McCaffrey, Harm Reduction].|
*7-98. NORML Director Explains To The Dutch Why Their Drug Policy Threatens DEAland Prohibitionists.|
*8-98. Dutch, U.S. Trade Statistics On Drugs, Crime. [Dutch officials stick it to Generalissimo McGaffe].| 

4. Number of American DEATHS per year from drugs, diseases, accidents, and the Petrochemical-Pharmaceutical-Complex, Inc..

A chart below from the back cover of the March, 1995 edition of "The Emperor Wears No Clothes: Hemp & the Marijuana Conspiracy," by Jack Herer. Please use a fixed-width/monospace/monotype font such as Courier, Monaco, etc. so that the chart columns line up better. Quote begins: 

NUMBER OF AMERICAN DEATHS PER YEAR that result directly or primarily from the following selected causes nationwide, according to World Almanacs, Life Insurance Actuarial (death) Rates, and the last 20 years of U.S. Surgeon Generals' reports. (Figures are for 1994 from the federal government's Bureau of Mortality Statistics and the National Institute on Drug Abuse, et al.--the last complete year at the time of this writing.)

100% of the studies done at dozens of American universities and research facilities show pot toxicity does not exist. Medical history does not record anyone dying from an overdose of marijuana (UCLA, Harvard, Temple, etc.). 
(Jack Herer quote ends.)
*Jack Herer's Home Page.|
*"DAWN Drug-Related Deaths" [ONDCP].|
*Deaths from Drug Use per 100,000 drug Users.|
*MEDICAL MARIJUANA LINKS GALORE! USE, SAFETY, MYTHS, FACTS. Linkname: Medical [ Cannabis Related Links]. Medical section. MANY MEDICAL LINKS. ONE-OF-A-KIND SOURCE. Page down to "medical" section if sent to top of list.| 

LEADING CAUSES OF DEATH in the USA in 1996 (unless marked otherwise). According to the Centers for Disease Control, National Center for Health Statistics, and the Journal of American Medical Association (for adverse drug reactions death numbers; April 14, 1998 issue of JAMA; 279:1200-1205, 1998).
*4-98. Drug Reactions Kill Over 100,000 a Year in U.S.|
*4-98. Medications Kill 100,000 Annually, Study Says. [Petrochemical-Pharmaceutical-Complex, Inc.].|
*5-98. US: Give Them Their Pills, The Fuddled Masses.|
*Statistical Rolodex - Deaths. [USA-1996. National Center for Health Statistics].|
*Statistical Rolodex - Homicide. [USA-1996. National Center for Health Statistics].|

5. Racist U.S. Drug War. Number of  BLACK, HISPANIC, and white prisoners per 100,000 residents. 3 charts below.

"While African Americans constitute 13% of all monthly drug users, they represent 35% of arrests for drug possession, 55% of convictions and 74% of prison sentences."
*10-95. YOUNG BLACK AMERICANS. [and the criminal justice system].|
*The History of The Drug Laws. [Racism of Drug War. History in vast detail].|
*12-98. New York State of Mind. [Racist effects of GOP's 1973 Rockefeller drug laws in New York. State prisons cost more per year than higher education. Table 2 chart there compares 1980 to 1997. The 1973 Republican Rockefeller laws are the mandatory-minimum model that ultra-right Reagan-Bush Republicans (mainly) passed in many states in the 1980's].|
*Racism, U.S. Drug War, Young Black Men, & American Revolution!|

Estimated number of sentenced BLACK AND WHITE MALE PRISONERS per 100,000 male residents in the U.S (of same race as inmate). [FIGURES HERE DO NOT EVEN INCLUDE JAILS!]. Please use a fixed-width/monospace/monotype font such as Courier, Monaco, etc. so that the chart columns line up.

In 1993, the last year of apartheid, in pre-Mandela South Africa there were 851 BLACK MALE inmates per 100,000 black males!
*INTERNATIONAL USE OF INCARCERATION [1995 report of 1993 data].|
*BJS: "Prisoners in 1996". Male prisoner data above.| 

Sentenced MALE prisoners under State or Federal jurisdiction per 100,000 residents, by race, Hispanic origin, and age. [FIGURES HERE DO NOT INCLUDE JAILS!]. Number of sentenced male prisoners per 100,000 residents of each group. 1996.
*BJS: "Prisoners in 1997". Detailed male prisoner data above.| 

Number of Hispanic PRISONERS in U.S. State or Federal Prisons. Percent of Prisoners who are Hispanic. People of HISPANIC origin may be of any race. [FIGURES HERE DO NOT INCLUDE JAILS!]. Percent of U.S. Population that is Hispanic (for July 1, 1990, 92, 94, 96, 97). 
*BJS: "Prisoners in 1996." Hispanic prisoner data.|
*Population Data [by Sex, Race, and Hispanic Origin].|

*STUDY: 13% Of Black Men Ineligible to Vote. [DRCNet on Sentencing Project/Human Rights Watch joint report on the new  Jim Crow disenfranchisement].|

State-by-state disenfranchisement by category.

