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UK Releases Report on GM Foods


[The Science Review Panel’s report is available for downloading from this page.]

The GM Science Review Panel today published the results of its full, open and independent review of current scientific knowledge on GM… Continue reading


As the traffic came closer and closer soon enough we had entered BONNAROO. Now for you who don’t know, its ok, but BONNAROO was the only festival to ever come close to what WOODSTOCK originally was. Not the ’94 and ’99 tragedy to music, and the disgrace to the name WOODSTOCK. WOOSTOCK ’99 was the biggest catastrophe. The promoters had to be mentally ill if they had no idea that these bands would cause problems. Isn’t WOODSTOCK about LOVE? If you have a band playing a song called BREAK STUFF, your crowd isn’t going to have that peaceful vibe IMAGINE would give you. But BONNAROO saved WOODSTOCK 99, it showed that 70,000 people can come together and have a great time with close to no problems. There was one sad moment at BONNAROO, a young lady had over dosed on morphine. But people make there own decisions about what they do…..and she made the wrong one. As for me, I stuck to things that wouldn’t kill me, such as pot, mushrooms, acid…etc… The people were by far the nicest people I have ever met….some people in my group had brought an RV, so we would chill on that tripping and just talk to random people who wanted to see the view of the camp grounds which seemed to never end!!! I would get the ‘acid walks’ and just go for hours watching people do what they do. The best bands I saw were……[1] MOE, they had an awesome set from midnight to 5 am!!! It was an amazing show, but it got really crowded and I was tripping so I got nervous some times……..[2] Widespread Panic, the bass player is dieing of cancer right now and his final shows are being played (we love you WSP!!)….[3] Les Claypool and the Flying Frog Brigade, he played shine on your crazy diamond>to smoke on the water > back to shine on, LES IS GOD!! (no more needs to be said)…..[4] String Cheese Incident, this mix of bluegrass and jam is insane….one of the best shows!!!…….[5] Ben Harper, I have wanted to see this guy since I heard… Continue reading

Judi Bari and the FBI

Judi Bari and the FBI

Dan Brook

Judi loved to howl, so we howled for her, we howled for fun, and we howled for justice. 24 May 2002 marked exactly twelve years since a bomb ripped through Judi Bari and… Continue reading


by Nicole Poirier

So maybe I should have been born earlier.

Hypnotized. Eyes of Kaleidoscopes.

Tie-dyed bandanas

around my forehead,

beads in my hair,

and flowers engraved on my skin.

When anything goes,

and you are not judged

for stepping… Continue reading

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