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Pot and Breastfeeding

hey old hippie,is it bad to smoke (marijuana) every once in awhile and
still breast feed???????

I’m not sure (never been in that position, hehe). If only they would let
scientists research these issues it would be in everyone’s best… Continue reading

Too Shy

Hey, Turtle Dude!
(That’s my title showing respect–You rock, man!)
I have a question similar to one someone else asked. This guy, who I
really like…Well, I want to go out with him. But I’m really embarassed.
I guess it’s… Continue reading

Fad Diets and Vegetarianism

Dear Old Hippy,

I was a vegetarian, and practically vegan, for almost 6 years. During
this time, my health deteriorated rapidly, and I was in the hospital
many, many times. I even was pronounced dead for nearly one minute, the… Continue reading

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