*LOSING THE VOTE. The Impact of Felony Disenfranchisement Laws in the United States. [Human Rights Watch].|

7. U.S. Federal Mandatory-Minimum Drug Sentences.

Laws proposed, pushed, and passed in the mid-1980's mainly at the behest of the REAGAN REPUBLICAN REICH. Just Say "Nancy Reagan." 1 kilo is 1 kilogram, which equals 1000 grams. 1 pound equals 454 grams. 1 ounce equals 28.35 grams. Various states' 2 and 3-strikes laws double these sentences, or give life sentences. Please use a fixed-width/monospace/monotype font such as Monaco, Courier, etc. so that the chart columns line up.

The federal sentences above are for NON-VIOLENT possession only. Similar laws exist at the state level. One must serve 80% of the sentence before parole is even considered. 1 gram of powder cocaine is turned into .89 grams of crack. Per capita use of crack is higher among whites than blacks.
*FAMM: Federal Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Table.|
*YOUNG BLACK AMERICANS.[Republican 100 to 1 crack/powder ratio]|
*t60009.pdf [U.S. Federal prison population, and number and percent sentenced for drug offenses, 1970-97. Acrobat file. A great Drug War trend chart in itself].|
*USA. Mandatory Life Without Parole for Woman after First Offense.|
*Shattered Lives: Portraits From America's Drug War. Book by Mikki Norris, Chris Conrad, and Virginia Resner.|

8. The average sentence for a first-time, federal drug offender compared with other offenses:

*FAMM Facts [Average Federal Sentences. LONGEST FOR DRUGS!].|



*Year to date. Note: Data for 1970 to 1976 are for June 30; data for 1977 onwards are for September 30. Data are for inmates in BOP facilities only (i.e., do not include inmates in contract facilities).
*FEDERAL BUREAU OF PRISONS QUICK FACTS. [chart info above is found here, and is easier to find than at BOP website].|
*BOP Home Page. [BOP is federal Bureau of Prisons. Search for "quick facts" to get latest figures].|

10. DRUGS THEMSELVES KILL FAR FEWER THAN THE DRUG WAR!!! Furthermore, Harm Reduction drug policies lower drug deaths themselves dramatically. Drug War is the main entry of mostly nonviolent offenders into the super-violent U.S. prison-industrial complex. American gulags are the ROOTS of the astronomical US murder rate. 2 charts below.

"The prestige of government has undoubtedly been lowered considerably by the prohibition law. For nothing is more destructive of respect for the government and the law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced. It is an open secret that the dangerous increase of crime in this country is closely connected with this."
--ALBERT EINSTEIN, "My First Impression of the U.S.A.", 1921. (emphasis added).

HOMICIDE RATES WORLDWIDE. Homicides per 100,000 population.

Need more info and sources. Please use a fixed-width/monospace/monotype font such as Courier, Monaco, etc. so that the chart columns line up. 

1900-96 United States Homicide rates. From the National Center for Health Statistics, Vital Statistics. 

*United States Homicide Rates 1900-95. Bureau of Justice Statistics.|
*Royal Netherlands Embassy - Washington, D.C. [drug policy and crime statistics, comparing USA and Holland].|
*Homicide in Canada - 1996. [compares nations' homicide rates].|
*11/98. US: Murder Rate Hit 30-Year Low In '97. [but still astronomical!].|

