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Be Everything You Want To Be

We live in such a beautiful world, such a precious world yet for most (generic society)we seem to focus on the negative. We get sucked in to the evil things in life such as the world of superficiality, materialism and the need to be something more.

I encourage people to embrace life and not focus on the negative, but all the wonderful positive things that are going on in our world. We need to remember that the only way to leave is in peace and to promote it.
I often hear people say I alone can not change the world. Yes you can. If every person out there has the mentality yes i can change the world, than indeed the world would be a better place.

Being a hippy is so much more than dancing around bare foot with flowers in your hair. It’s a way of life. You don’t choose to be a hippy, the life chooses you. You cannot help the way you think and feel, you cannot help your mentality. It finds you, and you can’t ignore it. The world needs you. The world relys on you. Without you and your mentality, without you there to spread your love and positivity the world would be dark place. Spread your love, spread the message of positivity.

I am still quite young and I see people around me. So immersed in their material possessions and popularity. I would like to send this message out to the younger generation who feel it in their heart, but don’t know what to do about it. I spoke to a girl a couple of days ago, and she was saying that it is extremely difficult to be herself because she is afraid people will ridicule her if she chooses to embrace her spirituality. We need to let the younger generation know that we encourage you to be yourself and stick to your beliefs and morals. Be everything you want to be.

Peace & Love

Posted by: skip
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