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Letters to Hippyland

The Hippies Dream

In the hills of California
Where the Hippies once did rave,
Five eights of the way to accomplishment
Lies a godforsaken grave.

Hippies have never flowered the tomb
Though the tombstone’’s said to gleam,
For the fools that dug the… Continue reading

PTA Prez Appalled!

I am appauled at the drug content posters you have on your site.
I used to love looking through your site. I found your hideous collection of
non-funny posters as I was surfing the web for anti-drug posters for my… Continue reading

Modernized Meat

Animals are God’s creatures. They belong to mother nature and yes, they may be on this planet to be eaten. However, they aren’t on this planet to be placed in cages and fed steroids and live a miserable life just… Continue reading

Old Hippy Soul Revival

I am probably an old hippy (just turned 60) and lived like one often. If living on the road and traveling from place to place, in the forest or the beach, sleeping outdoors and visiting the rainbow gathering counts. Yet… Continue reading
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