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How changing the way tests are given will lead to less stress, more learning and better schools.

“Most children speak and understand their mother tongue before the age of four without lessons, homework or much in the way of feedback.… Continue reading

Cannabis in Alchemical Literature

Cannabis in Alchemical Literature: Green Lion,
Philosopher’s Stone

Three things suffice for the work: a white smoke, which
is water; a green Lion, which is the ore of Hermes, and a fetid
water… The stone, known from the chapters of… Continue reading

Comedy, Cocaine and Cable TV


by Robbie Jones Saturday Night Live 
producer Marci Klein SNL
Sara Seth glanced up at the marquee
on west 68th from the inside of the Hilton Hotel. 10 minutes to show time! Famous
comedian famous comedian am I… Continue reading

The Beyond Prohibition Foundation

Attitudes regarding marijuana have shifted in a dramatic way over the past 10 years, with more countries moving to either legalize the plant, decriminalize the possession of a small amount of cannabis, or legalizing it for medicinal purposes. Other countries… Continue reading

Off the Grid in the Natural State

“To properly understand political power and trace its origins, we must consider the state that all people are in naturally. That is a state of perfect freedom of acting and disposing of their own possessions and persons as they think fit within… Continue reading

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