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Hip Chat – Our
most popular page. Meet other hippies for a high time.

Hip Forums
– Over 400 Free Speech forums. Some are listed below.

Hip Personals – Find the perfect match for you!

Ask The Old Hippy
– The Old Hippy answers all sorts of questions (but not anymore…)

Hippie Postcards
– You can send an image from our galleries as a postcard to your friends!

Smoke Signals
– Leave a message for other hippies.

Hippy Forum
Speak out, voice your opinions!

Young Hippies Forum
– For those under 16.

Old Hippies Forum
– For all those who can remember the 60s.

Love & Sex Forum
Discussion about relationships.

Marijuana Forum
– Discuss the evil weed.

Music Forum – Talk
about music with other hippies.

Psychedelic Drug
– Mind Expanding!

Philosophy, Religion
and Enlightenment Forum
– Get into a philosophical debate!

Yoga & Meditation Forum
– How to unite your mind, body and spirit.

Health Forum
– Discuss natural healing methods including herbs, diet, naturaopathy,

Gay Forum – For
gay, lesbian, bi, straights and transgendered people. Discuss the

Dream Forum – Share
you dreams and find out what they mean.

Book Forum – Discuss

Movie Forum – Learn
about hippies’ favorite movies.

Hip Links
Links to other Hippie sites.

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