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Realizing Perfection

Perfection of the universe includes us! Our bodies, our minds represent a being on the path to perfection. Indeed we are the mirrors of the perfection around us that is God (for lack of a better term).

When we can… Continue reading

God, Free Will, Determinism & Karma

Determinism vs free-will is always an interesting debate. Let’s expand it to include a discussion of God and Karma.

First, I think everyone needs to stop anthropomophizing God. God is not a person like us, who makes decisions for everybody… Continue reading

Matriarchal vs Patriarchal Society

Respect for women varies from culture to culture. The main difference seems to be between Patriarchal societies (where power resides with men) and Matriarchal (where power resides with women). Almost all Judeo/Christian societies are patriarchal, where as many primitive cultures… Continue reading

New Hippie Holidays!

Why can’t everyday be a Thanksgiving? Why do we have only one day a year where we give thanks for what we have? That should be part of our outlook on life! It’s like holding your piety and self-reflection (and… Continue reading

A Good Investment!

(someone wrote me, asking for investment advice – LOL! This was back in 1999, when the market was flying high.)

My Advice:

Take all your money out of the market. The bubble is gonna come crashing down. Invest your capital… Continue reading

Kohlberg’s Theory of Moral Development

Lawrence Kohlberg was a distinguished professor at Harvard who developed a very interesting theory for human moral development that helps explain why some people have higher moral standards than others.

It’s actually pretty simple. It’s a matter of being exposed… Continue reading

2003 – What a year!

I guess it’s time to write another end-of-the-year editorial about what happened on Hippyland & the Hip Forums.

First, the site continued to grow rapidly with our registered membership reaching 45,000. This has affected the performance of the site, and… Continue reading

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