The prison-industrial complex is a FACTORY for creating ever-more violent criminals from nonviolent ones. 59% of all federal [prison] inmates, and 22% of state prisoners, are there on DRUG CHARGES (Sentencing Project). The MAJORITY(!!!) of US inmates are in for DRUG-RELATED offenses, if the above drug offenders are combined with the following: "The FBI has reported that almost one-third of people convicted of robbery and burglary, and more than one-quarter of people convicted of larceny, committed their crimes to get money for drugs. Moreover, 6.5 percent of the murders in the United States in 1990 occurred in narcotics-related circumstances" (The Washington Post, Jan. 18, 1994). The Nov. 2, 1995 Chicago Tribune reported: "The latest Bureau of Justice Statistics survey of U.S. prison inmates in 1991 found that 27 percent of robbers admitted they committed crimes to buy drugs; 30 percent of burglars said so, and 5 percent of convicted murderers did." Reader's Digest (September 1996): "The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) estimates that half of all violent crime and a third of all homicides are tied to narcotics." The Chicago Tribune Nov. 2, 1995 reports: "Although drugs and violent crime often are linked in America, the violent crime rate in the Netherlands is far lower than in the U.S., despite the Netherlands' more liberal drug policies. There were 1.9 homicides in Holland per 100,000 people in 1993. The U.S. rate was 9.5 homicides per 100,000." A 1994 Sentencing Project report states: "Rates of assault and murder with firearms are far higher in the US than in comparable nations, with murder rates in the US generally five to ten times the rate of most European nations." The murder rate in America is 10 times higher than in Britain, France or Germany, according to Dec. 18, 1995 US News and World Report.  "Since 1960, the number of violent crimes committed in the U.S. has increased by more than 500%, although the population has grown just 41%. According to the FBI, nearly 2,000,000 violent crimes occurred in 1991 alone. In 1960, that figure was less then 300,000" (May 1994, USA Today magazine). ABC news did a report January 28, 1996 about Nashville's police department and the effect of putting only 28 of their 300 detectives to work full-time on domestic violence. In 1992, out of 78 murders in Nashville, one third were because of domestic violence. Only one detective back then worked on domestic violence. In contrast, in 1995 there were only 7 murders due to domestic violence. One detective in Nashville said that no matter how many detectives were assigned to narcotics, the narcotics crime rate would stay the same. Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to US women, more than the combination of rapes, muggings, and auto accidents. According to The Harvard Mental Health Letter, August 1995, each year, one out of eight husbands is physically aggressive at least once toward his wife and nearly 2 million women are severely assaulted by their male partners. Washington Monthly, October 1995: "'We put millions of drug offenders through the courts--and we have more people in jail per capita than any country except Russia--but we're not affecting the drug trade, let alone drug use,' says Robert Sweet, U.S. district judge in the Southern district of New York. 'It's perfectly obvious,' Sweet says, 'that if you took the money spent housing drug offenders and enforcing the drug laws, and apply it to straight law enforcement, the results would be very impressive.' Indeed, what politicians ignore is all too clear to judges, prosecutors, and cops. 'The drug war can't be won,' says Joseph McNamara, the former chief of police in Kansas City and San Jose, who also spent 10 years on the New York City force. 'Any cop will tell you that.'" As for nations without long, genuinely-democratic traditions let's look at the country with the highest murder rate in the world in 1993--Colombia, the main DEATH-SQUAD narco-democracy, with the most drug-related murders per capita. New Statesman & Society, Dec 17 1993, says that "In 1991, there were 25,000 murders; this year [1993], the total looks set to reach 30,000--a rate of 99 murders per 100,000 population, compared with an average of 17 per 100,000 in Latin America as a whole. 'Colombia is clearly the most violent country that's not at war,' says Alvaro Camacho, sociologist at Bogota's National University." [must have had a lull in 1993 in the 'official' war between the guerrillas and the government. The Drug War never stopped. U.S. Southern Command (SouthCom) leader generalissimo Barry McCaffrey (now Drug Czar) wouldn't have approved (then or now) of that type of sanity. Because he's Drug Crazy. Buy the book by Mike Gray!]
*Facts About Prisons and Prisoners [Sentencing Project].|
*[Yearly numbers in state prisons by offense, 1980-95].|
*chapter1.htm [A Tale of Two Cities, chapter 1 of Drug Crazy, by Mike Gray. Chicago's prohibition violence now, and in the 1920's and 30's].|
*Crime and the Drug War. [homicide rates before and after prohibitions].|
*MPP: New Marijuana Arrest Record [marijuana arrests 1990-96].|
*A Punk's Song. [prison rape. Terminology. Turning nonviolent into violent. Prisoner power structure. Forced sex slavery via fear of death. American gulags].|
*Rape of Incarcerated Americans: A Preliminary Statistical Look. [scary stats considering that most US inmates are from Drug War/trade/money].|


