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Hippy Hill Needs HELP Rebuilding

Really bad news, but in the early hours of Friday April 13th, 2012 there was a fire on Hippie Hill. Thanks god noone was hurt.

Hippie Hill is a non-profit organization that helps feed and give a place for people… Continue reading

Lakota Sioux Declare Independence from USA

Freedom! Lakota Sioux Indians Declare Sovereign Nation Status

Threaten Land Liens, Contested Real Estate Over Five State Area in U.S. West

Lakota Satisfies Treaty Council Mandate of 33 Years, Drafted by 97 Indigenous Nations

Dakota Territory Reverts back to Lakota… Continue reading

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I was lucky enough to work for 3 months at Rosebud Hospital and met nothing but good people there.
I traveled around to Wounded Knee, through PineRidge, and the Bad Lands, just to name a few places and had a great time. I learned a lot, had a good time, thanks to everybody there.