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La Semilla, Tarifa, Spain

La Semilla “the seed” is a little hippy haven tucked away in stunning mountains on the coast of Andalucia, with views to Morocco. It is a cultural association hosting several music/art workshops throughout the year, as well as being open at weekends in the summer as a vegetarian and organic restaurant. Prices are moderate, but if you love quality vegetarian food you may just find the meal and the views over the mountains and ocean to Morocco an overwhelmingly wonderful experience.

Wagons or a tipi in the surrounding land can be rented very cheaply per night, but also people from all walks of life come to volunteer at La Semilla for months at a time helping with building, vegetable growing, cooking, artistic contribution etc etc. If you are in the area of Tarifa on a summer weekend make it your mission to come here ; follow signs to Playa de Bolonia, follow the road up past the beach into the mountains, take the right at the fork, and follow the little signs, some on the road itself.

Enquiries: grahola@yahoo.es

See my Semilla photos:

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Comments on La Semilla, Tarifa, Spain

  • Don’t forget that the town of Tarifa is extremely beautiful and has a great vibe – you still have your traditional Andaluz culture and you also have quite a few neohippie kids coming there from all over Spain and Europe and even from farther away like Australia and North America, but the vibe isn’t contaminated with the mass tourism that permeates the Costa del Sol to the west in Malaga province. A beautiful area and highly recommended.

  • Oh well, another one bites the dust. Two years after discovering La Semilla I find it’s been shut down by the police for infringing some kind of traffic law. A smug neighbouring farmer seemed overjoyed that the “Giri-giri’s” had moved on and there were no more “weird foreigners” around. The owners are apparently selling jewellry on the nearby beach.


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