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Summer of love

I left Alabama in 1967 with my first love and a friend. We left with $167.00 and a full tank of gas. We headed out west to see the great west. California bound. We would eat junkfoods and make sandwiches of sorts. We  decided to vist LA first and and the Strip. We were invited into a Rolls Royce with The Byrds and smoked a joint. They saw us standing on the street and pulled over and ask for a light. We jumped in and rode around about a hour looking at Hollywood and talking music. They loved our accents being southern. We went to see Johnny Rivers at the whiskey Ago-go. What a trip and town. We had someone to tell us to split this place as all the good stuff was up in the Haight district in frisco so we hit the road up Hyway 1 and what a trip. Back then the old homes were still on the coast. We would stop and go down a cliff and watch the seals sometimes. We came into Frisco and went to Haight-Ashbury hungry of course. We pan handled money for the trip for gas. Frisco was a trip and the happist place I had ever seen. Acid,weed and free food. Medical help was even free. We seen the Dead, George Harrison,Zappa, Donavan and so many more there. You could sit on the street and  waste a joint. Free concerst at Golden Gate Park and free clothes. It was one of the best times in my life. I was 17 and free.

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