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Activism Page


Activism Page

If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.
Eldridge Cleaver (Soul on Ice)

Hippyland’s Vegetarian Page – Being a vegetarian not only saves animals but helps you stay healthy by losing weight, saves the rainforest by reducing demand for grazing land and is a far more efficient use of our natural resources. Check out our page for many more reasons!
Hippy Timeline
– Find out what happened when during the Hippy Movement. Lots of examples of hippie activism.

The Internet Manifesto
– The Internet is the great equalizer, distributing power to everyone. Will it remain so, or will business and governments collude to control it? Or will a free internet make governments obsolete?

The Drug War & Cannabis Legalization/Decriminalization
Hippyland’s Cannabis Statement – Dozens of reasons why cannabis should be legalized
and how you can make it so!

The War on Americans and Freedom – Find out how the Drug War can be
fought with a class-action lawsuit.

McCaffrey Lies – A whole page of stats that refute Drug Czar Barry McCaffrey’s
bogus statistics and reveals his lies and hypocrisies.

Drug Survey – Should marijuana be legalized, decriminalized or what?
Place your vote.


Hipforums Protest Forum – Have your say about what’s wrong with the world!

Hipforums Politics Forum – Discussions on political issues affecting everyone.

Hippyland’s Peace Page – Links to organizations promoting peace around the world.

Hippyland’s Mother Earth Page – Links to organizations concerned about Earth’s ecology.

Hippyland’s Drug Page – Contains links to cannabis activism sites.

Vegetarian Links
– Links to vegetarian sites.

Activism Quotes – From our Famous Quotes page

The Non-Violence Web. With all the violence in the world today, we need to help organizations that promote peace and non-violent solutions to social and political problems. Today it’s East Timor, tomorrow it may be
closer to home. The Non-Violence Web hosts numerous organizations that actively work towards peaceful
change and links to many other peace sites.

Direct Action Media Network, covers activist events around the world.

– Calendar of Demonstrations around the world, protest news and commentary.

NetAction’s Virtual Activist Training Guide – Learn how to use the Internet
as an effective protest tool!

E-The People – Online petitions and e-mail generator to send to elected

Social Justice E-Zine – Stories about gender equality, democratic government,
economic opportunity, intellectual freedom, environmental protection
and human rights.

Ralph Nader’s Column – In the Public Interest. Nader is famous
for defending the American consumer against corporate greed and malfeasance.

– Essential tools to combat the government’s intrusions on our right to
privacy and resources for Information Warfare.

Woodstock – Preservation Archives – Help preserve the 1969 Woodstock site!

Cult of the Dead Cow – Cyberpunk, hackers, Gen-X’ers voice their angst

Greenpeace From atmospheric pollution to nuclear proliferation to genetic engineering, Greenpeace keeps us informed about the abuses being heaped upon our planet by the greedy, the powerful and the ignorant. We cannot afford to look the other way any more. Greenpeace is doing what it can to inform, respond, and prevent further degredation to our beautiful planet. But they need your support! This excellent site is updated daily with news reports from around the world, including Greenpeace’s own news making activites.

Refuse and Resist. Whether it’s racism, police brutality, immigrant rights, U.S. militarism, or abortion rights, this site keeps you informed. Or in the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal, a black man, falsely accused, facing the death penalty they have a whole site organizing protests and educating the public to this injustice.

Drug Peace. The War on Drugs is a war on Americans and Freedom. The Drug
site seeks a truce in this war to allow vicitims a chance to
negotiate and have their civil and human rights restored. Please visit
this site and sign the petition for a Drug War Truce. May there be
peace in this land!

Norml is the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. They’ve
been in the news lately due to their latest ad campaign which includes
billboards which say Honk
if you inhale! This in your face campaign is meant to spark public debate
on the draconian U.S. marijuana laws. Please visit their site, where
you can check the law in your own state, and support this latest effort
to bring sanity to U.S. drug policy.

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