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Napalm: Not Your Ordinary Jelly

by Harrell Graham

The 60’s burned certain images into our consciousness. One of them is what napalm does to human
I bet the current generation doesn’t even know what this stuff is:
gasoline mixed with petroleum jelly so… Continue reading

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Revolution Will Not Be Televised

by Harrell Graham

sheer magnitude of the isolation of suburbia and the nuclear
family—rows upon rows of cookie-cutter homes housing families
uprooted from the extended families and close knit communities of not
so… Continue reading

Woodstock Was Not Stoned on Starbucks

Was Not Stoned on Starbucks

a stroll down memory lane I watched the movie, “Woodstock
and also “Taking

and “Across
the Universe”,

all of which give a glimpse into the 60’s spirit. The thing that… Continue reading

Kiss a Lawyer, Kill Your Television

By Harrell Graham

So now where are we 40 years after the 60’s? Tired and retired, in a
world of giant corporations that transcend national boundaries, laws,
rules and regulations. The good news is this is still a country where… Continue reading

September 21st: Peace One Day

September 21st: Peace One Day

The month of September certainly has its fair share of memorable historical events attached to it. Its eleventh day will forever be indelibly etched into our minds as the tragic day the twin towers fell… Continue reading

Cheech and Chong Conspiracy

Cheech and Chong Conspiracy

The Grassy Bowl Theory!!

By: Mike Marino

Sex…Drugs…Rock n’ Roll! The left over baggy of the seeds and stems of Haight Ashbury’s purple haze daze, and the tie-dyed Summer of Love have long since gone up… Continue reading

Haight Ashbury: The Spare Change Tour


The Spare Change Tour!
By: Mike Marino

The Spare Change Sixties gave birth to a flower power Garden of Urban Eden in San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury District. Half a world away the war raged on in Vietnam while… Continue reading

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