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Peoples Revolution

Living in Africa where I see much poverty , destitute children and extreme desperation, the twitter live protests by Americans who are trying to bring about change and end poverty is truly gods children with a mission. It warms my… Continue reading

Summer of love

I left Alabama in 1967 with my first love and a friend. We left with $167.00 and a full tank of gas. We headed out west to see the great west. California bound. We would eat junkfoods and make sandwiches of sorts.… Continue reading

The Hair Rebellion

All that trully want to embrace nature and encourage conservation should grow long hair or dredlocks. Long hair is the natural state of the human dew. Thusly, encouraging the natural state of the body, you encourage the natural state of… Continue reading

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Yeah, I know, everyone's a literary critic...but way, too many references were employed to illustrate the profundity of the thing. That being said, I am glad to know there's somebody else out there who went through this same /similar sort of thing and you sound very convincing in that regard. It was like Heavy, Boss, and FAR OUT DUDE, to use those trite and timeworn expressions. And like Tim Leary said "Most people can't even begin to form words to express what the Trip was like; they simply say "WOW!" But i would like to see more of the analytical/neuropsychological side of the overall thing. Funny how Persian Carpet patterns come alive like that in a universal way! I wrote a book-beginning such as yours, but decided that the world either (A.) Don't Care, or (B) Is Not Ready..., for it yet! Maybe release it after I am (Grateful) Dead? I am living in Portugal, could not stand the BS there anymore. It is so beautiful here. Get in touch: rpetesan@Yahoo.com