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Young Hippies

This is written by a young hippie to young hippies….

Hippies were the most abundnt in the 1960s, but that doesnt mean that there aren’t still hippies being born today. Most of these young, teenage hippies, are a very small minority. They face discrimination and ridicule just because they are differnent and peace loving. Everything about them is criticized, from the music they listin to, the drugs they use, the clothes they wear, and their ideas.

Now dont get me wrong, there are some people who are not hippies but are totally fine with the young hippies, but most of the young hippie’s peers and classmates cant stand being around them. This group of people is the hip-hop generation.

Its amazing how they criticize our music. The rappers of the 80s faced criticism about their new music, but then raps listiners turned right around and talk bad about our music. The hip-hop genre also promotes violence and drug use, but again you see hipocrisy, they dislike our peace and drug use in our music.

One place where young hippies face much discrimination and ridicule is in the very conservitive areas. Our young friend’s peers in this area blindly accept what their parents tell them, and in their minds whatever their parents say must be 100% correct. If their parents say George Bush is always right, they agree. Their parents will say drugs are bad, hippies are wrong, make war for peace, and so on, and the kids will agree 99% of the time. They dont even understand what they are talking about, they just repeat what the parents say.

Another topic mentioned where young hippies face verbal attacks is the drug use. Again, the hip-hop generation enbraces the rappers who use drugs, but not the people around them who use them. Many hippies can relate to the comment pot smokin hippie. Since when is it anyone else’s business if someone does drugs or not? (These same people have parents who drink alcohol or smoke tobacco, which sometimes is forgotton that alcohol and tobacco are also drugs). They get the idea that drugs are bad from school and none other then….their parents. School and parents says drugs are bad, as if it is a fact. It is clearly not a fact, it is an opinion. They force feed the drugs are bad propoganda down the young peoples throats all the time in school. Sections in the health books say drugs are bad, there is the DARE program, and a lot of schools have a red ribbon week. I saw one school’s ribbon, and writtian on it: Drug Free, I Can Be Anything I Want To Be. So not only does the school think drugs are bad, but people who do drugs cant achive anything in life! Thats the most bullshit i have ever heard from school.

And the young hippies peers even have the damn nerve to say something about our clothes! Everything about us young hippies are commented negitiveity on.

Most young hippies are alone or few in numbers where they live. The only way to make the verbal assults ineffective is for the young hippies to join together. Groups are always more effective then individuals.

Until they young hippies can unite, here is some advic: dont listin to the snide comments. Now, dont fight back, because that would be violent and that is exactly what the people want you to do. Just ignore them or polietly correct them of their misconceptions. Keep this advice in mind and you will be able to keep your ideas intact.


Posted by: danny
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Comments on Young Hippies

  • right on! i am the only hippie in my town and shool and mostly 7th graders find it halourise there is a hippie in the school. when ever they say somthing negetive i just go i am a flower child and thats all u need to know but on the other hand everyone in 8th grde goes hi hippie and is nice but not all some people are like why arnt u normal? why do u like stuiped 60s music? but i just say i am a flower child and it is a lot better than rap but they always keep going after it i just ignore them 🙂 go hippie peace my fellow hippie friend

  • Far out man. Im one of the only hippies in my school but im in grade 11, but ive been one all through middle school too. Just keep the peace and youll find your way, theres always more open minded induviduals when you get older so just keep it up and thereyll be more hippies. Peace man.

  • Wow… This post has described my school perfectly. thank you.I thought I was alone 

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