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Letter From Japanese Right Winger

Dear Sir/Miss/Madam,
Hello. I am a
member of a Japanese right wing group, WAKONJUKU, but
I just wanted to say that I believe in many of the
things that you stand for and I agree with most of you
who believe that the goal of peace is the answer to
many of the problems that we face today.

I am a part of a right wing group because I am
unsatisfied with many things that have happened to my
country after World War 2. Namely, being falsely
accused of war crimes, the left wing supporting these
lies (that foreign nations also acknowledge as lies)
and including them in our children’s textbooks,
therefore weakening their sense of pride, which I
think is essential for everyone of any nation. When we
express our opinions in public, we may sound racist,
but we usually go through the trouble of explaining
our remarks and show why they are not necessarily

As Malcolm X said, after he realized that we
were all created equally, that he believed that blacks
must first be united within themselves before uniting
with others. I think that this was his policy because
his ultimate goal was to unite with others, therefore
having a peaceful society. I think that we are all
equal but we must all acknowledge that society has
made us think in different ways. So we must see how
different we are IN ORDER TO understand each other.

I am not expressing any of my ideas in an attempt to
criticize you. I want to say that even though I am an
extreme rightist, there is not one opinion of yours,
as far as I know, that I disagree with and that my
idea of a perfect society is one where EVERYBODY can
be friends, brothers, and sisters giving and sharing.
We just have different ways of thinking/living.

think that many so-called terrorists would find that
this would be perfect if they analyzed their own
thoughts and asked themselves why they do what they
do. I am very new and ignorant to hippie society but
the more I lean to the right, the more I also
sympathize with Hippies. I will continue to see your
site from time to time.


Director of Political Affairs

Greetings to you,
Thank you for your interesting letter. I’m not sure what to make of it.
It is true that on certain issues we now find ourselves in the same camp as
the right, only because we both want more freedom. But I think our visions
of freedom differ greatly.

Hippies want complete freedom from any kind of political control. We
believe in power to the people, and to the people only. Total
decentralization of power to the individual. This does not allow for the
usual games the elite like to play. One of these games involves national
identity or patriotism or nationalism. That would be antithetical to our
core belief which puts individual rights above all. I think this may be
difficult for many of your countrymen to understand. It is something that
Americans cherish. Unfortunately too many people put more emphasis on
conformity and being normal.

As far as the war crimes of which Japan is accused. I could equally
accuse my own countrymen of complicity in profiting from the HORRENDOUS
atrocities that were committed in the name of your country. Why? Because
the U.S. allowed those scientists and politicians who oversaw some of the
worst crimes against humanity ever, to go free. Why? Because they handed
over all their work and findings to American scientists who then could
profit from it. (Same deal for the Nazi scientists).

I have seen the documents, the photographs and know of things that you
and your countrymen DON’T know. Because they are not allowed to know the
truth. Instead they just become blamphemous legends in your own
self-serving mythology/ideology.

I have nothing against you personally, and perhaps I don’t know a lot
about your group. But if it is the group that wants to change peoples
thinking about war crimes, and to whitewash the truth and rewrite history
(as your people continually do), then you should really search yourself and
discover why this one issue is so important to you. Likewise this issue of
national pride. Because I would tell you this: NOTHING GOOD COMES FROM

Better you should rejoice in all humanity, without regard to race, color,
religion, nationality, gender or sexual preference. When you can see beyond
all these inconsequential criteria with which we divide ourselves you
realize we are ALL THE SAME.

Then, and only then will you achieve a truly peaceful society.

Skip Stone

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