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The Perversion of Democracy

We’re all outraged at what’s happening, but it also seems like it’s all been said, over and over, which makes it most difficult to add anything. Maybe I just have writer’s block. My underlying grievance is that Bush et al are setting the agenda with hard right-wing policies even though they only came second in the last election. They’re acting like they won some sort of mandate when the majority of the population knows better and voted differently. It pisses me off that Mush even attempts to act Presidential. I don’t think he’s earned the right using any criteria, electoral or otherwise. It seems like we have some inverted perversion of democracy, whereby the team who came in second, is being allowed to make up the rules. Rules by the way, which benefit the over-zealous minority, financially and religiously.

You want to talk patriotism? Anyone who doesn’t vote these thieving bums out of office at the first opportunity, is a traitor. A traitor because they fail to support our democratic way of life that so many of our forefathers gave up their lives to defend.

You want to know the basis for this outrage? How about the exit polls in Florida in the 2000 election. These exit polls all had Gore as the winner. So how did he lose? Well, apart from Gore’s wimp legal strategy, apart from the felon scandal, the overseas military vote scandal, minority roadblock hassles, the butterfly ballots, the Tom Delay led riot in Miami-Dade, Jack Welch of GE grovelling for a Bush win, Jim Ellis, Bush’s cousin changing the call at Fox News, and lastly, brother Jeb’s Secretary of State Katherine Harris, working as campaign chairman for W, riding a 537 vote margin through the one time only widely and legally criticized decision by the Supreme 5, it was a fair vote, right? Oh, and don’t forget the they refused to hear this case only a month earlier before Antonin got the word to take a bullet for the cause, read GWB. Folks, if you don’t get it, if you don’t realize how you’ve been had, if you don’t see how the fanatical right wing has taken control because of greed using religion and phony patriotism, then you deserve what you have.

Posted by: metalgirl5493
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Comments on The Perversion of Democracy

  • it the same in south Africa . The president life on greed. He hurt his own people. Government is communist and socialist.From hippie jacomien rohrs,kwa zulu nAtal,rsa

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