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We Must Drop Out

I cannot live in a system where it is safe to conform, no hope for a greater improvement, where my goal in life is to grow up and work so I can afford vacations. I have no hope for America, or any other countries that support the death of human spirit. The only light my eyes can see at the end of this long, dark tunnel I live in is the hope of dropping out of society completely, and the hope of a possible greater reform in human dreams.

I now live in a moral wasteland, but this wasteland is not and will not be recognized by anyone. We live in a state of denial not believing that the wasteland exists. It is unexplainable by words where we are heading. I’m not talking about economically, politically, or culturally, but in how we approach the next day. Our society accepts and encourages people to wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, go to sleep, and continue to repeat this process for the rest of our lives. We wont know how starved we are as a society of freedom, individuality, and self-respect until we have buried ourselves so deep in the hole that we have no chance of getting back out.

As I think these thoughts I become more and more lonely, because I fear that I may be the only one who understands what I’m talking about, or, even worse, the only one who cares. I fear that I am all alone right now, the rest are too busy worshiping their gods Money, Greed, Politics, and Authority. If you understand nothing else about what I wrote, understand that we must turn on, tune in, and drop out of this society.

Posted by: danny
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