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Hippies From A to Z
by Skip Stone, webmaster of Hippy.com.
Skip's book highlights the people and events of the Hippy Movement. A great resource for hippies and students.

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Hippies From A to Z

Hippy Activism

What really distinguishes this generation. . . is its determination
to act, its joy in action, the assurance of being able to change things by one’s own efforts.

Hannah Arendt (1972)

The popular stereotype of hippies describes them as lazy,… Continue reading

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Well i bloody missed out and i am pissed of i was in the army a draftee but i am making up for it now  the main reason for the promesqity was the invention of the pill that was sex without a problem

What a crock of BS the Sexual rev brought a lot of pain to a lot pf people because they became rabbits. Sex with Love Sex with morals is still the guide to follow unless you like disease and confusion.

Right on! 

Dude seriously nw, I say the hippies did us a favour by starting the sexual freedom. Sex is an amazing activity and should not be turned into sumthng so serious when it should be used as a tool of pleasure.

Bullshit! One can enjoy sex without creating a tenure on your sex partner. And as long as u use condoms and are somewhat reasonable the risk for deseases is pretty low. But people who are riddled with jealousy and envy will never be able to enjoy their fellow human beings and appreciate the gift of life. Life is full of Love!

Well personally, I do agree that sex is better when you love someone, but that dosent mean that sex without love is always a bad thing. I think that if someone wants to have sex with anyone they want to, then thats fine as long as they are protected. If they arent protected, they need to be aware of the possibility of pregnancy and STIs .

Love&sex are the great gifts of nature all beings are born out of sex but still the  so called leaders&protectors of society themselves indulge in it &prohibit its explicit projection.But biological desires can not be supressed  Free consensual sex is all natural &can propagate love in humans which is fast eroding from humanity.According to osho you can even attain spiritual heights through free consensual sex .It can lead humanity to a path of peace &homogeneity.True human love if preached through free consensual sex can meltdown all man made borders even geographical borders .It can lead to one world government.