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Hobart, Australia

Hobart, Tasmania has to be the most hippiest haven in Australia. LOADS of counterculture activity. Organic food markets are everywhere in the weekly Salamanca market. Lots of wild, beautiful, free-loving, organic environmentalists.

Hobart is the home of the world’s first left-leaning Green Party. Lots of old, character homes in Hobart. And, Tassie (as the locals affectionately call it) is such a dreamy place with turquoise waters, and eucalypt forests. It’s a utopia or the closest to one in the world. And, I’ve travelled to almost every corner of the globe seeking out hippie havens and like-minded eco-subcultural back-to-the-landers. Dudes, bring your berks, dreds, and peaceful thoughts to this totally chilled place downunder.

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One Response to Hobart, Australia

  • YEAH im from Tas (launceston) and it is a kool, enviromentalist, hip place (in parts) with forty percent forests, and fresh clean air. problem is im kinda a new hippie-into the politics, beatles music and philosophy but me and my friends dont even know where to look for Lucy. we’ve become prety much obsessed with microdots-if any1 from Tas can help us out that would be awesome!
    peace, JuJU

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