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Alpujarra, Granada, Spain

the Alpujarra is a series of beautiful white-washed Andalucian-moorish villages high up in the mountains, producing loads of crafts like ceramics, rugs and strange little herbal tinctures and liquers. There’s a magical mix of influences in this area – the Arab touch from the previous Moorish settlement, a Buddhist monastery and retreat near Trevelez, open to visitors, a Mongolian gentleman selling yurts on the roadside…and near the village of Orgiva is a tipi community in a hidden valley, stop-off point for many new age travellers and home to many a full moon gathering. Alternative spirits are drawn to this area because of the beautiful mountains, valleys and springs, and the rich history.

I have some photos from la Alpujarra at the following site:

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Comments on Alpujarra, Granada, Spain

  • Hey,
    my mother went to Beneficio like 5 years ago and I´m wondering if she is still living there and if she´s doing fine. Any other information would really help me. Maybe you can tell me, if she left you and where she went to. Her name is Annette and she is from Germany. The first time she came to you she came from Berlin and was pregnant and i think she got her baby in your camp. Maybe somebody can remember? It is really important to me to find out. She has big blue eyes, had her hair short cut, black or brown, is about 1,68 cm tall, now she is 55 years old. I also have a photo, so maybe if you massage me I can send it to you. I would be more than happy, if you contacted me: maria_manowski@gmx.de

  • Spain is general is a sad place because of the macho culture and a horrific history for animal rights. Greyhounds get murdered everyday. Hung to death on trees,butchered. Forget it mate not going there until they change their ways!

  • hey, im looking for a place to stay in spain and i was wondering what you thought of the commune in the sierra nevada hills, the beneficio commune? thanx

  • Pobre Yplanda.
    Seguramente tú debes pertenecer a un país mucho más civilizado, donde se considera ético invadir a otro país y asesinar a sus habitantes solamente para conseguir algo más de petróleo.
    Qué pena me das. Eso sí, coincido contigo, no vengas a España, gente como tú no es bienvenida.


  • Beneficio is amazing, alot of travellers come to live their after their travells. Its an inspirational place with all nationalities living side by side, living lightly with nature. Fed by the very beneficial spring!!! Its way up in the mountains, the nature is amazing and interesting community I was their for a couple of months in the winter staying in a truck, so not alot going on still a bit sleepy but very inspirational. I would highly recomend a stay in Beneficio, more partys started happening in Ciggarones about March and then theirs the Dragonfestival. I think it would be great for anyone who wants to live naturally, its a big community. I would definatly recomend a visit. Just to see all the different dwellings people make like benders and tree houses and cob houses, trucks and vans its cool. little market in Orgiva where you can sell your wares. go go go…….

  • Hey, I’ve searched everywhere for someone who has actually been to the commune in Granada, as I have only heard about it from people who haven’t actually been themselves… Please tell more! How big is it/how many people live there? Can anyone move there? What do they do, is it communal living, or do they work for themselves? etc.etc. Please help!

  • I was there one year and only what I can say is VISIT THIS PLACE AND PEOPLE becouse its not only Beneficio what is magical in this part of Spain

  • Yolanda can I ask which guilt free country you do live in?

  • Im going 2 Beneficio on wed 4 a few months so ill let al u guys knw what it like wen i get bak.

  • I’ve lived in Bene on and off for 10 years….
    It’s spread over 5 (or more) peices of land , 2 parts WE bought for it to be FREE land the rest is forrestry commision or squatted. Only on the one ruin can we build a permanent structure .The places you see elsewhere are either not legal or not permenant and more than 20mtrs from the river. The reality that seems to come across is that if you live there and look after your space (garden , cleaning ,e.t.c.) then it becomes yours by right. It’s more of a village than a community now so don’t be put off by the big lodge Tipi , which is the communal Kitchen e.t.c.and please respect that the dry leaves there burn faster than paper, too many fires have happenend. Please take your rubbish when you leave(and anybodyelses if you feel) and bring what you expect to find. It’s 1000mtrs up so january/feb is cold and july/August is Hotttttt and dry. Enjoy your time there , it’s my Avalon.

  • Hi,
    Just visited the Beneficio commune out in Orgiva last week (July 07). There were around 15 vans parked there, but as you move further up the hill the structures become more permanent (tents-teepees-yurts-houses). A communal area for eating, playing music etc, fresh water spring, homes selling goats cheese, bread, shared food. Very clean place, serene and friendly. Post if you need more info.

  • hi does anyone know if the hippy stalls up all the side streets in Granada are open in November?

