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Burning Man, Black Rock City, Nevada

There is no better place to love your brothers and sisters and mother Earth than in Black Rock City. The world’s largest Leave No Trace community is friendly and kind and welcoming to all walks of life. No one will ever turn you away when you need to take a load off in the shade or get out of the dust. A huge portion of the population carry litter bags to help keep the city clean and they do it while looking fabulous and smiling. All citizens of Black Rock City are participants, there are no tourists or spectators. The cities entire lifeline is volunteerism and gifting.

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Posted by: HannahP on 2011-09-02 08:19:56
Burning Man, a dangerous festivity of creativity and survivorship, is illuminating the wasteland of northern Nevada. Burning Man 2011 is filled up, but the interested can follow the live online feed to get a taste of the bizarre. For next year, here are some Burning Man suggestions to help newbies prepare.
Source for this article: Burning Man 2011 lights up Black Rock Desert