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Hippie Songs Invade Texas Cowboy Country

MERCEDES – Can you imagine performing at a show in the Valley and seeing a crowd of Winter Texans with long hair, head bands and hippie garb all laughing and having the time of their lives?

Well, that’s the experience James Marvell and his wife Faye had Friday night January 27 at Paradise South’s Hippie Days Dance. The show turned out to be a smash hit with at least 95 percent of the people in costume and dancing to the sixties hits such as Help and Good Day Sunshine as well as some favorite line dances and classics from the fifties.

James was there in the ’60s performing with the million selling group Mercy and their Billboard hit Love Can Make You Happy. He had opportunity to socialize with Jimmy Hendrix, The Byrds, The Guess Who etc.

Although drugs were all around in the industry, James always spoke out against their use. For him the joy of the sixties was some of the great music of that era.

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