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hello summer

She felt the dry peculiar taste in her throat…the smoke felt like it was clinging on to every inch inside..green goblins soon took their places…the plant has empowered ..clouding schoolwork with green mazes…and she instantly fell in love…
She was 16, in San Francisco..and it was 1969..at the centre of the permanent carnival…long haired freaks and tie dye surrounded her..the fluorescent melting her vision ..huge peace signs and poetry houses filled the air…it was the Summer Of Love and she felt alive and realized that it will never be like this again..never would freedom fall like the rain..never would a thousand smiling faces seem so real..never would women choose to burn their bras again,..never would black ,white,yellow,brown form a human rainbow..never would the sky be this blue(or orange or pink)..never would the sun set from the east and rise from the west…flowers ,beads, headbands and guitars… summer stars and winter smoke…the psychedelic invasion had knocked gently on wooden doors..at glass windows of latest chevys..bringing a thousand sounds with it…the senses floating gently away from what is Supposed To Be. ..acid trippers and junkies lazed around the banks of the river…drinking the heat through their skin..anywhere was everywhere or maybe nowhere at all….
she closed her eyes as the colours danced to the rhythm of the grass and smiled..she had arrived in time..young and restless and eager to emancipate…she was 16, in San Francisco. 1969 and it was the dawning of the HIPPIES

Posted by: Anisha
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