11. Drug-War Harm Reduction, Universal Healthcare, Total Taxes, U.S. Republican Drug War, Bubba Bob Barr. 2 charts below.
*Eco-Harm Reduction versus Drug War and PETRO-PHARM, INC..Cannabis, US Healthcare, Universal Healthcare, Total Taxes, Quality of Life, Mother Earth.|
*11-98. 1998 USA drug war legislation. [A summary. In 1998 REPUBLICANS (GOP) sponsored nearly all the bad bills].|

The Eco-Harm Reduction link above partially explains the tables that follow. Many American drug policy reform activists may be clueless why these tables have anything to do with the Drug War. Americans, in general, ARE clueless about the rest of the world. :-)   Universal Healthcare - I don't think anything is more important to drug-war harm reduction, real security, safety, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and property. "The U.S. lags behind most industrialized nations in virtually all significant public health measures, including life expectancy, infant mortality, and vaccine coverage" (EXTRA! (Jan/Feb 1996).Lower all the other taxes, but keep those for universal healthcare!Ironic thing is that universal healthcare costs less, and gets better overall health statistics nationally. Yes! Giving a damn costs less! (Click Eco-Harm Reduction link above).

Worldwide 1990 per Capita (and GDP percentage) Health Care Expenditures (total of both public and private-sector expenditures).

I still believe that the USA is the only Western nation that spends more than 10% of its GDP on total healthcare costs. I need more recent figures and web address URLs! Use a monospace/monotype (fixed-width) font such as Courier, Monaco, etc. in order to get the columns to line up. Legend for Chart:
A - Country [all except US have universal healthcare]
B - Per Capita Expenditures [1990 dollars]
C - As a Percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

SOURCE: Schieber, G.J., Poullier, J.-P., and Greenwald, L.: U.S. Health Expenditure Performance: An International Comparison and Data Update. Health Care Financing Review 13(4): 1-88, Summer 1992.

Total taxes as a percent of GDP in Western nations (nations with long democratic traditions), and in some industrialized Asian nations. See how US healthcare costs effect its total taxes ranking among Western and/or industrialized nations. 

According to the July 1996 issue of "World and I," "The following list of nations comprises the 24 members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and several of the Asian 'tigers' and 'tiger cubs' [Asian tigers and tiger cubs marked with a pound symbol #], the economically booming countries of Southeast Asia and the Pacific Rim. ... Each percentage represents tax receipts as a proportion of a nation's gross domestic product [GDP] in 1993 -- or 1992 in the cases of Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand."
[____-United_States-_________(37-38) To be fair, the USA should actually rank around here, since 75% to 100% of healthcare costs in most other western nations are paid by their taxes.]
[22]_-United_States-___________29.7 [37-38% if one adds 7 to 8% for private-sector US healthcare costs]

