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from the 10th Annual High Times Cannabis Cup
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Tuesday, November 25th, 1997

    Stephen Gaskin announces his candidacy for President of the United States. 
    Hosting the 4:20 council in the Hemp Hall of the Milkweg (Milky Way) dance venue in Amsterdam, Stephen was asked by an audience member whether it was true that he was running for president.  Stephen confirmed this, and said that the first three items on his platform would be universal health care, campaign reform and marijuana.  Asked which party he would run under, he replied "the Hippy Party!" The author of Amazing Dope Tales, Hey Beatnik! and Cannabis Spirituality is a celebrity judge at the Cannabis Cup.
    A hippy icon, Gaskin is famous for leading a caravan of 50 school buses to Tennesee where they founded The Farm, an alternative community.  Their many successes include innovations in farming, food, health care, and community.  Gaskin founded Plenty International, a private peace corps that has helped Third World communities on four continents.  Among The Farm's current projects is a radiation detector that has found buyers among anti-nuclear activists, law enforcement agencies and the federal government.
    Hippyland will continue to report on Stephen Gaskin's candidacy and we hope to have a interview with him soon.  Hippyland will consider a possible endorsement of his candidacy.

Rita Marley arrives for Bob Marley's induction into the Cannabis Hall of Fame
  Rita Marley (left), the wife of Bob Marley, arrived in Amsterdam today to participate in the induction of her charismatic husband into the Cannabis Hall of Fame.  A surprise guest, she took the stage in front of a very high, very packed Melkweg crowd.  The day's tribute to Bob Marley included a multimedia presentation by Roger Steffens that included some very early footage of the Wailers and a great segement which included some of Bob's most famous tunes.
    Ras Menilik, (center, holding the bud) singer and percussionist who played with Bob Marley, provided a moving induction speech, after which he presented Rita Marley with a large medallion and a two foot long cannabis bud.  Rita then asked the audience what she could contribute "maybe I could sing something"...  This brought a rousing response from the crowd, as she cut into the upbeat song One Draw.  Backed up by the very tight Cannabis Cup band, she displayed her own sizable talent and charisma.