  • I spent 2 months in Beneficio in september 2001. I had arrived there by accident. It’s a bit of a long story, so i ‘ll move on… Nevertheless i ended up in a eucalyptus forest with my 14 years old son, a lot of luggage and return tickets in 7 weeks time. My time in Beneficio has been one of my favourite experience to remember. It ‘s not just because of the people living there, i met great people, i got close to a few but was very much on my own by choice. But i felt home there, i made a great camp, with the help of some great souls, i learned how to make fire and felt at peace. My son thrived out there, we semi adopted a dog and cats. It was hearbreaking to leave and i have been thinking about going back and stay longer ever since.
    On the 11 sep 2001, my german neighbour living in a tipi, came back from town ( orgiva) and told us he had seen a plane crushing into a building in America . We didn’t really register. I had wood and water to collect, i was in Beneficio, removed from the outside world….
    Go there if you can,just don’t make fire unless you have “the permission ” from one of the inhabitants,it’s super important, we did see a fire while staying there,not fun at all and if you go to the “toilet” don’t use toilet paper as it’s rather frownwed apon, wash yourself, beleive me it feels lovely !!! My son truly hate that part of going back to nature !
    Wherever you go, enjoy yourself and be safe !

  • i have heard alot of this place. and i meet many people from this place. but i have never been there my self. please could someone tell me how i travel from “orjiva” ( or how you spell that..) to benificio.???
    the “teepees” and vans below orjiva are they part of the communite. ???
    – David.

  • Hi, i am thinking of visiting this area in the summer for a few weeks, with my five year old daughter. Can anyone tell me if there are many families with children living in beneficio, or other commune type gatherings inthe area? I am also worried about the safety of taking a young child to this area…Any information , opinion, pics would be gratefully recieved.
    many thanks

  • Hello. Im 17 years old, im looking for a place to stay for a while but have no money, i have been in Beneficio once before but i dont know what i have to do if i want to stay in beneficio for a while?? If i just turn up there with my tent and my dog can i stay?
    Hola, tengo 17 años, estoy buscando un sitio para quedarme un tiempo pero no tengo dinero, he estado en beneficio una vez antes pero no se lo que tengo que hacer si quiero quedarme en beneficio. Si me voy pa beneficio con mi perro y mi tienda de acampaña puedo quedarme en beneficio??
    please answer someone!!…

  • Hi all, this is a long shot but here goes….im looking for an old friend i last saw in Granada around 1999 and i have been told he had a little girl who is living with her mum in a commune around Granada.
    My friend is Called Martin Cattemul and he will now be around 40 give or take is tall, slim and has dark hair….
    We were very close for a while but lost contact around Granada and have’nt crossed paths since and it would be nice to hear something from him, maybe his little girl and ex live in the Beneficio commune? If anyone from the commune reads this and recognizes his name etc please contact me so i can get in touch with him.

    Love to All



  • I am confused there seems to be a communtiy in the usa by the same name with similar town names in california. Is there really is a community near orgiva and granada in spain called Beneficio? Who do you contact to visit, do you just rock up and camp or do they have a website. I have three kids and am living in Ireland ten years (from oz), we had about 6 days total of dry weather this summer and I want to move to a warmer place. I hear its a little cooler up there. Where would be a slightly warmer village on the way to beach still in reach of the steiner school in orgiva to settle? Boy what a long sentance, sorry its late. Orgiva sounds great if its not too chilly.

  • Hi, is it possible to visit all of the little villages in a week?

  • hi there!

    im a woman from sevilla who lives in london for a few years now. i am a graphic designer who is writing a thesis about paradise, i have been around the area of beneficio before but this time i would love to go back and document more about it. THI IS NOT A COMMERCIAL PROJECT AT ALL, ITS MY PERSONAL DISSERTATION and i would love to visit the place and meet some of the inhabitants.
    you know if this could be posible???

    any contact of the people i could contact to??




  • greetings 😀 me and my friend wer like traveling around in search of positive vibrations and our frend told us about this camp.. as i can see the last comment is added in 2007 and i wondering if this place still eksists couse we want to wisit it werry much… if someone got some info about a place .. please mail me to pjanijjurk@gmail.com we will be werry tnxfulll… well… hope to meet ya soon .. 😀 peace ☺ y

  • Hello.
    I am planning to go to Benevicio for the winter, but I was wondering if I could just go there and ask if I can stay for a while or do I have to arrange it first?
    And do you have to pay money to stay there or can I just help with working?
    I only have a small tent to stay in, so I guess that wouldn’t be a problem.
    If someone has some information for me, you can mail to mad_meuj@hotmail.com
    Things like route description from a city to Benevicio would also be nice. 🙂

    Thankyou very much!

  • your compost toilets leek into the stream where children play and happy hippies wash thier plates
    your rude and unfriendly arrogance distroyed my sons iullisions of succsessful alternative communities
    the thieves that stole what little we had hurt more than our feelings
    we visited off season, god help the hapless hippies in the heat of summer and beware if you have young children
    a little knowledge is dangerous and this nieve so called eco back to nature experience is a stupid waste of time and is as fake as the world of commerce and industry that it rebels against.
    walk the walk or shut up

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