The United States GDP was $6.738 trillion in 1994 (C-SPAN, 12-25-95). 15% of the 1994 U.S. GDP was $1.01 trillion! According to the February 1995 issue of HR (Human Resource) Magazine nearly all other Western nations pay over 75% of their nation's total healthcare costs through taxes. "... new study by the Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) ... The study asserts that a country's political will to curb spending seems to be the most important factor in controlling costs. ... Of the 17 nations in the study, the national governments of 15 pay for at least 75 percent of their countries' health-care expenditures--the United States and Turkey were the exceptions." Welfare and food stamps for the unemployed cost far less than universal healthcare. Figure it out. 15 million adult unemployed (a high U.S. unemployment rate) plus 15 million dependent children in the USA. Multiply 30 million times $500 a month (many states' recipients do not receive even close to this) times 12 months equals $180 billion, or less than 2.7% of the 1994 U.S. GDP. And most welfare recipients provide value for their checks because they are required to do workfare work - usually menial work such as litter collection, cleaning government buildings, trash collection, etc. for their welfare. Welfare is FAR cheaper than JAILFARE, high crime rates, lowered inner-city property values, huge court-probation-parole-police systems, and Drug War! There is ALWAYS unemployment! Only cowardly, sadistic Republicans get off on attacking those who are worse off in our society. And REPUBLICANS also sponsor the most Drug War legislation, by far. US Drug-War Republicans are clueless, xenophobic, Bubba Reich, head-up-their-white-male-ass, sexist, racist, scapegoating, morons!! May they rot in hell. Georgia's Newt (Mr. World War II-style Drug Warrior) Gingrich bit the dust! The other fascist, Drug-Warrior and  Georgia-Republican Congressman, Bubba Bob Barr is next! And I'm a nonracist, nonsexist, nonhomophobic redneck (and reformed bubba). So kiss my white ass, Bubba Barr. Any questions?
*12-98. Livingston Out as Speaker, Drug Warrior Hastert Set to Take Gavel. [DRCNet's excellent summary of Hastert's past Drug Warrior fanaticism].|
*12-98. The Hastert Files: New Speaker Of the House Hailed As "Moderate" Is Extreme Prohibitionist -- 4 Articles. [Another Gingrich Drug War pointman].|
*12-98. Georgia's Other Nasty Congressman. Editorial Page Editor [Cynthia Tucker] of the Atlanta [Georgia] Constitution. Says "Barr is the Democrat's best ally." [Article reprinted in several newspapers nationwide. "Bob Barr: The New GOP Monster. ... accomplishes nothing but to alienate a sizable portion of the electorate. ... ultimately rid the nation of this plague"].|
*11-98. US DC: OPED: MMJ: What's Congress Smoking? [Bubba Bob Barr ridiculed by a Washington Post (WP) OpEd for blocking publication of vote results of D.C. medical cannabis ballot!. Reach author at ].|
*11-98. On the Hill, Barring Democracy [More WP Bob Barr ridicule!].|
*11-98. US DC: WP: Get Your Hands off Those Ballots. ["Robert L.  Barr Jr. ... Democracy Held Hostage, Day 9. ... democracide ... banana republic canceled an election"].|
*11-98. US DC: WP: On the Hill, Barring Democracy. ["The District is the place, Barr the ruler. The man who embalmed himself last month in sanctimonious blather. ... District is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Hill"].|
*11-98. D.C. Won't Give Results Of Marijuana Referendum [detailed info on Bob Barr blocking of vote, ACLU and other legal reactions, D.C.'s bizarre lack of democracy].|
*11-98. US CA: OPED: The Drug War Isn't About Combating Use [More exposure of D.C. vote blocking, and ultra-right nature of Bob Barr. Facts about cannabis being linchpin of the Drug War].|
*Congressman Bob Barr's Biography. [ex-CIA! "in 1998 he led the successful effort to rename Washington National Airport in honor of President Ronald Reagan. ... received the Friend of the Family Award from the Christian Coalition"].|
*9-97. Legalization of Drugs? [Georgia Republican Congressman Bobb Barr's call-out-the-troops speech in AUSTRIA, where Hitler grew up the first 24 years of his life! Mein Kampf for today!].|
*2-98. US: Wire: Clinton, Gingrich Bicker on Drugs. [Georgia Republican Congressman Newt Gingrich's "World War II" style Drug War].|
*4-98. Republicans Plan Major Campaign for Drug-Free America [Newt fleshes out World War II style Drug War. 11/98: Don't let the door hit you on the way out Newtie! LOL.].|
*11-98. Thousands Protest In Georgia Against Army's 'School Of [Assassins].|
*11-98. WP. 7000 rally. 2319 trespass. Georgia's School of the Americas. (Roots of CIA-Contra-COCAINE). torture-bounty-Death-squad-manuals.|
*Training Tyrants: The School of the Americas. [describes Death-Squad manuals for US-aided foreign wars. This can include Drug-Wars/CIA/Contra/cocaine, etc.].|
*11-98. US CA: Prison Shootings Unjustified. [Republican Dan Lungren's Death Squads].|

Additional Comprehensive U.S. Republican Drug War links:

Go to the "related links" section almost at the end of this webpage --   for a list of Republican Drug War webpages that are very comprehensive webpages. Click HERE to get there instantly.

12. Medical Cannabis Wars (internal and external).  ;-) Also, cannabis and drug policy search engines.

Chart Under Construction. Many more people to be entered. Many links to add. POWs, Casualties, Heroes, War Criminals. Also trial status, previously tried, upcoming trials.
*Medical Cannabis links. HUGE list! All health aspects. Uses, safety, groups, etc.|

