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Hippie Havens

Mt. Shasta, California

“One of the most sacred places on earth. Everyone is so totally kind. The mountain pours out its love and watches over all its inhabitants. It snows for days in the winter, but in the summer I go live in… Continue reading

Flagstaff, Arizona

A large community or family of hippies came here for the diversity of “the kind” and other “party favors.” With the San Francisco Peaks and Sedona only twenty minutes away the opportunities for adventure are endless.

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San Diego, California

There are some really cool places to hang, especially Ocean Beach, Encinitas. Laid back mixture of surfers and hippies make for a cool scene. Check out The Black a famous headshop in O.B. Also “blacks beach every full moon at… Continue reading

Prescott, Arizona

The home of Prescott, University. You will find a large number of artists, mountain bikers, hikers, and outdoorsmen in this town, along with communes galore. Dancing circles of hippies beating drums and enjoying life in the middle of the wilderness… Continue reading

San Francisco, California

The place where it all began in the Summer of Love, 1967. Is it still happening here? Well almost. The Haight-Ashbury area is just a tourist attraction, and not really so cool. While Berkeley still has a lot of the… Continue reading

Sedona, Arizona

A hippie haven since before the Harmonic Convergence, this little town grew way too big and unfortunately allowed Macdonald’s and other chains to destroy the charm. They say the vortexes are still there, humming in the mountains and sacred secret places.

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Tempe, Arizona

A visitor wrote us that “every Sunday there is a gathering of kind brothers and sisters in Tempe at the Sail Inn. We have been getting together for about two years for an afternoon of kind vibes with the incredible… Continue reading


“We’ve got lots of forests in North Alabama and sometimes a group called the Rainbow People come to Mount Cheaha and harmonize with nature. There are a great number of hippies living in the Calhoun County area; mainly in Anniston,… Continue reading

Tucson, Arizona

Home to the University of Arizona and a large hippy population, Tucson is happening! 4th Avenue is a hangout with lots of cool shops, cafes and clubs. The street occasionally gets transformed into a huge Art Festival. There’s usually some… Continue reading

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

We have a “smoking” hippie culture here. The music seen is about to explode with a phenonmenal acoustic player Adam Jason, a good friend and touring partner of Edwin Mc Cain’s. Also there is Soulpatch, a ” psychedelic hippie-funk rock-n-roll… Continue reading

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