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Once part of the hippy trail from Marrakech to the Rif Mountains, Morocco is still an interesting place to visit. Hip, laid back, places are Chefchaouen and Essaouira. Morocco is cheap and the hashish is excellent. Be aware of the local customs and act appropriately. See our Hip Guide to Morocco, for some first hand experiences and great photos!

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Comments on Morocco

  • in fact it is an average review,the guy that made it forgot to tell a lot of things about chaouen(this is how the locals call it)for example:the water falls of akchour,the kif plantations in the mountains all around the city,the picturesque(true hippy) hotels not like hotel asmaa which is a tourist system hotel,he did not speak about the camping just next to hotel asmaa,also the cafes with terrassas where you can smoke all day long,in fact what amuses me is that review is the typical tourist system itinirary,hippism is elswhere.
    spend a month or more over there and maybe the city will reaveals you its secrets, the more you stay the more you know

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