MAP searches done via clicking names above are set to "maximum hits to return" of 40. After you get results you can increase the number, and then hit the search button again. You can substitute other first and last names in the URL below to create your own clickable links in your webpages. Bill Zimmerman is in this example URL below. Click it!
*MAP Search. [Try "ALL News (1997-99)" for a quick search of all articles in the Drug News Index of full-text press articles. Enter any words, or any of the names from the chart above (AND OTHERS TOO)].|
*Search. [ onsite search engine. Full-text and very fast. Search for anybody's name above (AND OTHERS TOO), etc.].|
*NORML search engine of many NORML sites. Very fast and can continuously refine serach.|
*DRC Library Searcher / Catalog. [from DRCNet. Can search materials not only from the DRCNet library, but also from nearly every other major reform library on the Web. Simple or complex searches].|
*11/98. Marvin Chavez. Background for Sentencing. Orange County, California.|
*12-98. Peter McWilliams being murdered by Feds.|
The Medical Marijuana Magazine. Table of contents. Many articles about Peter McWilliams, Todd McCormick, other patients, etc.. One-of-a-kind source of info.
*Peter McWilliams. [1998 Press release about Medical Marijuana Press, DEA raid history, Jesus and medical cannabis, etc.].|
*The Medical Marijuana Magazine [Prelude Press. inspired Jesus-MJ-leaf illustration].|
*The Home Page of Peter McWilliams.
*Medical Marijuana Website for your Rights in America...James Dawsons' Freedom Pages!. [home of Journey for Justice, Kay Lee, and many medical cannabis POWs, etc.].|
*DRCNet special reports: Election '98 (The Drug Policy Foundation). [Detailed initiative descriptions, websites, pre-election polls. Med. MJ history].|
*Levellers Medical Marijuana Home Page.|
*MEDICAL MARIJUANA LINKS GALORE! USES, SAFETY, MYTHS, FACTS, GROUPS, ACTIVISM, ETC.. Linkname: Medical [ Cannabis Related Links]. Medical section. Page down to "medical" section if sent to top of list.| 

13. Child Poverty Rate and Drug War. 

In the USA the 1960's "Great Society" War on Poverty has been replaced by the Republican (mainly) War on Drugs. (need more data and URLs please! Email ).
Click the "related links" section link above for much more info on why child poverty drastically increases the drug trade and the drug war. "The [US] child poverty rate fell throughout the 1960ís [because of Democrat President Johnsonís "WAR ON POVERTY"], falling from approximately 26 percent in 1960 to 13.8 percent in 1969. It is worthy to note that the rate began rising again [after Republican Nixon reneged on his 1968 election promises for a rapid "peace with honor" in Vietnam, and after declaring a "WAR ON DRUGS" in 1971], to more than 20 percent, where it is today" (Senator Christopher Dodd, Jan. 1995, [bracketed] info added). Until very recently, the last balanced budget was in 1969! "The US has the highest rate of child poverty in the industrialized world , with 22 percent of all children living below the official poverty line" (EXTRA! Update, Dec. 1995). "One in five American children lives in poverty, more than double the rate in Germany or Britain" (Economist, May 25, 1996). In October 1996 CNN reported that 22% of US children live in poverty. Some Scandinavian countries were around 3%. I believe that CNN also had Canada at 14%, and Australia at 10%, or vice-versa; Iím not sure.
*12-98. Appalachia: Under the Gun. [DRCNet on poverty, intensive federal Drug War intervention, fighting back, War on Poverty history, latest poverty, etc.].|

14. Some technical notes: 

The tables and charts in this article use underscore spaceholders in place of extra spaces. This is so that anybody may copy and paste these tables almost anywhere (try it!), and immediately be able to use them, without the lines wrapping incorrectly or prematurely (especially in some message boards with narrower columns), and without elimination of anything more than one space in a row. I also avoid dashes in charts. Dashes also seem to cause incorrect line wrapping when copying and pasting tables. Underscores seem to work best overall. I even extend the underscores on short lines to prevent premature line-wrapping. This also seems to prevent premature line-wrapping when copying and pasting from webpages to NotePad, WordPad, etc.. Even if you paste them into message boards, email messages, NotePad, WordPad, etc., the tables will be comprehensible. Your eye can easily follow each row across. And even if non-fixed-width fonts are used, one can figure out the tables, though the columns and rows may not line up perfectly. Most importantly, many webpage-creation programs, and some email programs, will delete extra spaces. In other words they do not allow two spaces in a row. One example of this is FrontPage 98. 
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15. MESSAGE-BULLETIN BOARDS with cannabis and drug-war-related threads. (and see relevant technical notes in section above). 

