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Woodstock Was Not Stoned on Starbucks

Was Not Stoned on Starbucks

a stroll down memory lane I watched the movie, “Woodstock
and also “Taking

and “Across
the Universe”,

all of which give a glimpse into the 60’s spirit. The thing that… Continue reading

Kiss a Lawyer, Kill Your Television

By Harrell Graham

So now where are we 40 years after the 60’s? Tired and retired, in a
world of giant corporations that transcend national boundaries, laws,
rules and regulations. The good news is this is still a country where… Continue reading

Napalm: Not Your Ordinary Jelly

by Harrell Graham

The 60’s burned certain images into our consciousness. One of them is what napalm does to human
I bet the current generation doesn’t even know what this stuff is:
gasoline mixed with petroleum jelly so… Continue reading

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