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Letters to Hippyland

My Dad, the Hippie

I’m guessing I may be a lot younger then usual speakers of this site, but when I happened to come across this site for the first time today I couldn’t help but express what may be less then engaging then… Continue reading

Did You Know?

Here are some did you knows, to pass on to all the people you know. If it makes you mad good because it should.

Did you know: The last spending bill that was passed by both the House and Senate,… Continue reading

Young Hippies

This is written by a young hippie to young hippies….

Hippies were the most abundnt in the 1960s, but that doesnt mean that there aren’t still hippies being born today. Most of these young, teenage hippies, are a very small… Continue reading

The Hippies Dream

In the hills of California
Where the Hippies once did rave,
Five eights of the way to accomplishment
Lies a godforsaken grave.

Hippies have never flowered the tomb
Though the tombstone’’s said to gleam,
For the fools that dug the… Continue reading

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