This section has become so big that it has been transferred to the following link:
*Message forums with cannabis, drug-war, entheogen, drug-reform, and drug-related threads. Web-based bulletin boards. Many Direct Links.|

16. Chat rooms with cannabis and drug-war-related chat in real time. 

Most chat rooms can be accessed at any time, but you will not usually find anybody else there except at the listed times.
*Chat now! [Legalize! U.S.A. chats Saturday and Sunday evenings, 9-11 PM, Eastern Time. Autoconverts web address URLs into clickable links!].|
*MAP chat. [Media Awareness Project. Saturday and Sunday evenings, 9-11 PM, Eastern Time. Accepts html].|
*Coffee Shop. [Hemp BC. Accepts html such as html clickable links just fine. But html charts may be pushed down too far].|
*Hemp.Net : IRC.| 


17. RADIO and TALK RADIO, with possibilities for cannabis and drug-war discussion.
*CALL NOW! [local and national talk radio shows, 800 numbers, hours, attitudes toward cannabis, Drug War, etc.].|
* "DRCNet's weekly syndicated radio news show, DRCNN, is already being carried on over a dozen stations, in at least three countries, after just two months of production, and feedback from those stations has been excellent" (The Week Online with DRCNet, Issue #69 -- December 4, 1998. A Publication of the Drug Reform Coordination Network).|
*Hemp.Net : Hemphoo! : News and Media: Radio.|


18. FREE WEBPAGES, homepages. 

Create, change, edit  your own pages anytime! Some autoconvert URLs to clickable links. Some need no extra software. There are many, many free webpages, homepages, etc.. Search Yahoo, etc..
*Welcome to Tripod [loads fast].|
*GeoCities - The Largest Community on the Web!.|
* The WEB Easy *  FREE webpages for business, money making ideas or just for fun!!!|
*X O O M . C O M [free homepages, email, chat].|
*Angelfire Communications.|
*WhoWhere? Pages.|
*Welcome to gURLpages.|
*HotBot Mail and Homepages.|
*iVillage -- The Women's Network -- Build a Personal Homepage.|
*Zarcrom Free Homepages. [Long clickable list of free webpage sites. With number of free megabytes at the sites].|


19. VIDEO and AUDIO on the web, and on public access cable television. Also, Audio CDs, CD-ROMs, etc., for radio, and more.

*Prisoner Message CD. Voice of the Prisoner. Audio CD. 25 recorded messages from Drug War Prisoners and family members. Perfect for radio clips, public service, web audio, etc.. Free to radio stations. $11 to others.|
*SNITCH. PBS video on informants. Info on ordering it, and permission to play it at meetings, etc..|
Ninth Article Video Productions. [2 Exceptional Holland videos in English under $20. VHS and PAL videotapes. With public broadcast approval. That means you can freely put them on public access cable television -- without cost. Transcripts and still pictures online].|
*Free Speech Internet Television. [VISUAL TRUTH!].|
*Drugs [search of Free Speech Internet Television].|
*Multimedia. [Legalize! U.S.A. web audio/video against Drug War!].
*RealVideo Weed Feeds.|


20. EMAIL LISTS. Cannabis, drug war, and drug policy. [under construction].
*Drug Policy Mailing Lists. [Many drug reform lists can be subscribed to or unsubscribed from here].|
*DrugSense: Mailing List. [This list of lists also has info on how email lists work, and explanations of some of the terms].|


21. CALENDARS of Events. (under construction).

*Event Calendar. Legalize! U.S.A..|
*Hemp.Net : Calendar.|

22. FEEDBACK concerning this charts compilation webpage.


Feedback of any kind appreciated. I read all my mail at at least once a week. I can't promise to reply, but I DO read everything.  Please send updated data, URLs, table ideas, feedback, etc.. Always looking for more recent data and especially the web address URLs for it. Also really want data and URLs for completely different charts to add here and elsewhere. I hope people copy these charts to other webpages. I hope people mirror the whole thing too. One never knows when this whole server might go down, or be sabotaged, by the powers-that-be.]

23. Even out of office, in a galaxy far, far away, the empire strikes back. ...

======  ~  ~  ====== 
======   @@   ====== 
=======  ==  ======= 
=========  ========= 

Big Brother, aka the average, Puritan, 
pinhead, Drug-Warrior geek! 

More charts:
*Charts and Graphs About the Drug War [need more text versions].|

Related Links (some may be repeated from articles above). Linkname is BELOW web address URL. All the webpages starting with those in the colored box are full of many more links. 

