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The Taliban is Not Hiding in my Kitchen, but MSG is!

Taliban is Not Hiding in my Kitchen, but MSG is

By Harrell Graham

Pharma already had an array of drugs which could produce just about
any desired effect. Need to stay awake? No problem, we’ve got
drugs for that. Go to sleep? Take your pick. Need to lose weight?
Here, swallow these. We’ve also got drugs to help you urinate,
defecate, lower your blood pressure, raise your blood pressure.
Lower your cholesterol, raise your blood sugar, lower your blood
sugar, raise your insulin, lower your insulin. Raise your libido,
lower your chances of getting pregnant, increase your chances of
getting pregnant. Feeling sad and blue? Here, we’ve got an
arsenal of pills for you…take your pick: uppers, downers,
in-betweeners, mood-elevators, crazy reducers, erection inducers.

did mention, didn’t we, that we have pills to decrease your
appetite. Need to lose weight? Sure, we’ve got drugs for that.
But wait. There is one thing we’ve not yet mentioned. The close
observer will note that we
didn’t mention that we have a substance to make you eat more

monosodium glutamate (MSG) really is–according to Dr. Russell
Blaylock, MD– “like fertilizer for cancer” then why haven’t
we, the American people, been warned by the Food and Drug
Administration (FDA), which we pay with our hard-earned tax dollars,
to protect us from poison in our food?


research shows MSG not only makes us fat, it makes kids stupid, and
causes headaches, central nervous system damage, infertility, heart
disease, depression and cancer.  

‘natural flavors’ ‘yeast extract’ & ‘hydrolyzed
protein’ are only a few of the names under which MSG is hidden. If
we can’t get angry over a government that knowingly allows this
noxious stuff to be hidden in much of our food, well, then something
is very, very wrong.


anger is a good thing, if put to constructive use, and if ever there
were a time calling for constructive anger, this is one of those
times.  Our government has allowed the food companies to profit
from the money we hand over to them in the grocery stores for food
containing MSG that they knew would harm us in multiple ways. 
Yes, that’s right, you’re paying the food companies to give you
everything from headaches to cancer, and the MSG makes you stupid in
the process.  How elegant–a food additive that makes us
consumers stupid and depressed while it is killing us so we don’t
know or care enough to fight back.


how did the Christian Broadcasting Network News (CBN News)—not CNN,
NBC, ABC, CBS, New York Times, etc, etc—beat all other mass media
investigative journalists to the punch with their amazing video
expose? (see below)  Even books purporting to be critical
exposes of the American diet, such as “Fast Food Nation”, missed
the ‘MSG connection’.   


the information that CBN exposes has been known for a long time. 
Why has it taken so long to come out to a mass audience?  The
reason is because most newspapers, television and radio stations are
dependent on advertising dollars from corporations.  They stand
to lose millions in advertising revenue If they do truthful stories
about harmful products their corporate sponsors sell.  The
secretive MSG industry—which includes most food companies because
they put this poison (usually hidden) in their products–is in the
many billions of dollars, but apparently CBN isn’t beholden to any
of them because, I suppose, CBN doesn’t need their money.  I
laughed out loud as Pat Robertson picked up popular food products
containing MSG that he found in his kitchen, held them in front of
the camera, and said “These are all destined for the garbage can.” 
You won’t see that
on most news shows!


you care about your health and the health of those you love, please
take the time to click on the links below, then click on the ‘Play’
button.  (Each segment is not long.)  And, if you don’t
get angry after watching this series—after you learn how you have
been a lab rat of the highest profitability–well, maybe you need to
take a different kind of anger management class, or cut back on


note that the ’60 Minutes’ show from 1991 was the first and last
expose done by any major media outlet. The producer of 60 Minutes
said that 60 Minutes had never experienced such heavy industry
pressure on any program during ’60 Minutes’ time on television.
After the 60 Minutes show twenty years ago there has been a deafening
silence from the media about this toxic chemical. No stories. None.
Nada. They don’t dare to jeopardize all their advertising revenue
from the food companies!

why do the food companies put this stuff in as many products as they
can?  Because it makes people eat more than they otherwise would
and thereby boosts the profits of those food companies.  Having
essentially no taste of its own MSG has, however, the startling
effect when mixed with food of stimulating the nerves and brain to
make it seem like something ‘exciting’ is happening in the
mouth.  It makes you eat more, faster.  Furthermore,
through damage to the hypothalamus and/or due to a lowering of
glucose levels, the resulting feeling of hunger also makes one eat
more food than is needed.


is a sad way to make an extra buck.  I mean, we would still buy
these food products without the MSG—we’re hungry, after all. 
But to deliberately poison us just so they can sell a few million
more cans of soup, protein bars, pizzas and sandwich meats?   It
is my sincere desire that enough people wake up and stop buying these
poisonous products thereby causing all the guilty fat-cat food
executives to at least lose their stock options.  Maybe they’ll
even have to go directly to jail without passing ‘Go’.  And
from their jail cells they can contemplate all the harm they’ve
done while wishing they had never sold their souls for a bigger stock


if companies knowingly harm customers those companies are liable not
just for damages, but for treble
damages.  If you think the multi-billion dollar damage awards
were big in the tobacco lawsuits just wait till some heroic attorneys
take up the battle cry for MSG.  Hollywood, please start taking
notes now so you can prepare the sequel to “The Insider”, the
Russell Crowe/Al Pacino movie about tobacco.    


our government can’t protect us from basic assaults like greedy
food companies profiting from our painful demise, then what good is
that government?  The Taliban is not hiding inside my kitchen,
but MSG is.  This is what we pay our government to do—protect
us.  Okay United States Government, do the job we, the people,
elected you to do–protect

You can start by requiring the food companies to put on labels the
presence and amount of MSG rather than allowing them to hide it under
code words like “flavors” and “natural flavors”.  This
way we can at least have a choice in the matter.  Is that too
much to ask of the government which wants us to get all teary-eyed
every time we hear the lyrics “the home of the brave and land of
the free”?



a complete list of hidden
sources of


for a complete list of adverse

to MSG.

aspartame are “like fertilizer for cancer”

(Interview with Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD)



1   The Hidden Dangers in Your Food



2   Your Brain’s Biggest Enemy



3   MSG, Cancer and Your Heart



4    Avoiding the MSG Threat


Minutes’ show from


Posted by: Harrell Graham
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