Click these comprehensive U.S. Republican Drug War links:
*The U.S. Republican (GOP) Drug War. HUGE list of links. GOP responsible for vast majority of bad U.S. drug-war legislation.|
*Tables and Charts against Drug War, and Petro-Pharm-Inc.. [Exposing the U.S. Republican (GOP) drug-war feudalism, and Republican Fundamentalist Drug War Jihad. Clickable Links and clickable article Table of Contents. Please use to send updated data, URLs, table ideas, feedback, etc.. All is read. Can't promise to reply].|
*Universal Healthcare, Total Taxes, Harm Reduction, U.S. Republican drug war, Bubba BOB BARR. Page down to it if sent to the top.|
*Power Links [Saner Cannabis and Drug Policies Worldwide. Versus U.S. Republican (GOP) drug war].|
*The Flip Side. The U.S. Republican (mostly) drug war. Page down to it if sent to the top.|
*Big Bubba BOB BARR Busted! Republican (GOP) Moralistic Tyranny. GOP Drug-war Jihad, Sexual McCarthyism, Fundamentalist Fanaticism.|
*11-98. 1998 USA drug war legislation. [A summary. In 1998 Republican (GOP) sponsored nearly all the bad bills].|

Click these assorted, related links.
*Power Links [Saner Cannabis and Drug Policies Worldwide. Versus U.S. Republican (GOP) Drug War. (GOP sponsors nearly all the bad U.S. Drug War   legislation).]|
*Nations where cannabis is legal, decriminalized, tolerated. Also, saner drug policies worldwide. Research ( Cannabis Related Links. Research section). Many nations' links. One-of-a-kind source. Page down to "research" section if sent to top of list.|
*Ideology, Idiot-ology, Political Parties, & the U.S. Drug War. All sides of the political spectrum covered. And healthcare.|
*Drug War 101 [1980-97 U.S.] Incarceration rates [& In 2nd half - Progressive nations' cannabis and drug policies. Many links!]|
*Shocking Statistics [GOP-Reagan-Bush tripling of incarceration rate through drug war and mandatory minimum drug sentences, etc.].|
*The Drug War and the American Dream [History of Republican (GOP) drug war starting with Nixon].|
*Racism, U.S. Drug War, Young Black Men, & American Revolution!|
*Violence, Drugs, Politics, Drug-War prison-industrial complex.|
*Linkname: Political [ Cannabis Related Links]. Political section. Page down to "political" section if sent to top of list. Here you will find many Drug-War, Death-Squad links exposing the CIA, DEA, FBI, etc. here and abroad, in Colombia, Latin America, etc..|
*Medical Marijuana links galore! Uses, safety, myths, facts, groups, activism, etc.. Linkname: Medical [ Cannabis Related Links]. Medical section. Page down to "medical" section if sent to top of list.| 
*Medical Cannabis links. HUGE list! All health aspects. Uses, safety, groups, activism, etc.. Many links are also lists of even more links.|
*Eco-Harm Reduction versus Drug War and PETRO-PHARM, INC.. Cannabis, US Healthcare, Universal Healthcare, Total Taxes, Quality of Life, Mother Earth.|
*1-99. USA-DEA. Canadian hemp farmers in Nicaragua face 20 years prison. [for growing Nicaraguan government-approved hemp crop. DEA control of Nicaragua].|
*HUGE list of Drug-War, Death-Squad links exposing the CIA, DEA, FBI, etc. here and abroad, in Colombia, Latin America, etc.|
*Message forums with cannabis, drug-war, entheogen, drug-reform, and drug-related threads. Web-based bulletin boards. Many Direct Links.|

End of article. By Anonymous. Other than long copyrighted writings from others, the article is in the public domain (not copyrighted). Feel free to use or redistribute any or all of it in any way, anywhere. Send ideas, feedback, criticisms, etc. to and it will be read. This free web-based email account from is checked around once a week. Can't promise to reply. 

TEST: What is a society called that puts huge numbers OF NONVIOLENT OFFENDERS in the gulags with long mandatory minimum sentences solely on the word of informants who are facing very long prison sentences themselves, and then subjects those prisoners to rampant rape, sex slavery, rampant AIDS, lousy medical treatment, mysterious prison deaths, torture, violence, solitary confinement without any stimulation, stun belts, and so on...? ANSWER: It is a TYRANNY. 2ND TEST: How do tyrannies fall? ANSWER: ??? Roman empire? Third Reich? British-ruled America? Soviet Union? Somoza's Nicaragua? Pinochet's Chile? 3RD TEST: Would you have fought enthusiastically to defend any of these tyrannies?